His Little Fortune Chapter 771

Chapter 771: Chapter 775 made Mu Yixun kneel down

Hu Xin glanced at Su Qingyu. She was timid and soft like a little white rabbit.

She could do it.

This kind of personality was easy to control.

She nodded casually. "I'll take you. "

Su qingyu revealed a happy smile on her face. She glanced at the blond fresh meat. The blond fresh meat also happened to look over and gave Su Qingyu a bright smile.

After that, the two of them were brought by the same manager.

After Hu Xin finished picking, it was time for the other manager to pick.

Very soon, the black-haired male Newbie, the sunny girl, and the enchanting girl were all picked, leaving only Gu Yin unpicked.

This was normal.

Gu Yin had just rejected Hu Xin, so why would the other managers go against Hu Xin and pick on her?

Hu Xin was not someone who was easy to get along with. The artistes under her were able to reach the first and second tier, so everyone knew what kind of methods she used.

Play with her, accompany her to dinner, accompany her to bed!

Moreover, Hu Xin was a bit of a pervert. She did not like to be able to directly control them from the start, but liked to pick on those who were not willing. At the beginning, she was like a blank sheet of paper, destroying them step by step She wanted them to be tainted by the entertainment industry.

Therefore, when she asked that question, she didn't pick those who were willing.

She only picked the blond fresh meat and Gu Yin, who showed some resistance.

But saying that was a bit too much.

After all, everyone knew about the unspoken rules in the entertainment industry. It was just that Hu Xin did it more... ... Dirty ...

But these newbies didn't know about the internal matters.

Look, that little white rabbit-like girl was willing to join Hu Xin's group.

Gu Yin basically had no chance of making a name for herself now.

The managers had chosen their people.

Gu Yin's fingers that were hanging by her side slowly curled up, and her nails dug into her flesh.

She took a deep breath and walked to Mu Yixun, who had been silent by the side. She asked,

"You're also a manager? "

Mu Yixun looked at her indifferently and said, "yes. "

"Then can you choose me as your artist? "

"Why? Give me a reason! "

Gu Yin looked at Mu Yixun. Her eyes seemed to be holding back something. She said word by word, "I will work hard. No matter how hard or tiring it is, I can do it. Help me! "

Mu Yixun curved her lips slightly. "There are too many people who work hard. It's not enough. "

Gu Yin bit her lip and said, "I can do whatever you want! As long as I can stay in the entertainment industry. "

Mu Yixun said, "since you want to stay in the entertainment industry so much, why didn't you agree to her just now? "

She was naturally referring to Hu Xin.

Gu Yin's expression was calm, but her words were filled with hatred and hatred. She said, "I need to stay in the entertainment industry, but no matter who my manager is, it definitely won't be Hu Xin. I entered the entertainment industry to destroy Hu Xin. "

Mu Yixun narrowed her eyes slightly.

She seemed to have thought for a while.

She coldly called out to Hu Xin and the other managers

"The few of you, wait a moment. "

Hu Xin and the other managers had each chosen a new person and were ready to bring her out to plan what to do for her upcoming debut.

When they reached the entrance of the studio, they suddenly heard Mu Yixun ask them to wait and turned their heads in unison.

Hu Xin glanced at Mu Yixun.

Before she could speak, her assistant beside her spoke first and said unhappily,

"What are you doing? Why are you making so much noise? The newcomer really doesn't know the rules at all. "

Mu Yixun slowly walked to the front of Hu Xin and the others and stood still.

She glanced at Su Qingyu and the blond fresh meat. She raised her finger and said, "Gu Yin and I, he's with me too! "

The Blonde Hunk gasped and said, "Eh, EH, Eh, I'm with you? Oh right, you just said that you're also a manager? But I've already been picked by sister Hu Xin. Why don't you look at the others? "

This hunk had a pure and innocent look.

He did not find Mu Yixun, who suddenly appeared out of nowhere and said she was a manager, to be disliked.

Mu Yixun said indifferently, "you, you and me! "

Her tone was very cold and very natural.

Besides Hu Xin's little assistant, the other managers also had different expressions. Some were gloating, some shook their heads and sighed.

This new manager was really too insensible.

After offending Hu Xin, she still wanted to stay in Shang Huang Entertainment?

She still wanted to stay in the entertainment industry?

Hu Xin was annoyed by Mu Yixun again and again.

She asked with a gloomy face, "Newbie, how long have you been in Shang Huang Entertainment? "

Mu Yixun said plainly, "I just came yesterday. "

"I just came yesterday. No wonder you don't know the rules. " Hu Xin's nose twitched as if she was looking at people through her nostrils. "No wonder you don't know the rules here. It's okay, I'll teach you now. "

Mu Yixun's expression was indifferent.

Hu Xin put on the airs of a senior She said, "you're new here. Every manager here is your senior, especially me, Hu Xin. You have to do whatever I tell you to do "If you still want to hang around here, now, kneel down and Kowtow to me to admit your mistake. Even if this matter is over, I won't pursue it anymore. Otherwise... ". "...". "..."

Mu Yixun asked, "otherwise what? "

Hu Xin smiled proudly and said, "otherwise, you won't be able to stay in the emperor of Shang anymore. "

Gu Yin listened to Hu Xin's words from the side. When she saw her smiling and threatening face, she couldn't help but grit her teeth.

Hu Xin, Hu Xin!

It was this B * Tch!

Gu Yin calmed her emotions and reached out to pull Mu Yixun. She said in a low voice, "you... don't confront her now. Apologize... I'll do it. "

She hated Hu Xin.

So she wanted Mu Yixun to take her.

But she didn't expect Mu Yixun to stop Hu Xin and point out the male artiste that Hu Xin would choose.

Under such circumstances, Gu Yin felt that she should take some responsibility.

Gu Yin took a step forward and said, "sister Hu, if you want someone to apologize, you don't have to ask for her. Can I do it? "

Hu Xin looked at Gu Yin and sneered, "I picked you just now, but you didn't want it. Now come and kneel with me. Don't you think it's interesting? "

Gu Yin's hand that was hanging by her side trembled slightly.

She lowered her head and bent her legs. She was really going to kneel.

Her knees had not touched the ground yet.

Mu Yixun reached out a hand and grabbed Gu Yin's arm.

She was so strong that Gu Yin couldn't move even after being pulled by her.

"You... " Gu Yin looked at Mu Yixun.

Mu Yixun didn't look at her. Instead, she looked at Hu Xin in front of her and said lightly,

"Why are you kneeling? There's no need. "

"But... " Gu Yin said anxiously.

If she didn't apologize now, she didn't know what Hu Xin would do.

"No buts, " Mu Yixun replied.

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