His Little Fortune Chapter 768

Chapter 768: Chapter 772 -- Shi Budai was terrified again

Shi Budai's eyes widened in horror.

He had pushed Mu Yixun to the ground and was now pressing down on her body.

The violent woman usually looked cold.

But her body was unexpectedly soft.

This was the first thought that popped up in Shi Budai's mind when he was pressing down on Mu Yixun.

Hiss... ...

He felt a pain on his tongue and was bitten by Mu Yixun.

Shi Budai quivered all over.

His tongue was bitten and he hurriedly explained. His words were unclear. "m-miss Mu, i... Didn't do it on purpose. It was just... An accident! "

He wanted to cry out for forgiveness!

Mu Yixun said coldly, "get up. "

Shi Budai remembered and moved, but his arms, body, and legs were all numb.

He was like a duck that had fallen into the water and could not get up.

"I told you to get up. " Mu Yixun's voice sounded like it could kill someone.

Shi Budai was really about to cry, "M-MISS MU, my hands and feet are Numb, I can't get up. "


"useless thing, " Mu Yixun said coldly.

She bent her foot and pushed her knee hard against Shi Budai's stomach. Shi Budai's stomach was hit hard and his body trembled. Using this momentum, Mu Yixun gently pushed Shi Budai away from her.

Mu Yixun stood up, bent down and pinched Shi Budai's Chin. She said coldly, "although I said that you are my person and I am responsible for you, if you dare to have any thoughts about me without my permission, I will chop you up. Do you understand? "

Shi Budai was held by his Chin and could not speak clearly."% # ...% & amp; amp; amp; amp; ..."

Mu Yixun frowned and let go of Shi Budai.

Shi Budai took a deep breath and said with a trembling voice, "i... I understand. "

You F * Cking violent woman. If it wasn't for that drunken night... ...

Even if you stripped naked and sent me to bed, I wouldn't dare to take it!


Mu Yixun looked at him coldly and stood up straight.

She looked at the clock on the wall. It was already past seven o'clock. She should go to the office.

Mu Yixun said, "you woke up late today. From now on, you have to wake up early every morning. You have to prepare breakfast before seven o'clock. "

Woke up late?

F * Ck, how could he be blamed for waking up late?

He had been tied up for the whole night. He was untied just now, okay?

"prepare breakfast before seven o'clock? " Shi Budai wanted to curse, but he managed to hold himself back in time. He said, "I haven't even woken up at seven o'clock in the past. "

Wouldn't sleeping until nine or ten o'clock make up for the beautiful morning?

Mu Yixun said, "it was the past. Now, I want you to prepare breakfast before seven o'clock. You have to prepare it before seven o'clock. Do you understand? "

Shi Budai wanted to say more, but when he met Mu Yixun's indifferent gaze, he said timidly, "i... Understand. "

Mu Yixun went upstairs to change her clothes and prepared to go to Emperor Shang's entertainment.

Shi Budai Sat on the Sofa downstairs for a long time. He rubbed his stomach, which had been pushed by Mu Yixun.

That move was really powerful.

However, after sitting for a while, the soreness and numbness in his body finally dissipated a little.

Mu Yixun was about to go out when she opened the door. Before she went out, she turned to Shi Budai and said, "by the way, you have to learn the three followers and four virtues well. "

After saying that, she closed the door and left.

Three followers and four virtues, what the hell was that?

However, since the violent woman had said it, he also had to know about it. Otherwise, if she said that she had instructed him, he would not have learned it.

If he were to slap her, would he still want his handsome face?

UH... ...

Shi Budai?

Shi Budai felt a thousand degrees of uncertainty.

The three followers and four virtues referred to the code of conduct and moral norms that were used to restrict women in the ancient feudal society of the Z nation. The combination of the three followers and the four virtues was based on the principle that there was a difference between men outside and women inside The Confucian ethics required women to follow the rules of morality, behavior, and cultivation throughout their lives. The three virtues referred to women who followed their fathers when they were not married. When they were married, they followed their husbands. When their husbands died, they followed their sons. The four virtues referred to women's virtues, women's words, women's looks, and women's Kung Fu.

What the Hell was all this?

Shi Budai's face was filled with black lines.

It was already the 21st century, and he was still messing with this thing?

As far as he knew, men were the masters of the outside world, and women were the masters of the inside world. Currently, women were all extremely powerful. How could they be messing with the three virtues and four virtues.

Moreover, Shi Budai himself also hated this kind of thing.

Everyone was an independent individual, so there was no reason for them to follow him.

However, even though that was the case, he really wished that the violent woman could follow him. She could only follow him when he got married.

Ah Pei, what follow him? He wasn't the husband of the violent woman.

Shi Budai looked at the three followers and four virtues again and again, and felt that the three followers and four virtues that the violent woman mentioned were definitely not this.

Originally, the violent woman was eating him up, so how could she be so submissive to him.

Shi Budai logged out of the search page and looked at other entries.

He saw a new version of the three followers and four virtues and clicked on it.

He clicked on it and looked at the content.

Shi Budai:"...'':"!

The first three followers before marriage:

When the girlfriend goes out, she has to follow the "follower"

When the girlfriend orders, she has to follow the "follower"

When the girlfriend says something wrong, she has to follow the "follower" blindly

The four virtues:

When the girlfriend puts on makeup, she has to wait for the "yes"

When the girlfriend spends money, she has to give up the "yes"

When the girlfriend is angry, she has to endure the "yes"

When the girlfriend is on her birthday, she has to remember the "yes"


When your wife goes out, you have to follow her

His wife ordered him to obey

If your wife makes a mistake, you have to follow blindly

Four virtues:

You have to wait for your wife to get her makeup done

A wife has to give up her money

You have to put up with your wife's anger

Remember "remember" for your wife's birthday

That's what violent girl was talking about.

The male version has three followers and four virtues.


Shi Budai cried.

for visiting.

No, it's not

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Mu Yixun out of Shi Budai's apartment, directly went to the company.

When we arrived at the office, song he was already waiting.

Yesterday Mu Yixun said to be a manager, has said that recently the company has a batch of ready to debut, now just to put these new people into the hands of various agents, let Mu Yixun pick first.

They arrived at Song he's office.

Song he said, "Miss Xun, there will be men and women in this batch of debuts. When the time comes, you can choose who you want to bring along first. Whether you want to debut as a group or as a single person, whether you want to go into the film and television circle or become a variety show artiste, these are your decisions. "

Mu Yixun replied indifferently, "yes. "

Song he said again, "how many does Miss Xun plan to bring along this time? You can pick the remaining ones and let the other managers bring them along. "

Mu Yixun thought for a moment and said, "one or two. We'll see when the time comes. "

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