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His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 756

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By the time Lu Yanchen got home, it was already 8pm. It was extremely dark at home. Thinking that Shi Guang had not returned yet, he turned on the lights and gave her a call, wanting to ask her what time she would return.

However, he heard her ringtone from upstairs.

Had Shi Guang forgotten to bring her phone out?

He continued calling as he headed up—the ringtone came from the bedroom.

The door was opened as well. Using the feeble light of his phone, he found a phone ringing on the sofa of his bedroom. At the corner of a sofa laid a dark, unknown creature.

He wanted to turn on the lights when he heard Shi Guang croak out. “Lu Yanchen…”

She was crying. Instantly, he marched over to her without turning on the lights and she leaned onto him, wrapping her arms around his neck.

He frowned as he hugged her. “What’s wrong?”

Shi Guang buried her head into his chest, her voice so weak that it sounded pitiful. “Nothing.”

Nothing? She definitely did not seem as though nothing was wrong. Lu Yanchen helped her to sit up right, his eyes sparkling in the moonlight. “Tell me if you’ve got anything on your mind. I’ll help you analyze through things.”

Shi Guang wanted to ask him, but she was afraid that he might throw a tantrum after hearing her out. “I’m afraid you might get angry. You’ve got to promise me that you wouldn’t get angry after hearing my issues first.”

“Alright, I won’t.” He agreed to it without considering at all.

“I went to look for Rong Mo today. Because, I accidentally touched his chest the other day, I felt that he was most likely a woman.” Shi Guang said as she looked at Lu Yanchen warily.

His eyes narrowed—seemed like the reason why she wanted to touch his chest the previous time round was because she had accidentally touched Rong Mo’s. The reason why she bound her chest later on was because she was trying to determine if he were a woman?

“I told him many things concerning my sister. He also asked me questions as well. Just as I thought that he was going to admit to being my sister, he suddenly had a stark change of attitude, saying that because he was a man, there was no way he could be my sister. He even scolded me later on…” Shi Guang shut her mouth right after.

“What did he scold you about?” Lu Yanchen asked immediately.

“Scolded me that… I was actually trying to seduce him by claiming that he looked like my sister and that I was not his type of woman!” Shi Guang then pouted her lips. “I really don’t know what he’s meaning by that. Was it because I was mistaken or was it because he hates me?”

After hearing her words, Lu Yanchen felt a pang of regret in his guts.

Why did he have to promise her earlier on?

This stupid girl! There was a chance that Rong Mo was a woman, but the evidence right now pointed that he was a man!

If Shi Guang knew what was going on in Lu Yanchen’s mind, she would definitely be relieved that she did not mention anything about going to the onsen with Rong Mo!

Lu Yanchen lowered his head and kissed Shi Guang on the lips, patting her thighs. “Are you stupid?”

She wrapped her arms around his waist and pouted her lips. “But, I don’t think that I should be wrong. Why do none of you believe me?”

“This is not an issue of believing or not.” He lowered his voice while his handsome face froze up slightly, emitting a cold aura. “When I spoke to you about this the last time, I told you that even if Rong Mo were your sister, he would most likely not remember anything… Do you know that all amnesic people have a common trait? Doubt. That’s because they do not have a past, and neither do they know who they are. Everything would have to depend on others to tell them. Naturally, they would start to fear and suspect everything around them. Unless you were to truly integrate into his life and truly gain his trust, there is no way he would trust a scheming woman that is trying to seduce him such as yourself!”

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