His Little Fortune Chapter 772

Chapter 772: Chapter 776 CEO Song actually addressed her respectfully as Miss Xun

Gu Yin showed a hesitant expression.

Mu Yixun looked at her indifferently and said, "you don't want me to be your manager. Since you're my artist, you don't need to kneel down to others. "

Hu Xin laughed, "you're quite arrogant. Newbie, you can pack up and get ready to leave from the Shang Emperor this afternoon. "

Her words were full of disdain and ridicule.

Some of the managers around were secretly happy, while others stood behind Hu Xin and showed a pained expression.

This newcomer was not sensible, so why would he be stubborn with Hu Xin.

If he had kneeled just now, he would have been fine.

At this moment, the door of the studio was pushed open again.

Someone's voice came over, and before they arrived, the voice came first

"Miss Xun, did you pick a new batch of rookies that you're satisfied with? Did you send someone to see if there are any other rookies? "

This voice was so familiar to everyone that they all turned around.

Song he's fat figure appeared behind them.

Why was CEO Song here? A trace of doubt flashed through everyone's hearts.

This sort of selection of rookies couldn't be any smaller. It was impossible for it to appear on CEO Song's schedule.

And just now, what did CEO Song say?

Miss Xun?

Who was Miss Xun.

For a moment, everyone didn't think too much and quickly greeted song he.

"Hello, CEO SONG! "

"Hello, CEO SONG! "

"Good Morning, CEO SONG! "

They greeted him, but they didn't approach him too closely. After all, they were just small managers. They didn't have enough weight to stick in front of CEO Song.

When the rookies saw the fat Mediterranean man who came in, they were momentarily stunned.

CEO Song, from the way he addressed her, was he the CEO of Emperor Shang Entertainment?

Su Qingyu's eyes lit up.

Hu Xin was also surprised, but song he was here. As the manager of Emperor Shang, she smiled and greeted Song He

"CEO Song, you're here! "

As she spoke, she turned to the stunned rookies and said, "this is CEO song. Hurry up and greet him. "

The rookies quickly greeted him.

"Hello, CEO Song. "

"Hello, CEO Song. "

"Hello, CEO Song. I'm Su Qingyu. ".

Su Qingyu also greeted him. Among the crowd, her voice was especially soft, and she even introduced herself.

The others could not help but look at Su Qingyu.

Su Qingyu did not seem to notice the gazes of the people around her. She had an innocent and pure face, and her big black eyes were twinkling. She was like a pure and innocent little white rabbit that made people feel sorry for her.

This girl had quite a high status.

However, even though Su Qingyu was obviously playing a little trick, song he did not look at her at all. or rather, he did not look at anyone at all.

He just casually waved his hand and walked straight to Mu Yixun under everyone's astonished gazes.

Song he bowed to Mu Yixun and asked, "Miss Xun, did you pick any newbies? "

His attitude towards Mu Yixun was really too respectful.

It was the kind of respect that a subordinate would have when meeting a superior.

The people around were shocked.

Hu Xin and her manager's expressions were directly shocked.

Miss Xun?

CEO Song was so respectful to this person?

Who was she?

Hu Xin and her manager thought of how they had been arrogant in front of Mu Yixun just now, and their faces turned Pale and dispirited.

Mu Yixun raised her fair hand and pointed at the handsome young man with blonde hair and Gu Yin. She said calmly, "the two of them. "

Song he looked at the blonde hair and Gu Yin that Mu Yixun was pointing at and nodded with a kind smile. He said in a very kind tone,

"What are your names? "

The handsome young man and Gu Yin didn't react.

President Song was talking to them now.

They felt dizzy, as if they were in a dream.

The handsome young man with blonde hair was very familiar. He came back to his senses first and revealed a brilliant smile. "My name is Jin Yunhe. "

Gu Yin also reacted. She seemed to be floating in the clouds and felt unreal. "My name is Gu Yin. "

Song he nodded in satisfaction and exhorted,

"You two, work hard with Miss Xun. Do What Miss Xun tells you to do. Do you understand? "

"understood. "

"Yes, President Song. "

Gu Yin and Jin Yunhe replied in unison.

The rookies had already been selected.

Song he asked Mu Yixun if there was anything else.

Mu Yixun said no.

She turned to Jin Yunhe and Gu Yin and said lightly, "let's go. "

After that, she took the lead and left.

She didn't even give a cold glance to the stunned managers, Hu Xin and her manager, whose faces were ugly.

They were just clowns, not worth her concern at all.

Song he followed behind Mu Yixun.

Jin Yunhe and Gu Yin exchanged a glance and followed.

"Sister Hu, what should we do? " Hu Xin's assistant said in a panic, "the new manager just now seems to have an unusual identity. "

Hu Xin's face had turned Pale, and now her lips were so pale that there was no color at all.

She turned around and slapped her assistant's face, saying, "I don't know how to read it myself. How did you become an assistant? You don't even know this kind of news? "

How was the identity of the young woman just unusual?

She was like President Song's immediate superior.

President Song was a man of his word in Shang Huang Entertainment. In front of her, he respectfully called Hu Xun Miss, not daring to be disrespectful in the slightest.

Hu Xin's vision darkened. She felt that her career was coming to an end.

The surrounding managers all showed worried expressions on Hu Xin's face.

But they were secretly happy.

Hu Xin was different from Qiu Fei. Qiu Fei only brought Jing Anli.

As the second-ranked manager of Shang Huang, Hu Xin often bullied them.

They should have... ... Not offended that Xun miss too much, right ...

The unlucky one was Hu Xin!

Su Qingyu, who was standing next to her, looked at Gu Yin and Jin Yunhe, who were taken away by Mu Yixun. Her eyes revealed jealousy.


Mu Yixun brought Jin Yunhe and Gu Yin to her office.

It was next to song he's office.

The size was not smaller than song he's, and it was even more luxurious.

After taking a look at Guan Xi, they had to plan out their paths first.

For example, they could be TV drama, movie, variety show, comedian, or singer.

All of these had to be done well first.

"... that's about it. If the two of you have any ideas, you can tell me. Within a reasonable range, I think it's possible. I'll help you fight for it."

Mu Yixun gave them a simple explanation. Although Jin Yunhe and Gu Yin were newbies, they had done their homework long ago.

Within a reasonable range, they could help fight for it. It was as if they could have whatever they wanted.

It was as if a big pie had fallen from the sky and hit them.

Jin Yunhe looked excited and asked happily, "sister Xun, is it true? Really? Really? "

Just now, song he had called Mu Yixun Miss Xun. He acted like he was familiar with her and automatically called her sister Xun.

Mu Yixun nodded coldly. "MM. "

In Country Z, Emperor Shang entertainment was only used by the young master to gather information. As for management, the Akira family did not care much about it.

It was just icing on the cake.

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