His Little Fortune Chapter 778

Chapter 778: Chapter 782 only hoped that there would be a next life and that they would never see each other again

Big Sister Yun wailed loudly. She did not have any image at all.

Although the Yun family was in dire straits now, they were still a big family in the past. They had been raised exquisitely, and they had even specially learned their etiquette and image in front of outsiders.

Now that they did not care about their image at all, they were truly heartbroken to the extreme.

Fu Yuesheng, who had been reprimanded, did not say a word from the beginning to the end.

It was as if what big sister Yun said had nothing to do with him at all.

After more than ten seconds, Fu Yuesheng raised his hand slightly. A few men in suits following behind him understood and went forward on their own accord. They were actually going to carry Yun Lige's coffin away.

Big Brother Yun turned pale with fright. "What are you doing? Put Xiao Ge down. "

However, those bodyguards would not listen to big brother Yun's words. A few of them went forward and could not stop them at all.

Big Sister Yun also noticed something strange at this time. She stopped crying. Her eyes were wide open as she saw Yi Mu's facial features contorting with anger.

Like a hen protecting her young, she pounced on Yun Lige's coffin in an attempt to stop a few people from lifting Yun lige's coffin.

"Xiaoge, Xiaoge... "

She pounced on the coffin, but even big brother Yun, a man, could not stop her. How could she, a woman, stop him?

She was immediately pulled away by a strong man.

Big Sister Yun wanted to pounce forward again, but the man who pulled her away was firmly holding her down. She could not move.

"Xiao Ge! " Yun Limei screamed sharply.

She probably realized that she had no way to stop what was happening in front of her. She turned her head to look at Fu Yuesheng. Her eyes were bloodshot and terrifying, as if she was a malicious spirit from hell. The words she spoke were sobbing blood

"Fu Yuesheng, what are you trying to do What else do you want Xiao GE is already dead. What else do you want to do to her? You won't let her go even if she dies You want to take revenge on the Yun Family? Fine, fine "You killed me and took my life away. Don't hurt her anymore. Let her go, okay? "

Her tone was sharp and mournful, so much so that the guests couldn't bear to hear it anymore.

Fu Yuesheng, on the other hand, was expressionless from the beginning to the end.

His face was as cold as a knife. even his handsome eyebrows didn't move an inch.

He waited for Yun Limei to finish her words at the top of her voice.

His pitch-black eyes looked at her calmly, like a pool of stagnant water that couldn't see the bottom.

He said very calmly, "If I let ah Li go, who will let me go? "

Big Sister Yun opened her mouth. She wanted to say something, but she couldn't say anything.

She didn't know if Fu Yuesheng was referring to the Yun family or Xiao Ge when he said who would let him go.

He slowly walked to Yun lige's coffin.

He slightly lowered his head and looked at the beautiful girl who was sleeping soundly in the coffin. Suddenly, his deep voice deepened

"If I let her go, why won't she let me go? Does she think that her death will be over? "

Fu Yuesheng seemed to laugh. He Bent Down and looked at Yun lige's quiet face with his dark eyes

"Ah Li, it's not that simple. Don't even think about getting rid of me. "

However, no matter how many ruthless words he said now, Yun lige would not be able to hear a single word.

Fu Yuesheng stood up and said to the people beside him, "let's go. "

A few bodyguards lifted the coffin and were actually preparing to leave the funeral church.

Big Sister Yun came back to her senses and shouted, "Don't you dare. Fu Yuesheng, you can't take Xiao Ge away. "

Fu Yuesheng did not dare to do anything. He gave the order and took the lead. A few bodyguards lifted Yun lige's coffin and prepared to follow.

Just as he was about to step forward, a soft and sweet voice sounded

"Mr. Fu, I'm afraid it's not appropriate for you to do this. "

The voice came from the entrance of the funeral church.

With the voice, the door of the funeral church was opened.

Two young and beautiful girls appeared at the door.

Guan Xi walked in front and Mu Yixun followed behind.

As Guan Xi walked, a pair of black and bright eyes looked at Fu Yuesheng. "You want to take Yun lige away. What identity do you have to take her away? Her brothers and sisters are still here. "

Fu Yuesheng did not expect that someone would suddenly appear.

He narrowed his eyes slightly, and his cold gaze fell on the girl who was talking.

She had a round little face, fair skin, and long hair tied into a ponytail. Her eyes were dark and bright, as if she was smiling with a hint of coldness.

She wore a black dress and held a white chrysanthemum in her hand. She was here for the funeral.

Fu Yuesheng remembered this girl.

The ninth master of the Xiao Family, Xiao Jiuyan's wife, and also Yun Lige's friend.

Fu Yuesheng had no intention of wasting his time with Guan Xi. He said coldly, "get out of my way. "

"Ha... "

Guan Xi sneered.

If others were to face such a Fu Yuesheng, they might be afraid.

She was completely immune to it. If the ninth master of the iceberg in her family was fierce, he would be much colder than this man.

Why was he putting on airs in front of her?

Guan Xi did not pay attention to Fu Yuesheng. She directly walked past Fu Yuesheng and went to Yun Lige's coffin.

Mu Yixun watched from the side. She originally thought that she was only coming with Guan Xi to attend Yun Lige's funeral, but now it seemed that it was not that simple.

A few bodyguards were still carrying the coffin. Guan Xi walked over and placed her little white hand on the coffin.

She fixed her gaze on Yun Lige who was lying in the coffin.

After looking at her for a few seconds, after a while, she let out a Faint Sigh. "How silly, Li Ge, why bother? "

It was clear that as long as she lived, something good could happen.

If she died, there would be nothing left.

However, living was very painful.

Guan Xi's eyes were slightly red, but she quickly suppressed the bitterness.

She placed the chrysanthemum in Yun lige's coffin and pressed her little white hand down along the edge of the coffin.

The coffin, which was not too heavy, suddenly seemed to weigh a thousand pounds. The bodyguards could not lift it up, and the coffin fell back to the ground, making a moderate sound.

Fu Yuesheng's expression finally fluctuated for the first time, as if he was anxious, but also angry.

He Berated Guan Xi, "What are you doing? "

Guan Xi curled her lips and smiled at him, but her eyes were ice-cold. "What does Mr. Fu Think I'm doing? I'm just stopping you from taking Li Ge away. "

Seeing that the bodyguard had put down Yun lige's coffin, big sister Yun immediately exerted her strength and struggled to free herself from the other person's hands. She pounced on Yun Lige's coffin, trying to protect Yun Lige.

Fu Yuesheng's face was as dark as water.

Guan Xi looked at Fu Yuesheng and said with her pink lips, "don't look at me like that, Mr. Fu. I'm only here today to announce Li Ge's will. "

"Will? "

Big Sister Yun looked at Guan Xi in surprise and asked anxiously, "little GE still has a will? "

"Yes. "

Guan Xi looked at big sister Yun and said, "Li Ge said that if she dies, she hopes that she can be cremated and her ashes scattered in the sea. "

"You knew Xiao Ge would die? " Big Brother Yun suddenly said with a tone of criticism.

Guan Xi did not mind his attitude, and she understood.

She said this now, as if she knew that Yun lige would die and would commit suicide, leaving her to die.

Guan Xi shook her head and said, "I'm sorry, I didn't know that Li Ge would do such a thing. If I had known, I would have stopped her. "

The reason why she knew about Yun Lige's will was because of the pendant that Yun Lige had given to her.

The pendant had the password of a bank safe on it.

And inside that bank safe was Yun Lige's suicide note.

Yun lige hoped that if she died, Guan Xi could help her do this: cremate her body and scatter it to the sea.

She had suffered too many restrictions in her life and lived under the censure of others.

She didn't want to die and be buried in a dark place.

If the ashes were scattered in the sea, she would be free, and then... ... She would never have anything to do with that man again ...

When Guan Xi read the contents of her suicide note, she remembered Yun Lige's ability to foresee the future.

Did she foresee that she would commit suicide?

But the future could be changed.

The future was made up of people's choices.

Yun Lige said that she saw that Guan Xi would die by ninth master's side.

But in the end, she did not die by ninth master's side. That meant that the future had changed.

Or rather...

Yun lige foresaw something bad and ultimately chose to commit suicide to change that future.

Now that Yun Lige was dead, there was no way to know about these things.

However, since Yun Lige had asked her to do this, she would definitely do it well.

Big Brother Yun's eyes turned red as he muttered, "I've misunderstood you. "

Guan Xi waved her small hand to show that she didn't mind.

After a pause, she looked at Fu Yuesheng and said unhurriedly, "that's how it is, Mr. Fu. I was asked by Li Ge to handle her funeral, so I can't let you take her away now. "

Fu Yuesheng looked at Guan Xi.

He Knew Guan Xi a little, but not much.

Seeing her appear, he knew that it would be difficult to take ah Li away today.

But he did not plan to retreat.

His Ah Li was his, and his alone.

This was what the Yun family owed him, even if the Yun family did not owe him.

Ah Li was also his!

Fu Yuesheng said, "Ah Li is mine, and I will take her away. "

"Li Ge is yours? Mr. Fu is joking? That's really quite funny. "

Guan Xi actually started to laugh. She laughed at the funeral, but as she laughed, her eyes turned red.

She said, "Mr. Fu, if I remember correctly, you just got married a few days ago, and the name of the other half of your marriage certificate is not Yun Lige, but a woman named Shu Rongxi. "

Fu Yuesheng opened his thin lips. He wanted to say something.

But Guan Xi did not give him a chance to speak She continued, "speaking of which, I was lucky enough to meet Ms. Shu Rongxi once. Mr. Fu, do you know where I met her She went up to Li Ge's apartment and brought a few bodyguards with her. Just like that, she came to find me. At that time, I happened to be there. If I was not there, Li Ge would be alone in the apartment. What do you think will happen in the future?"

There were some things that did not need to be said clearly. Fu Yuesheng should be able to understand it after explaining it more or less.

If his fiance came looking for Li Ge, she would either flaunt her power or humiliate her.

She even brought bodyguards. Since Guan Xi would say that, then naturally, if she was not there, something terrible would happen.

"Also, I don't know if Mr. Fu has found out... "

As Guan Xi spoke, she suddenly changed the topic and walked to the side of the coffin.

Her gaze was sorrowful as she stared at Yun Lige's thin wrist that was folded on her chest. She said softly, "Li Ge committed suicide. The veins on her wrist were not cut open with something sharp. She opened them with her teeth. "

Speaking up to this point, Guan Xi turned her gaze and placed it on Fu Yuesheng. She said very softly, "Mr. Fu, do you know how much courage and determination it takes for a person to bite open the veins on his hand with his teeth if he wants to commit suicide? "

As soon as she said this, Fu Yuesheng's tall and straight body shook violently. It was as if he could not stand steadily and would collapse in the next second.

"Ah Li... "

for visiting.

He called out softly.

Guan Xi did not let him go and continued, "Mr. Fu, Li Ge's suicide note also asked me to pass on a sentence to you. "

Fu Yuesheng raised his head to look at Guan Xi, his eyes gradually filled with blood.

He asked in a hoarse voice, "what sentence? "

"I only hope that the two of you will never see each other again in the next life. "

Guan Xi said word by word, "I only hope that every year during the Qingming Festival, I won't give her incense and dirty her reincarnation path for no reason! "

Guan Xi's words fell.

At that moment, the tiny light in Fu Yuesheng's eyes extinguished, as if he was already dead at that moment.

Fu Yuesheng's voice was unbelievably hoarse as he said, "did ah Li really say that? "

Guan Xi said coldly, "absolutely. "

After a pause, Guan Xi said again, "Mr. Fu, you can leave now. Li Ge doesn't want to see you at her funeral. "

Fu Yuesheng's body swayed a little, as if something fishy was rushing up his throat.

He laughed softly, like a cornered animal that had lost its beloved. "I didn't know Ah Li already hated me so much. "

It was funny that he actually thought that the two of them could be together.

He slowly turned around.

He walked towards the entrance of the funeral church.

A few bodyguards who had followed him looked at each other, not knowing what to do?

Weren't they here to take Miss Li Ge away?

What should they do now?

Guan Xi looked at Fu Yuesheng's tall and heavy back and felt that he was like an old man who was staggering. He seemed to have heard what she had said just now.

It had deprived him of his entire vitality and the meaning of his existence.

Now that he was alive, he was just like a walking corpse.

Fu Yuesheng did not leave the funeral church. He walked to the last row of the church and found a place to sit down, just like the other people who came to attend Yun Lige's funeral.

Ah Li, AH Li!

His Ah Li.

Did he hate him so much?

Fu Yuesheng slowly raised his hand. His wide palm covered his eyes. No one could see his expression clearly.


Yun Lige's funeral was held very smoothly.

Originally, after the funeral, they wanted to bury Yun lige in the ground. However, because of Yun Lige's will, big sister Yun and big brother Yun doted on Yun Lige, so they followed her wishes and cremated her, then scattered her body to the sea.

After the people who came to attend the funeral saw Yun Lige's appearance, Yun Lige's body was sent to be cremated.

Fu Yuesheng had no intention of stopping this process from beginning to end.

A lively and beautiful young girl had disappeared just like that at the age of song.

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