His Little Fortune Chapter 770

Chapter 770: Chapter 774 said to Mu Yixun, "newcomers should know the rules. "

A flattering voice was heard.

With the sound of approaching footsteps, Studio 8's door opened again.

"Sister Hu, after you, after you. The newcomers are already here. Can you see which one you want to choose? "

This tone was like picking a newcomer who was about to debut, just like picking cabbages in a market.

The newcomers looked over.

At a glance, they saw a beautiful woman surrounded in the middle.

Big waves, sharp eyebrows, high cheekbones, a gloomy feeling that was very shrewd and difficult to get along with.

It was Hu Xin!

Hu Xin was also the second-ranked manager of Shang Huang Entertainment.

Why was she ranked second?

Because everyone knew that the number one manager of Shang Huang Entertainment was Qiu Fei.

Jing Anli's manager.

Qiu Fei was only responsible for Jing Anli, and that was enough.

The few people surrounding Hu Xin, besides her assistant, were the other managers. They were picking the rookies like they were picking vegetables in the market. It was only when Hu Xin picked the leftovers that it was their turn to pick.

for visiting.

A few people walked over.

The rookies were excited and nervous.

They were all looking forward to being picked by Hu Xin.

Picked by Hu Xin Picked by Hu Xin!

As long as they were picked by Hu Xin, even if they couldn't make it to the a-list or superstars, they could still make it to the b-list or c-list.

Hu Xin was present. Even the two male rookies who didn't care much about the competition just now stood straight.

Hu Xin walked over.

With a superior gaze, she first glanced at the few rookies who were standing together. Suddenly, from the corner of her eyes, she caught sight of Mu Yixun who was standing at the side.

Hu Xin questioned, "why aren't you standing in the same row as them? What are you trying to do? Attract my attention? "

When she said that, the rookies realized that this last rookie really wasn't standing with them.

Standing alone at the side was very eye-catching.

She seemed to be very scheming.

The few of them looked at Mu Yixun. A trace of hostility flashed across their eyes, but they didn't dare to show it.

Hu Xin's assistant saw that Hu Xin had spoken and urged, "I'm talking to you. QUICKLY STAND IN A row. Don't try to play any tricks in front of Sister Hu. QUICKLY STAND OVER THERE! "

Mu Yixun's expression was indifferent. She said coldly, "I'm not a NEWBIE. "

When the few newbies heard this, they looked at Mu Yixun in puzzlement.

She wasn't as hostile as before.

If she wasn't a Newbie, then she wasn't a competitor.

Hu Xin didn't have a good expression towards Mu Yixun's explanation of not giving her face when she talked back.

She put on airs and asked, "If you're not a Newbie, then what are you doing here? Don't you know that you're not allowed to enter this place? "

The other managers also echoed.

"which department is it that recruits new interns? Don't you know that we're not allowed to wander around here? "

"This isn't a place where you should be. Get Out. "

"Get out, get out. "

Mu Yixun was really too young. She was a young lady in her early twenties, and she was dressed in a formal suit. She gave off the feeling that she was one of the new employees who had just entered the company and was afraid of making mistakes. She might as well just wear a formal suit.

Otherwise, in a place like an entertainment company, everyone would put in a lot of effort in their own clothes and attire.

Why would they dress so simply?

Mu Yixun was indifferent to their cold and disdainful tone.

She was originally indifferent, and this kind of attitude was not enough to make her angry.

She said calmly, "I'm not a Newbie, nor am I an intern. I'm a manager. "

"manager? " Hu Xin narrowed her eyes slightly, and her gaze was picky. "I've never seen one before. A NEWBIE? "

Mu Yixun answered lightly, "Yes. "

"since you're a Newbie, you should know the rules. "

Hu Xin's assistant opened her mouth and lectured Mu Yixun. "Let sister Hu choose the newbies first. You wait here. Wait until the other seniors are done before you choose. "

Mu Yixun's Pale lips pursed slightly, but she did not speak.

Hu Xin, her assistant, and the other managers assumed that Mu Yixun had agreed.

Hu Xin walked in front of the row of rookies She said, "I've looked through your information. You all look okay, but it's not enough just to be okay. There are many beautiful people in the industry now. If you become my artiste, you'll have to listen to my arrangements. You'll do whatever I say. If I don't let you do anything, you can't do anything "My words are an absolute order. If that's the case, I can at least promote you to the second-tier. However, the premise is still the same. My words are an absolute order. Can I do it? "

The Sunshine beauty and the enchanting beauty immediately answered, "yes, I can. "

Su qingyu seemed to hesitate for a moment and whispered, "yes, I can. "

Gu Yin did not say anything.

Of the two male rookies, one of them had a head of brilliant blonde hair. Looking at his lively personality, he raised his hand and said, "as long as it's not an unspoken rule, I can do it. "

The other three-dimensional black-haired male newbie followed and said, "sister Hu, as long as you give me this opportunity, I can do anything. "

Hu Xin glanced at the male Newbie who raised his hand, Su Qingyu who hesitated for a moment, and Gu Yin who did not speak. A glint flashed across her eyes.

Hu Xin looked at these people as if she was looking at cabbage. Finally, she pointed at the Blonde Newbie and Gu Yin and said, "the two of you follow me. "

The blonde male Newbie immediately smiled brightly and said, "sister Hu Xin, are you really going to choose me? Are you really going to choose me? Are you really going to choose me? "

He repeated the important thing three times.

Hu Xin smiled at him. "I'm going to choose you. "

"Can I not? "

At this moment, Gu Yin, who had been silent just now, suddenly said, "sister Hu, can I not choose you? "

The atmosphere instantly turned cold.

Hu Xin's expression was very ugly.

She had chosen Gu Yin because it was Gu Yin's fortune. Now, Gu Yin was asking if she could not follow her.

It was simply a slap in the face.

The sunny beauty next to her pulled Gu Yin with her hand and whispered, "Gu Yin, are you crazy? It's such a good thing to be with sister Hu. Why are you rejecting it? "

Moreover, this was not just a matter of rejecting the popularity.

Gu Yin was not with Hu Xin now, but with another manager. With such a matter, who knew if Hu Xin would suppress her in the future?

As the second-ranked manager of Shang Huang, wouldn't it be a matter of minutes for Hu Xin to suppress a newcomer in this industry?

Hu Xin sneered. She looked at Gu Yin and asked, "are you sure you don't want to follow me? "

Gu Yin looked straight at Hu Xin and nodded, "yes. "

An ambiguous smile appeared on Hu Xin's face. She said coldly, "young lady, you're still too young. Don't regret it. "

Gu Yin lowered her eyes slightly.

She would not regret it. She would only regret it if she followed Hu Xin.

Since Gu Yin did not follow Hu Xin, then Hu Xin would have an additional spot.

Who else would she choose.

The few people who were not chosen by Hu Xin earlier had their thoughts again.

Su Qingyu pursed her lips and said softly, "Hu... Sister Hu, I like you very much and admire you very much. May I ask, can I follow you? "

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