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  • His Cute Wife Is A Little Crazy

  • Genres : Romantic
  • Status : Ongoing
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His Cute Wife Is A Little Crazy summary:

Hu Lei has been abandoned by her mother, followed her father to the bowels of hell on earth and lived like a heartless demon. But inside, she is a just a girl who wants to live the pampered life of a beautiful lazy cat. When she returns to Supreme City to live out her dream, she meets Zhong Feng, a modern evil emperor. Slowly, she discovers that her heart can still feel warmth.Unfortunately...

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His Cute Wife Is A Little Crazy Chapters

Time uploaded
235 Huo Kang2 weeks ago
224 Questions3 weeks ago
220 Is It True?3 weeks ago
217 The Victims3 weeks ago
201 Good Rhythm3 weeks ago
199 Hiatus3 weeks ago
161 Its You?3 weeks ago
125 Come Here3 weeks ago
105 Not A Threa3 weeks ago
103 We Have Me3 weeks ago
59 Blending In3 weeks ago
45 Please Leave3 weeks ago
31 Living It Up3 weeks ago
23 Playboy Idol3 weeks ago
22 Unprepared3 weeks ago
8 Cheap Trick3 weeks ago
4 Good Karma3 weeks ago
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