His Little Fortune Chapter 777

Chapter 777: Chapter 781 Yun Lige lay quietly in the coffin. She was already dead

On the day of the funeral

The solemn and solemn church was filled with large white chrysanthemums. At this moment, it was dyed with a heavy and sorrowful atmosphere.

There were many people who came to attend Yun Lige's funeral. The Yun family was originally considered a wealthy family in Tong city. Although after the death of old master Yun, they had fallen quite a bit.

However, with Fu Yuesheng, the head of the Fu family, taking over the Yun family, no one dared to look down on the Yun family.

The funeral was already halfway through. The priest was on the right path. The eldest sister of the Yun family and the eldest brother of the Yun family gave a speech of thanks to the people who came to attend the funeral. Everyone sang a song together and carried out their final prayers and prayers.

Yun lige was lying in the coffin.

She had already passed away for two days. The day before, she had been stored in the freezer. Today, the weather was not hot and she had put on makeup. She wore a plain white dress with exquisite makeup, eye shadow, and pink cheeks.

She did not wear shoes. Her bare feet were painted with light pink nails.

Her hands were crossed in front of her chest. A bright red rose was placed on her chest. It was so quiet that it was as if she had just fallen asleep.

The speech of thanks was given by the eldest sister of the Yun family. The eldest brother of the Yun family stood at the side with a mournful expression.

That was their youngest and cutest sister.

Now, she was gone!

The eldest sister of the Yun family was halfway through her speech, but her voice was still a little choked up

"... "... Our Xiao Ge has always been a stubborn person since she was young. To put it nicely, she is persistent. To put it badly, she is stubborn "... I have the best sister in the world. So what if she is a little stubborn? When she was young, she was so small and soft. She followed behind me and called me sister in a childish voice. Later on, she felt that she had done something wrong. She blamed herself for not being her fault "... my sister doesn't blame me. My sister really doesn't blame me. Even if it was grandfather, he definitely didn't blame me." "..." During the last period of Xiao Ge's life, she had been in depression. If only she wasn't so stubborn. It would be great if she let me go. She had been blaming herself... "... "..."

The eldest sister of the Yun family spoke incoherently and incoherently. However, everyone who came to the funeral knew what she was talking about.

It was nothing more than that incident back then.

That incident had troubled Yun Lige for so many years.

Even though she had always been strong in front of others, pretending to be indifferent, and using the method of stabbing others to protect herself like a Hedgehog, she had never walked out of it.

Finally, after so many years, she finally couldn't take it anymore.

Everyone quietly listened to the eldest sister of the Yun family rambling on about Yun lige's past.


At this moment.

The funeral church's door was suddenly opened.

The sound of steady footsteps sounded, and a few men in black suits walked in from outside.

The leader was especially tall, taller than the others by a head. He was a cold-looking man dressed in black, a black shirt, a black suit, and a black tie.

Everyone present looked over at the same time. For a moment, there was an uproar, but no one made a sound.

They all looked at the man who walked in silently.

The man's handsome face was expressionless. Even so, everyone could clearly feel the enduring and repressed pain that lingered around this man.

It was as if there was an invisible river flowing quietly around him, filled with the aura of pain and despair.

Fu Yuesheng!

Fu Yuesheng was here to attend Yun Lige's funeral.

The eldest sister of the Yun family was still giving her thanks, but the moment she saw Fu Yuesheng, she froze on the spot.

It wasn't until Fu Yuesheng walked to Yun lige's coffin that he lowered his eyes slightly and looked at the girl sleeping in the coffin.

He stared at her for a few seconds before he slowly opened his mouth and called her name

"... Li."

Naturally, Yun lige did not move. She was already dead!

Two days ago, three days after he, Fu Yuesheng, got married.

Fu Yuesheng's tall and heavy body slightly bent over, reaching out to touch Yun Lige.

His hand had just reached out, but before he could touch Yun lige's cold corpse, he was pushed away.

It was the eldest sister of the Yun family.

The eldest sister of the Yun family was stunned when she saw Fu Yuesheng at first because she did not expect this man to actually appear at Xiao Ge's funeral. She also did not expect that he would actually dare to appear at Xiao Ge's funeral.

Initially, she could not push Fu Yuesheng with her strength.

However, perhaps it was because she was too angry, or perhaps it was because Fu Yuesheng did not investigate for the time being, the push from big sister Yun actually pushed Fu Yuesheng back by two steps.

He did not touch Yun Lige.

The person behind him came out and looked at the big sister of the Yun family with a fierce expression. He reprimanded,

"What are you doing? What are you doing? "

Fu Yuesheng slightly raised his long arm and stood in front of the man.

The man immediately lowered his head and took a few steps back.

Big Sister Yun sneered, "Fu Yuesheng, you still have the face to appear. What are you doing here? "

Big Brother Yun followed behind big sister Yun. When he heard big sister Yun say this, he reached out to pull big sister Yun and advised her in a low voice,"... Li Mei, calm down your emotions first."

"Calm Down my emotions? Calm down my emotions? How am I supposed to calm down my emotions? "

Big Brother Yun's words seemed to have ignited a certain explosive point in big sister Yun, "you're afraid of Fu Yuesheng, but I'm not! "

Big Sister Yun glanced at big brother Yun and then looked at the tall and terrifying man standing in front of her.


Yun Limei was once afraid of Fu Yuesheng.

The Yun family had let down the Fu family. In order to atone for his sins, old master Yun had taken Fu Yuesheng into the Yun family to raise him. How could old master Yun know that this child had actually become such a ruthless character after he grew up.

That way, at old master Yun's birthday, he had used that audio clip to force old master Yun to his death. Now, he had also forced Xiao Ge to her death.

But now that Xiao Ge was dead, the Yun family was also Fu Yuesheng's.

A barefoot person was not afraid of wearing shoes.

Yun Limei felt that there was no need for her to be afraid of Fu Yuesheng anymore.

Yun Limei shouted at Fu Yuesheng, "Fu Yuesheng! "

"Yes, our Yun family has let down your Fu family and Fu Yuesheng. But grandfather is dead. Isn't that enough The Yun family is already yours. Isn't that enough Isn't what you did to Xiao Ge back then enough Why do you have to hurt Xiao Ge again and again like this... ... Now that Xiao Ge is dead, Fu Yuesheng, are you happy "... yes, of course you're happy. Xiao Ge's depression has been so serious these past few years. You know, you know everything, but you still married that woman, Shu Rongxi "You're married, XIAO GE is dead. Do you feel very happy now "Tell me, do you feel very happy? "

Yun Limei grabbed Fu Yuesheng's black suit and roared loudly. As she roared, her voice weakened, and she collapsed on the ground, crying without any image.

Her Little Song, her family's little song.

When she was young, she named it Song.

She hoped that her life would be like a happy song, and she would be able to play it peacefully and smoothly for the rest of her life.

But this song, she hadn't even lived a quarter of her life.

Her Little Song was gone!

[ it's midnight today. ]

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