His Little Fortune Chapter 776

Chapter 776: Chapter 780 Funeral!

Mu Yixun walked to Guan Xi's side and asked, "what happened? "

Guan Xi handed the phone to Mu Yixun.

Mu Yixun took the phone. As a celebrity, this kind of news was published in the entertainment section.

It was unknown how this lemon weekly got its exclusive. It reported that Yun Lige had died and was found committing suicide in her small apartment, cutting her wrists.

She was found and sent to the hospital for emergency treatment, but she could not be saved anymore.

This speculation suggested that someone the weekly knew at the hospital had leaked the news.

As a contract holder, Mu Yixun did not have any special feelings about the death of a person.

Not to mention that this person named Yun Lige had nothing to do with her, she would not have any emotional fluctuations.

After all these years, the number of people who had died at her hands was not small.

However, Xi seemed to be very sad.

Mu Yixun remembered that five years ago, as Xi's manager, Xi and Yun lige seemed to have a good relationship.

On the other side, Guan Xi gave the phone to Mu Yixun.

She subconsciously raised her little white hand and held the necklace pendant hanging around her neck.

It was a small black pendant that Yun lige had given her back then. She had solemnly warned her to keep it well and not to lose it.

Guan Xi suddenly remembered something and hurriedly took her phone back from Mu Yixun's hand. She then searched for Fu Yuesheng.

The news that popped up was...

.. It was reported that Fu Yuesheng, the CEO of the Fu Corporation, and Shu Rongxi, the daughter of Changsheng Pharmaceutical, had gotten married three days ago!

Fu Yuesheng, Shu Rongxi.

Guan Xi's little head popped up the morning that Yun lige took her and her brother in.

The woman who was wearing designer handbags went straight to Yun Lige.

Shu Rongxi pointed at Yun Lige's nose and scolded her.

She said that she was shameless and asked her to stop pestering Fu Yuesheng. She even wanted to hit her.

Guan Xi grabbed the pendant with one of her little white hands.

She was heartbroken and sad. She used so much force that even the sharp corner of the pendant cut the tender palm and blood flowed out, as if she did not feel it.


The News of Yun Lige's death caused quite a stir in the entertainment industry.

It was because of the scandal between her and Jing Anli a while ago.

It made her appear on the top searches recently.

It was also because she slit her wrists to commit suicide. It was also because when she was a minor, she was forced to take off her clothes at a banquet to prove her innocence.

It had been several years since she had taken off her clothes at the banquet. She had been neither hot nor cold, and no one had mentioned it again. After all, the entertainment industry was a place like this.

All kinds of pornographic photos, adultery, and sex scenes had been exposed frequently.

Although it was explosive that she had taken off her clothes in public to prove her innocence, after so many years, it was nothing compared to what was happening now.

Fans and passers-by also started to eat the melon

[ Yun Lige is the actress who had a scandal with our best actor Jing? Eh, she doesn't deserve our best actor at all. ]

[ she's very beautiful. It's not a plastic surgery face, and her recognition is high. It's such a pity that she died just like that. ]

[ little sister, do you have any reason to kill yourself? No matter how difficult it is, you can still get through it. I hope that little sister can encounter good things in her next life and don't suffer. ]

[ little sister Li Ge, I hope that you can live well in your next life! ]

No matter what, everyone was always more lenient toward the dead.

Therefore, most of the comments were filled with goodwill.

However, there were also discordant voices:

Love in a lifetime: [ it's great that she's dead, and she's even eating and shopping with our an Li. An Li is everyone's husband, a shameless woman. It's great that she's dead! ]

[ ugly people are always causing trouble. Hurry up and die, don't tarnish our King Jing's reputation! King Jing's good reputation for so many years has been tarnished because of his relationship with a damn woman like you. Go to hell, go to hell, go to hell, oh, you're already dead! ]

There weren't many such extreme comments, but there were still some.

Many fans immediately retorted back.

[ love of a lifetime: Are you really a fan of Jing Anli? Don't be disgusting, using the name of loving Jing Anli to talk about a person who's already dead. Since Jing Anli has already said that Yun Lige is his friend, then it must be so! ]

[ lifetime of Love: Hehe, Yun Lige really has that much weight in the heart of an Li's Hubby. I think it's fake. If there is, till now, an Li's Hubby has never posted anything about Yun lige on Weibo. ]

Once the words 'lifetime of Love' came out, Jing Anli's fans had no way to reply.

Indeed, it had been almost 48 hours since the news of Yun Lige's death spread. There were a few artistes who were trying to gain popularity online, and they were all posting something:

"Good luck to Li Ge. "

"Li Ge, although I've only worked with you once, you're really a very good girl. I'm heartbroken. "

"I didn't expect you to leave us just like that, Li Ge. I can't believe it. "

.. There were a lot of such Weibo content.

Xu Junyang also posted on Weibo. In the circle, he could be considered a male star who had worked more with Yun Lige.

His Weibo was a simple sentence, and the content was not that straightforward. It was just a very simple sentence:

[ it's raining today! ]

But Xu Junyang's fans looked outside. It was obviously a very sunny day.

Everyone knew very well what Xu Junyang meant by this sentence.

Xu Junyang's fans left comments on his Weibo one after another.

[ yes, it's raining today. ]

[ Yun Lige, have a good trip. Junyang, don't be sad! ]

[ Li Ge, have a good trip! ]


It was under such circumstances that Jing Anli did not say a word.

Their best actor Jing did not post anything, so they really did not have the courage to refute the Weibo of lifetime love.

But soon, the words "Love in a lifetime" were posted. Not long after, Jing Anli's Weibo post was updated.

Looking at the content, it wasn't posted by Jing Anli himself:

[ after Miss Yun passed away, an Li didn't post it immediately because their relationship wasn't something that needed to be maintained by posting on Weibo. An Li had locked himself in his room for two days ever since he learned of Miss Yun's news. As an Li's manager, I would like to reiterate once again that Miss Yun is an Li's good friend. I hope that some people will not maliciously tarnish the relationship between an Li and Miss Yun. The deceased is the greater good. May Miss Yun rest in peace! ]

After this Weibo post was released.

Jing Anli's fans were all silent.

Even if they had the confidence to go against a hatchet man like lifelong love now, they had also lost that thought.

The deceased is the greater good!

Now that they were arguing with fans like this keyboard warrior, was it useful?

It turned out that after Yun lige passed away, Jing Anli was so sad!


Yun Lige's funeral was on the third day after her death.

Because the Yun family was a Christian, the funeral was held at the funeral church in Tong city.

Today one more kiss, the second more tomorrow night

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