His Little Fortune Chapter 779

Chapter 779: Chapter 783 Fu Yuesheng followed Yun Lige and left

Yun Lige, Fu Yuesheng, Guan Xi, Xiao Jiuyan, Xiao Shengdai, Shi Budai, Mu Yixun, Jin Yunhe, and Gu Yin

Yun Lige was dead.

Her body was cremated and her ashes were placed in the urn.

The rainy weather had passed. On this day, big brother Yun and big sister Yun picked a sunny afternoon and brought Yun lige's ashes to a beach in Tong city.

Guan Xi and Mu Yixun also followed.

Guan Xi was entrusted by Yun Lige, so naturally, she had to do everything until the end.

She didn't want anything to happen in the final stage.

When a person died, it was like a lamp going out.

Since it was entrusted by Yun Lige, she would help her do it well.

Big Brother Yun held the pure white urn in his hand. Big Sister Yun wore gloves and opened the urn heavily.

Big Sister Yun looked at Yun lige with tears in her eyes However, she smiled and said, "little GE, in this life, big sister has been your big sister and didn't take good care of you. In the next life, big sister will still be your big sister and will definitely take good care of you. Little Ge, little GE, go well. Go well. In the next life, you must never meet him again. No matter how much you like him, you must never meet him again. "If you meet him and insist on being with him, sister, I will stop you even if I have to break your legs or beat you or scold you. "

After a pause, sister Yun smiled again and said in a low voice, "but you have been so stubborn since you were young. I'm afraid you won't agree. "

Hearing Sister Yun's words, brother Yun's tears flowed down.

After a while, sister Yun wiped her tears away.

She looked up at brother Yun and said sorrowfully, "let Xiao Ge go. "

Brother Yun nodded. "Okay. "

Let his Xiao Ge go.

The next life would be peaceful and smooth, healthy and happy.

As a useless elder brother, he couldn't do much under Fu Yuesheng.

That was why he let his little sister suffer so much at such a young age, killing herself at such a young age because of despair.

In the next life, he hoped that his Xiao Ge would not meet a useless elder brother like him, but someone strong enough to protect her, and let her grow up like a little princess without any worries.

Big Sister Yun opened the urn and wore white gloves. She grabbed Yun lige's ashes and scattered them into the sea... ...

"Xiao Ge, have a safe journey! "

"Xiao Ge, have a safe journey! "

"Xiao Ge, have a safe journey! "


Sister Yun and brother Yun sent Yun lige off. When they turned around, they saw Guan Xi and Mu Yixun standing behind them.

Sister Yun Walked Up to Guan Xi and gave her a grateful smile. "Thank you, Miss Guan. If it weren't for you, Xiao Ge would have been taken away by Fu Yuesheng at that time. "

Actually, it wasn't possible.

In that situation, if Guan Xi hadn't appeared, Fu Yuesheng would have definitely taken Yun lige away on the spot.

Xiao Ge had suffered by Fu Yuesheng's side when she was alive. would she have to suffer by his side after she died?

After that, big sister Yun also found out that this Miss Guan, who had been entrusted by Li Ge, was actually ninth master Xiao's wife. No wonder she dared to appear in front of Fu Yuesheng like that and even challenged him.

Guan Xi's sweet face revealed a faint smile of comfort. "You're too kind. Li Ge is my friend. It's only a small favor. "

As she spoke, her eyes looked at the blue sea in front of her.

The Sea breeze blew, and the waves hit the shore as if nothing had happened.

Sister Yun looked at Mu Yixun at the same time and said, "thank you. "

Mu Yixun did not respond.

She had only Gone With Guan Xi that day. There was no need for her to say thank you.

Moreover, for a person to die...

To be honest, Mu Yixun did not feel anything at all.

Were there not many people who had died at her hands?

"Let's go. "

After the matter had been settled, Sister Yun said to Guan Xi and Mu Yixun, "the sea breeze is getting stronger. We can come and watch Xiao Ge again in the future. "

Guan Xi nodded. "Okay. "

Big Sister Yun said that she wanted to leave, but after leaving this coast, she was the one who was most reluctant to look back.

The group of people walked towards the parking lot. Halfway, big sister Yun suddenly touched her earlobe and exclaimed, "I lost my earring. "

Big Brother Yun frowned and asked, "what earring is it? If it's not important, then it's lost. Just buy it again! "

Big Sister Yun shook her head and said nervously, "it's the earring that Xiao Ge gave me. I. . . I have to go and find it. "

Even if it was an earring, it was still a yearning for Yun lige now.

Brother Yun immediately said, "let's go back and look for it. "

Guan Xi said, "let's go and look for it together. It might have fallen off just now. Let's go back along the way. Sister Yun, don't worry, we can find it. "

Sister Yun was so anxious that her eyes were a little red. She looked at Guan Xi and nodded, saying, "okay, let's go back and look for it. Let's go back and look for it. "

The group of people turned back.

On the way back, they all looked seriously at the place they had come from along the way. After all, the earring was small, and they were afraid that they would not be able to see where it had fallen off.

They quickly walked to the shore, but they still could not find the earrings.

"Ah! " Big Sister Yun suddenly exclaimed, and at the same time, a shocked expression appeared on her face.

Big Brother Yun quickly asked, "what's wrong? Have you seen the earrings? "

Big Sister Yun shook her head and pointed to the place where they had scattered Yun lige's ashes and said, "there... is someone there. "

Big Brother Yun looked over. At the place where they had scattered the ashes, there were two men standing, doing what they had just done.

One man was holding an urn, and the other man was wearing gloves. He scattered the ashes in the urn into the sea.

Big Brother Yun was touched by the scene and whispered, "you like freedom just like Xiao Ge, right? "

Big Sister Yun's voice trembled as she spoke, "that man... I remember that man. He was the bodyguard that Fu Yuesheng brought to Xiao Ge's funeral that day. He was the one who grabbed my hand. "

Big Brother Yun said doubtfully, "Li Mei, you can't be mistaken, right? "

Big Sister Yun's voice trembled as she said with certainty, "I remember him, it's him! Whose ashes is he scattering here now? "

As if he had realized something, Big Brother Yun's face revealed an expression of disbelief. "It's Fu... Fu... "

He had no way of saying that name.

Big Sister Yun, however, had already rushed up and rushed in front of the two men. Her eyes were bloodshot as she looked at the ashes box and asked hatefully,

"Who is it? Who is the ashes in this box? "

The two bodyguards did not expect the Yun family members to return. They were stunned on the spot.

Then, they fell silent.

Sister Yun did not give up. She continued to ask desperately, "who is it? Who is it? "

She even used her hand to grab the Collar of the gloved bodyguard and gripped it tightly.

The bodyguard looked at her. After a while, he said in a low voice,"... Miss Yun, you understand. Why ask when you already know?"

At this moment, Brother Yun, Guan Xi, Mu Yixun, and a few others followed.

Hearing the conversation between the two of them, no one knew what expression they were going to show.

Guan Xi's gaze moved to the URN, and slowly, a look of disbelief appeared in her eyes.

Fu Yuesheng?

Fu Yuesheng is dead?

Then, if Li Ge knew that she was dead, would Fu Yuesheng choose to leave with her?

For some reason, Guan Xi's intuition told her that Li Ge knew.

On the other side, big sister Yun received such an answer.

She froze for a full minute before she digested the news.

She laughed out loud, laughing maniacally

"Good, good. Fu Yuesheng deserves to die, he deserves to die! It's good that he's dead, it's good that he's dead! It's good that he's dead, it's good that he's dead... ! "

She kept saying that it was good that he was dead, but as she laughed, tears fell from her eyes. She sat limply on the ground and wailed loudly

"He's dead, he's dead too! Even if he's dead, he won't let Xiao Ge off? He... he actually dared to die like this! How dare he die like this? Fu Yuesheng, how dare you die like this! "

Seeing this, big brother Yun squatted down and hugged big sister Yun. His heart also felt uncomfortable.

He knew what his younger sister was thinking.

It was not wrong for the Yun family to hate Fu Yuesheng.

But this time, Yun lige committed suicide and passed away. No matter how angry, angry, or sad big sister Yun was, she did not tell Fu Yuesheng why he did not die.

Because that was what they owed the Fu family

Because Xiao Ge loved Fu Yuesheng. They knew that

And because Fu Yuesheng had been adopted by the Yun family for a period of time. He lived with them and grew up together. If one really counted, Fu Yuesheng and them were like brothers and sisters emotionally.

It was just that you treated him as a brother and sister, but you didn't know that he already knew about the matters of the Yun and Fu families at that time. The hatred in his heart had already grown to such a great extent.

It was also at that time that Yun Lige and Fu Yuesheng were together, but they didn't know about it.

They grew up together since young, so how could they not have any friendship at all.

Therefore, even if Xiao Ge passed away, they didn't think about losing another brother.

But now, Xiao Ge had gone.

Fu Yuesheng had also gone with her!

On the shore, only the sound of big sister Yun wailing could be heard.

The loss of two family members in a row had almost made her break down.


After returning to the parking lot from the beach, sister Yun's mood still had not calmed down.

But this was something that could not be helped. Two family members had passed away one after another.

They had to get over this hurdle.

Guan Xi and Mu Yixun had driven here by themselves.

Mu Yixun drove while Guan Xi sat in the passenger seat.

Mu Yixun controlled the steering wheel with one hand and changed gear with the other.

She glanced at Guan Xi and asked, "Sad? "

Guan Xi acknowledged.

Mu Yixun asked, "is there such a need to be sad? As far as I know, you and that Yun lige are just acquaintances. Even if the two of you have a deeper relationship, it won't affect your emotions, right? "

Guan Xi pursed her lips and looked at Mu Yixun. Instead of answering, she asked, "Yixun, you think that I shouldn't be affected because I'm not using my emotions. You should also think that you won't be affected. Do you know that you're actually affected by this kind of emotion now? "

Mu Yixun subconsciously denied, "how is that possible? "

"How is that not possible? "

Guan Xi looked sideways at Mu Yixun and said, "the fact that you asked this question proves that you're affected. "

Mu Yixun frowned slightly.

Guan Xi continued, "if it was before, Xun, you wouldn't even ask me if I was sad. "

Mu Yixun wanted to refute, but she couldn't.

Because what Xi said was right.

Guan Xi suddenly laughed. "Xun, go and fall in love. You'll be different if you fall in love. The life of a person who keeps his promise is so boring that it's unbearable. Only when you fall in love and have someone in your heart will you realize that this world is different. "

Mu Yixun was silent for a moment.

She said, "Xi, you know that I like young master. "

"Hmm... do you like Akira Mato? "

Guan Xi pursed her pink lips. "Isn't your feelings for Akira Mato the illusion that you've only followed him, followed him, looked up to him, and listened to him from before until now? "

Mu Yixun's crimson lips quivered.

She wanted to say something, but Guan Xi continued, "how can a relationship like this be called liking? It's very strange, isn't it? "

Mu Yixun didn't say anything.

Guan Xi said, "Xun, it's not like that when you're in a relationship. Haven't you been living with Shi Budai recently? What do you think of him? If you have any feelings, you can try. "

When Mu Yixun heard Guan Xi mention Shi Budai, she also pointed out that she was living with him. She wasn't bashful, but said coldly,

"that useless man. "

Guan Xi's tender pink face revealed a sly smile. "whether it's useful or not depends on how you train him. Moreover, Mr. Shi, that person, no matter what, can be considered to have saved our lives. It's not... so useless, right? "

Guan Xi was referring to Shi Budai's underling, Owen, who had found a way to treat them.

Otherwise, Guan Xi would not have survived.

As for Mu Yixun, she would die when the duration of the contract was up.

Mu Yixun snorted coldly.


Mu Yixun Drove Guan Xi back to the Xiao Family.

Then, she returned to Shi Budai's apartment.

She entered the apartment, but Shi Budai was not there.

Mu Yixun sat on the Sofa, thinking about what Guan Xi had said to her in the car.

Was she in a relationship?

With that useless man, Shi Budai?

Although Mu Yixun had already admitted that Shi Budai was her man, that kind of relationship was more because she had sex with him, a responsible relationship between superior and subordinate.

But if she were to be in a relationship with that useless man... ...

Shi Budai thought of how he hugged her thigh and was scared, useless, and crying bitterly.

He really was a very, very useless man!

In a relationship? ! !

It was simply a dream!

Mu Yixun sat quietly on the SOFA. Her Sitting Posture was very upright and beautiful. She closed her eyes and did not move at all.

After an unknown amount of time, the apartment door opened.

Shi Budai pushed the door open and came in. When he saw that Mu Yixun was at home, he was shocked

"Bao... Xun, you're back so early today? Is Everything Alright at the office? "

Mu Yixun said plainly, "I didn't go to the office today. "

Shi Budai nodded. "Oh, Oh, oh. "

As for what she was going to do, he did not dare to ask.

Shi Budai brought the thing in his hand to Mu Yixun and said as if he was presenting a treasure, "I got a wild bass today. I'll braise a bass for you tonight. "

Mu Yixun said plainly, "okay. "

Shi Budai carried the Bass and other dishes into the kitchen eagerly.

Mu Yixun looked at Shi Budai's back and a trace of doubt appeared in her eyes.

In that instant just now, a thought popped up in her mind. She wanted to fall in love with this useless man, Shi Budai... ...

It seemed that she did not reject him as much as she had imagined!

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