His Little Fortune Chapter 780

Chapter 780: Chapter 784 Shi Budai was indeed lucky!

Shi Buji went to make dinner.

These days, he had been serving Mu Yixun at home. His original ten points of culinary skills could only be said to be five points. During this period of time, he had improved by at least seventy to eighty points.

In terms of how a very cowardly man could make a living under the hands of a violent woman, it was to serve her, serve her, and serve her like a princess, empress, empress dowager, and Empress Dowager!

Shi Buji said that he was second on this point. No one dared to say that he was first!

for visiting.

Braised Sea Bass, plus other things, three dishes and a soup for two people. It was pretty good.

Shi Budai finished cooking dinner with his hands and feet numb before asking Mu Yixun to come to the table for dinner.

Naturally, he would be the one to clean up the kitchen table and wash the dishes after dinner.

Thinking about it made his heart ache.

Thinking about his Master Shi, as an internationally famous intelligence trafficker, TIME, he wouldn't have fallen to such a state, much less be like the young master of the Akira family and old Xiao.

However, he was now the one who was enslaved.

During dinner, Shi Budai had given Mu Yixun the idea of fawning over Mu Yixun so that she wouldn't get beaten up.

He eagerly picked up a piece of fish for Mu Yixun and placed it in her bowl. "Come, come, come. This piece of meat has a lot of meat and no thorns. EAT IT! "

Mu Yixun looked at the big piece of fish in her bowl. She did not move her chopsticks and glanced at Shi Budai with an expressionless face.

Shi Budai:"..."

He did not understand what Mu Yixun meant.

Most of the time, he did not know what violent woman meant. She always had an expressionless and fierce face. He felt that other than scaring people, she was also scaring people.

She was still the one who kept her promise. She was very strong. If he could beat her, he would have thrown her out long ago.

But... ...

Who asked him not to be able to beat her?

Shi Budai was scared by Mu Yixun's gaze. Then, he said,"... eat without worry. Although I used my chopsticks to pick it up for you, I have a medical check-up. I don't have any infectious diseases."

This time, it was Mu Yixun's turn."..."

Mu Yixun slowly lowered her eyes, picked up the piece of fish with her chopsticks, put it into her mouth, and slowly ate.

Mu Yixun ate quite quickly. Seeing that she had finished eating, Shi Budai wrapped up the rest of the food.

He did not mind Mu Yixun's saliva or anything else.

Mu Yixun sat upright on the chair, watching Shi Budai wolfing down the food with an indifferent expression.

Suddenly, she spoke

"Shi Budai. "

Shi Budai's action of holding the chopsticks paused, and she raised her head to look at her. "What? "

Mu Yixun asked, "you've had a lot of women, right? Have you ever loved anyone? "

Shi Budai:"..."

He was instantly horrified.

F * Ck, F * Ck, F * Ck, F * CK!

Why did the violent woman suddenly ask this question?

F * Ck, was she trying to trick him?

If he answered that he had someone he liked, would he be beaten to death?

Moreover, she said that he had had a lot of women. He was not, he did not. He only had a pure trading relationship with those women. Don't make it sound like he had dated every single one of them.

Shi Budai shook his head like a rattle-drum. His strong desire to survive revealed a flattering smile

"There's no such thing. How could I have someone I like? If I really have to say it, Xun, I like you quite a lot right now. Really, I only have you! "

Shi Budai had been traumatized by Mu Yixun's belt whipping at the hotel the last time.

Mu Yixun looked at his low and fawning manner. How could she not know what he was thinking.

She curled her Crimson Lips and asked with a faint smile, "really? "

"really, really, really, really, really! " Shi Budai nodded. "I'm only lying to you because I'm a puppy. "

"Let me hear you bark a few times. "

"WOOF, woof... "

Shi Budai:"..."


But in the next second, Shi Budai was stunned.

Mu Yixun laughed. She had a cold personality. She did not usually joke around, and she did not even have a smile.

With this smile, the corners of her lips lifted slightly, and there seemed to be a hint of a smile in her eyes. Her faint and beautiful smile was like the melting of spring snow, or like the sunset that filled the sky reflecting the pond.

It turned out that the violent woman looked pretty when she smiled.

But this smile did not last long. After all, Mu Yixun was not used to smiling.

That smile was quickly withdrawn and returned to her usual indifferent appearance.

Shi Budai felt a little regretful and sighed softly.

Mu Yixun saw him sigh and asked, "why are you sighing? "

"No, nothing. " Shi Budai hurriedly denied it. He could not say that it was because her smile was good-looking, but it was too short-lived.

Damn it, he must be out of his mind.

That was why he felt that the violent woman's smile was good-looking.

She clearly had an ordinary appearance, just a coffin face.

Shi Budai hurriedly changed the topic and asked, "Xun, why are you asking this question? "

He was referring to the question about his love life.

However, when Shi Budai asked this question, he knew that he was in trouble.

Damn it, he could bring up anything, but he could not bring up his own love life.

He even complained that he was beaten up by a violent woman.

Which woman would tolerate her man having many women.

That was right. Ever since Mu Yixun said that he was his man, Shi Budai had been responsible for him. Gradually, she began to see herself as Mu Yixun's man!

Why was she asking this question.

Mu Yixun lowered her eyes slightly.

She was only thinking about the matter between the girl called Yun Lige and Fu Yuesheng.

Yun lige committed suicide because of Fu Yuesheng.

And Fu Yuesheng actually committed suicide after Yun lige passed away.

Although Mu Yixun was cold-blooded, she didn't think that death was a big deal.

But to be honest, this matter shocked her quite a lot.

One person died, and the other person actually committed suicide.

Was this love?

Since it was love, since Fu Yuesheng loved that Yun Lige so much that he couldn't live even if she died, then why did she torture her when she was alive?

Mu Yixun couldn't understand this.

So it was just a sudden thought to ask Shi Budai on a whim.

For a useless man like Shi Budai who had many women by his side, had he ever loved any woman.

Or perhaps, she simply wanted to know which woman he had fallen in love with.

Mu Yixun briefly told Shi Budai about Yun Lige and Fu Yuesheng.

Shi Budai exclaimed,"... Fu Yuesheng, that's a ruthless character. He's actually dead?"

Upon hearing this news, Shi Budai immediately recalled that Fu Yuesheng was already dead. Since he was an arms dealer, he did not know if his underlings had made any arrangements. He wondered if he could think of a way to sell this news for a good price... ...

The threads sold under the arms dealer's name were quite valuable. Perhaps he could make a fortune.

He was too engrossed in his thoughts. Mu Yixun frowned slightly. "Shi Budai, what are you thinking about? "

Shi Budai came back to his senses He said, "I'm not thinking about anything. I'm just casually thinking about it. This is really a beautiful love story. About that, dying for love, how touching and beautiful it is. Sigh, if it were me, I definitely wouldn't be able to do it. If a person dies, so be it. What's the point of Dying for love? Tsk, you make yourself look like a love Saint. It's not good for her to live. If she dies, she dies too. If it were up to me, that woman named Yun lige definitely didn't commit suicide to let him die. She just wanted him to live and suffer in guilt and repentance for the rest of his life. "

Mu Yixun felt that Shi Budai's idea was quite reasonable.

She frowned slightly. "Is that so? "

"That's right. "

Shi Budai analyzed with conviction "That must be the case! " Didn't you say that Yun Lige had a relationship with Fu Yuesheng? All these years of pain was brought about by him. She must hate Fu Yuesheng to death. Death is the simplest thing. Once you're dead, it's over. You can't feel anything. It's only painful to be alive. Of course, it might not be entirely because of this?"

Mu Yixun asked, "what other reason is there? "

Shi Budai said, "that Yun lige might not be able to hold on anymore, but she has never blamed Fu Yuesheng. You women are all quite emotional. If you love someone, you can give up everything for them. Even if she dies, she wouldn't want Fu Yuesheng to die. She would want him to live well. "

Mu Yixun was deep in thought.

Shi Budai quickly shamelessly gave himself a favorable impression. "Look, don't my analysis make a lot of sense? "

Mu Yixun nodded slightly. "It makes sense. "

Shi Budai smiled smugly.

Mu Yixun added lightly, "you women, it seems that you know women quite well. "

Shi Budai's smile froze.

He quickly denied, "No, no, it's just so-so, just so-so. Believe me, Xun, ever since you said that I was your man and you used your belt to teach me how to love, you're the only one in my heart. There's no one else. Really, you have to believe me, believe me! "

His words were so sincere that he was about to kneel down and swear that he would only have one woman in his life, Mu Yixun.

Mu Yixun looked at his cowardice and frowned. She said coldly, "alright, I didn't say anything. Why are you so nervous? "

Shi Budai felt wronged. "I'm just waiting for you to say something and I'm done. "

Mu Yixun:"..."

She got up, left the dining table, and went back to her room.

Shi Budai stayed behind to clean the dining table pitifully.

Shi Budai saw Mu Yixun return to her room.

The expression of suffering on her face disappeared.

Had she ever loved anyone?

When she was young and frivolous, there would always be a period of throbbing time.

Liking a girl, thinking that everything about her was good, everything was beautiful.

But how good everything was in the beginning, how unbearable it was when everything was exposed later on.

What did it mean to like him, what did it mean to love him.

It was just a lie based on a lie, to get close to him for another man.

Shi Budai closed his eyes.

From that moment on, he decided that he would not get involved in relationships.


They only cared about their kidneys and not their hearts. They could have as many as they wanted.

Why waste a sincere heart on someone else.



Uncomfortable, uncomfortable, uncomfortable!

That night, he had a deep conversation with Mu Yixun about whether she had ever loved someone deeply. Another week passed.

This week, Shi Budai stayed at home obediently and became a virtuous househusband.

Although he had the thought of going out to play with his little sister in bed, he did not dare to carry it out.

The last time he had a date with a girl, Mu Yixun arrived before he could even take off his pants.

Shi Budai seriously suspected that he was being watched.

Right now, he had the heart but not the guts.

However, he had been used to indulging in debauchery for the past few years. During this period of time, he had been abstinent for a long time and could not hold it in any longer.

Ahhhh, if he could not find a woman, what would he do?

He had really wronged his second brother too much.

After thinking about it, Shi Budai felt that there was only a violent woman left.

When he thought of the violent woman, Shi Budai recalled that night, when he and Mu Yixun had sex after drinking.

The usually cold and lonely woman revealed a blushing and dazed expression under his body. She was extremely lovey-dovey, as if she was enjoying the pleasure of hell... ...

Shi Budai lowered his head to take a look.

They discussed,"... "... You said that you're not satisfied now, and it's not like we can go out and find soft girls together. How about this? The violent woman doesn't seem to have a good tolerance for alcohol, so we'll get her drunk tonight and have sex with her. Anyway, she said it herself. We're her man, so it's reasonable and not excessive. What do you think?"

He did as he was told.

Shi Budai quickly got into a fight.

He was the one who cooked all the meals at home, but today, since he was going to give the violent girl something, it definitely couldn't be the same as usual.

To have a romantic atmosphere on a date, he needed a candlelit dinner.

Moreover, a candlelit dinner was also very suitable for drinking red wine.

Then, he needed a reason to have a candlelit dinner!

Shi Budai thought about it... ... Heh, he still needed to seriously think about the reason. He, Shi Budai, had been in a relationship for a long time, and his flirting skills had long been maxed out. At night, when the violent girl came back, he would randomly pick one ...

Hence, Shi Budai went to buy fresh flowers, heart-shaped candles, bought steak, and even asked Lan Mao to get him a bottle of good red wine.

Uh, what else was missing?

Oh, right, music!

Playing some soft music was also very good for creating an atmosphere.

After spending the whole afternoon, Shi Budai finally got everything ready.

At 5:30 pm, Mu Yixun got off work.

The debut of Gu Yin and Jin Yunhe, who she had brought along, was quite smooth recently.

Jin Yunhe was a sunny and beautiful youth, and was very friendly. It was best to let him participate in the debut of a reality show first. Gu Yin had once said that she wanted to take revenge on Hu Xin, so Mu Yixun gave her a chance.

She did not let song he touch Hu Xin. Instead, she found the female lead of a TV series for Gu Yin and told Gu Yin to seize the opportunity.

If Gu Yin was capable, she could become famous in one shot. In the future, she would be able to stand above Hu Xin and trample Hu Xin under her feet.

Gu Yin was very grateful to Mu Yixun, and she also cherished this opportunity.

She said to Mu Yixun seriously, "I will definitely not let you down. "

Mu Yixun said coldly, "I don't care if I'm disappointed or not. If I fail, you won't have a chance with me. You can only rely on yourself to do what you want to do. "

Gu Yin's eyes reddened. She nodded and said, "I won't fail. Miss Xun, thank you very much for giving me this opportunity. "

She knew that Mu Yixun's identity was not ordinary, and she respected Mu Yixun.

Song he called her Miss Mu Yixun, and she also called her Miss Mu Yixun.

Mu Yixun got off work and returned to Shi Budai's small apartment. It was almost six o'clock.

She entered the elevator and arrived at the door of the penthouse apartment. She pressed her fingerprint.

The door opened and she was stunned when she saw the scene inside the apartment... ...

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