His Little Fortune Chapter 769

Chapter 769: Chapter 773: Fierce Competition

She became an agent to lead the newcomers.

She had listened to Guan Xi's words and wanted to say and do something she liked.

But she didn't have anything she liked.

She only said that she had been Guan Xi's agent and that she didn't hate it, so she chose to do it to see if she could feel anything.

She wanted to be her own Mu Yixun.

As for people, she didn't want to bring too many.

She knew that some agents in the circle had brought a few and cast a wide net. As long as one was popular, it would be enough.

However, she did not lack money, nor did she need to really mingle in the industry. It did not matter.

However, behind her was the entire Shang Huang Entertainment.

The artistes that were chosen by Mu Yixun, no matter how bad the person was, it would be difficult for them to not become popular even if they poured in a large amount of resources.

Knock, knock, knock

At this moment, the door of song he's office rang.

A sweet female voice said, "CEO Song, here's your breakfast. "

"come in. "

A small assistant came in with breakfast.

The assistant placed the breakfast on the table. With Mu Yixun around, song he did not dare to eat it directly. He asked, "Miss Xun, have you eaten breakfast? Do you want to eat some? "

The assistant prepared a lot of breakfast for Song He. Mu Yixun had not eaten in the morning, so she said calmly, "yes. "

After breakfast.

The assistant came to collect the plates.

Song he asked, "Miss Xun, where are you staying now? Do you need me to help you prepare a place to stay? Also, do you need me to arrange three meals a day? "

"No need, " Mu Yixun replied calmly. "I have a place to stay, and someone has prepared three meals a day. It's very convenient. "

Shi Budai, who was in his apartment:"..."

No, no, no, it was not convenient for him at all.

Song he smiled and said, "that's good. Miss Xun, if you need anything from me, please let me know. "

"okay, " Mu Yixun replied calmly.


After breakfast, song he originally wanted to bring Mu Yixun to see the rookies who were about to debut.

However, because he had a meeting, Mu Yixun did not let him bring her.

Picking the rookies was just a small matter. Mu Yixun could decide for herself. There was no need for song he to follow her at all times.

8:10 am.

Shang Huang Entertainment's 25th floor, Studio 8.

A few people from Shang Huang Entertainment who were about to debut were waiting in the studio.

There were two men and four women in this batch.

In the entertainment industry, traffic was rampant. Whether it was male or female, they were all famous for their good looks.

As long as they had a good-looking face, no matter how willing the entertainment company was to spend money, they could basically become popular.

Shang Huang Entertainment's new people naturally had good-looking faces.

And each of them had their own characteristics.

Some were hot, some were pure, some were seductive, and there was also one who looked like a bright and beautiful girl.

The other two boys were the popular first love in white shirts.

"Gu Yin, your manager will be coming over to pick some people later. Are you nervous? " A few of the newcomers gathered together, and one of them, the Long yang-guan girl, asked the girl with a very good figure.

This girl, Gu Yin, had a curvy front and a perky back. The pair of breasts on her chest were probably full of e's.

Gu Yin smiled, "of course I'm nervous. "

The enchanting girl interrupted, "I heard that Hu Xin will be here to pick a new artist today. It would be great if she could pick one. All of her artistes are popular. It would be great if she could pick one. She would definitely have a bright future. "

Gu Yin said, "a bright future? How can it be that easy? To get something, you have to pay a price. You're just starting out. Being down-to-earth is the most important. "

The sunny girl frowned, unable to understand Gu Yin's words.

"No, I heard that Hu Xin is a very nice person. " At this moment, a small voice was heard.

It was that pure and innocent looking, delicate and pitiful girl.

Her name was Su Qingyu.

Su Qingyu said in a small voice, "Gu Yin, don't say anything bad about manager Hu. "

"Huh? "

Gu Yin wanted to roll her eyes at Su Qingyu. She had only said that it was not so easy to become famous. She had not said a single word about Hu Xin. How did it become that she was saying bad things about Hu Xin.

Gu Yin laughed, "what did I say about Hu Xin? Su Qingyu, is there something wrong with your brain? Don't randomly misinterpret other people's words. "

Su Qingyu bit her lip and felt wronged, "I, I didn't mean that. "

Gu Yin sneered and didn't reply.

Sunshine girl saw this and didn't say anything.

Gu Yin and Su Qingyu didn't have a good relationship. They were like fire and water.

But it was also strange. It seemed that Gu Yin didn't like Su Qingyu very much, but Su Qingyu was always trying to be friendly with Gu Yin.

Kacha... ...

At this moment, the door of Studio 8 opened.

The rookies stood straight subconsciously. Their bodies were straight and their necks were long. They tried their best to show their best posture and their most elegant actions to give the new manager the best impression.

for visiting.

However, when the rookies were ready, they were a little disappointed.

The person who came was not a manager at all.

It was a girl who looked to be in her early twenties.

She was slightly older than them.

She wore a white shirt, a short skirt in a suit, and a pair of flat black leather shoes.

Her looks were not bad. She was delicate but not stunning. There were many people in the entertainment industry who were more beautiful than her.

However, her skin was very white, and her eyes were exceptionally good-looking. There was a kind of coldness in them. Not to mention anything else, her temperament was very good.

This... could it be that she was also a Newbie who had been selected by her manager to debut like them?

But they had never heard of her before.

Could it be that she had used the back door of the company?

Everyone looked at Mu Yixun, who had just entered, and their gazes became subtle.

There was hostility hidden deep in their eyes.

If she was also going to debut, then she would be a competitor. When she debuted at the same time, the competition was especially fierce.

She only had those resources, but she did not give them this or that.

Now that there was an additional Newbie who might be competing, they were hoping that the competitors would have some good expressions on their faces.

They did not look at the people in the circle now. Even if they were famous celebrities, there were plenty of them who would suppress and expose each other's scandals.

As a newcomer, it was also very important to get started.

Only the two boys did not care so much.

After all, the resources of men and women did not usually coincide, so it did not affect them.

Mu Yixun walked over slowly. Her footsteps were very steady, and her walking posture was like a soldier. She also carried a bit of carelessness, and her bearing was very good.

This made the four newcomers even more vigilant.

Mu Yixun walked in front of them and stopped.

Her beautiful eyes swept over the six rookies in front of her indifferently. She said, "are you the rookies that the Shang emperor is preparing to introduce recently? What are your specialties? "

The six rookies:"..."

Holy Sh * T, they were really competitors.

Gu Yin crossed her arms across her chest. She looked at Mu Yixun and asked directly, "are you also a rookie in this episode? "

Mu Yixun looked at the woman in front of her. She frowned slightly and was about to answer.

At this moment, a flurry of footsteps came from behind.

"This time, sister Hu Xin will definitely be the first to choose the rookies. Everyone knows that sister Hu Xin's star-making ability is top-notch. All the artistes that have been through your work have been popular. "

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