His Little Fortune Chapter 781

Chapter 781: Chapter 785 started dating

The small apartment, which used to be empty and simple, had now changed.

From the door to the living room, it was covered with fiery red roses. The dining table was in the middle, covered with an elegant tablecloth.

The lights in the room were not very bright. It was soft orange, and melodious light music was slowly flowing.

On the dining table, there were colorful candles, two freshly made steaks, tall glasses, and red wine!

Shi Budai was wearing a white suit and holding a rose in his hand. He stood elegantly at the dining table.

When he saw Mu Yixun, he smiled and said, "Xun, you're back. "

Mu Yixun was in a daze for a moment. She wondered if she had gone to the wrong place.

She was stunned for a moment. She quickly walked over and stood in front of Shi Budai.

She raised her head, revealing a beautiful and fair neck. She looked at Shi Budai.

Shi Budai was still smiling. He wanted to say something.


A CRISP SLAP sounded.

Shi Budai was stunned."? ? ?"

Shi Budai asked, "Xun, why did you hit me? "

Mu Yixun rubbed her temples with her white fingers. After a long while, she said calmly, "I don't have any reason. I want to know if this is true. "

Shi Budai:"..."

What kind of reason is this?

If this isn't true, how can it be fake?

Besides, why do you want to know if you really hit me F * CK, hit yourself!

Shi Budai felt wronged.

He said, "if it's true, then it's true. How can you doubt my love for you? "


Mu Yixun's sharp gaze suddenly landed on Shi Budai's face.

Her gaze was clear and cold, as if she had heard Shi Budai say something extraordinary.

But, it was indeed extraordinary.


Shi Budai, this useless man who lingered around flowers, actually said that he loved her.

It was as if no one had ever said that they loved her!

A person who kept a promise was not worthy of love.

Whether it was the love of friendship, the love of family, or the love between lovers.

They did not need it either!

Mu Yixun opened her Pale Lips. She wanted to say something, but in the end, she did not say anything.

There were many women around a man like Shi Budai.

He was also an annoying chatterbox. Three out of ten sentences could be believed.

And when she heard Shi Budai say that he loved her, that moment of throbbing should not have existed.

Shi Budai did not know what Mu Yixun was thinking.

In his opinion, violent women always had the same expression.

As long as she did not slap him, she could do whatever she wanted.

But since everything was prepared today, these fresh flowers, steak, red wine, and candlelit dinner had to be useful no matter what, right?

"Xun! "

Shi Budai called Mu Yixun's name affectionately and gently. He handed the flowers in his hand to Mu Yixun and said affectionately, "I... I like you. "


There was another crisp sound.

Shi Budai was stunned.

He wanted to cry.

Why was he still hitting her!

But this time, he did not use much strength. It was a very light hit. Even though it was called a hit, it was just a light touch.

But Shi Budai still felt wronged. He asked, "Xun, do you want to try and see if it's real again? "

Mu Yixun was expressionless. "Yes. "

Shi Budai:"..."Qaq!

I'm scared, I'm scared.

F * Ck, no matter how scared I am, I can't back down. Let's charge forward bravely.

Shi Budai stuffed the rose in his hand into Mu Yixun's hand.

He did not wait for Mu Yixun to say anything. He walked to the dining table and pulled out a chair for Mu Yixun in a gentlemanly manner. He said, "Xun, come and have dinner. "

His thin lips had a beautiful curve. He smiled, and his already handsome appearance.

Even if he wasn't funny, he was still a handsome man who was difficult to deal with when he was gentle and serious.

Mu Yixun pursed her lips, paused for a moment, walked over, and sat down.

Shi Budai had already planned everything for tonight.

For the sake of happiness, he would accept even if such a behavior was courting death.

A candlelit dinner focused on romance.

Shi Budai secretly thought that in such a romantic atmosphere, no matter how unromantic a violent woman was, she shouldn't be too harsh on him.

In fact, that was indeed the case.

Perhaps it was because the atmosphere was too good. The music, the lighting, the flowers and roses, and Shi Budai fried a few sets of steak to make one that he was satisfied with. The dinner went very smoothly.

"Fuming, have another glass. This wine, it's Lan Mao... Lan Mao, it's Lan Song, he got it from his father's wine cellar. "

Shi Budai poured a glass of wine for Mu Yixuan and said, "His father has a lot of good wine, it's very precious. In his father's heart, that kid, Lan Mao, can't even be compared to this glass of wine. I urged him to get this bottle of wine, and he also narrowly escaped death. Come, come, drink more, fuming, drink more. "

Shi Budai said as he poured the wine for Mu Yixun.

Mu Yixun shook the tall glass, looked at the clear amber-colored wine in the glass, and drank it in one gulp.

Her lips were very light. After drinking the wine, there was a little bit of wine on her lips. Perhaps she felt it herself, so she stuck out the tip of her pink tongue and licked it away.

She was like a proud and lazy kitten.

Shi Budai suddenly looked a little dazed.

Mu Yixun suddenly looked up and frowned. "What are you daydreaming about? POUR MORE WINE! "

"okay, okay, okay. " Shi Budai quickly poured more wine for Mu Yixun.

He noticed that Mu Yixun's eyes were a little dazed at this moment.

It seemed that the alcohol had taken effect.

The last time at Akira family, when Mu Yixun drank wine, there were already a few empty bottles of red wine in front of her.

This time, Shi Budai was prepared, so he also prepared a few bottles of red wine.

Now that he had opened the second bottle, Shi Budai did not drink much. He was the one who was persuading Mu Yixun to drink.

Originally, he wanted to secretly poke some harmless drugs in the wine.

After thinking about it, he decided to give up.

Last time, Lan Mao said that the extremely useful knockout drugs were completely useless against violent woman.

This time, if the knockout drugs were useless again and violent woman found out, he would definitely take her to the dogs.

In any case... ... Now it seemed that the wine was useful ...

Moreover, it seemed that it was almost done... ...

Shi Budai saw that Mu Yixun was about to finish the glass of wine that he had just poured.

He quickly filled Mu Yixun's glass again. "Xun, have another glass... "

Just as he finished speaking, Mu Yixun held the glass in her small hand and looked at him with her beautiful eyes. "Hmm? "

Shi Budai was stunned.

Her Adam's apple bobbed up and down violently.

Mu Yixun's usually clear and cold eyes reeked of alcohol after drinking. Her eyes were covered with a layer of moist moisture. The two fair-skinned houses also seemed to be a little red.

"Xun... " Shi Budai was a little infatuated as she looked at her.

Mu Yixun's consciousness was also a little scattered at this time.

She replied faintly, "HMM. "

This sound seemed to come from the depths of her throat, carrying a little softness and laziness.

Like a feather, it carefully swept across Shi Budai's heart, tickling his heart.

"Kaori, " Shi Budai muttered.

As he spoke, he got up from his seat.

And so, everything went smoothly... ...

"Kaori, I like you, " he said.

Mu Yixun's eyes were extremely bright as she looked at Shi Budai.

She did not speak.

In the quiet living room, the two of them could only hear each other's intense heartbeats


The next day, early in the morning.

The Sky had just brightened.

Shi Budai was still sleeping on the bed.


Suddenly, Shi Budai felt that he had been kicked by something, and a loud noise came from the room.

Shi Budai fell off the bed.

It hurt, it hurt, it hurt!

He held his old waist and got up. He was also in a daze from sleep. He said angrily, "who the F * ck Kicked Master Shi? "

"Master Shi? " Mu Yixun lay on the bed, and she half got up.

Mu Yixun narrowed her eyes slightly at him, and her gaze was indifferent.

When Shi Budai met Mu Yixun's indifferent gaze, he cowered. He chuckled twice, went forward and stretched out his hand, and said,

"smoke, tired of it, come, come, I give you a press, press will be more comfortable. "

Just in Shi Budai's hand to touch Mu Yixun, Mu Yixun reached out to slap Shi Budai's hand: "Don't touch me. "

Shi Budai:"..."

He is aggrieved: "touch how, last night I was your sweet little darling, this morning woke up so heartless? "

Mu Yixun said expressionlessly, "what do you think? ''

Shi Budai:"..."

Oh, Shit!

Come on, come on.

This was definitely a personal attack from Hong Guoguo!

Mu Yixun's face turned slightly red.

Her tone turned solemn as she said coldly, "It's already 6:30 am, why aren't you making breakfast? "

"6:30 am, isn't it still early! "

"Go and make breakfast, " Mu Yixun said coldly. "Don't make me say it a third time. "

Shi Budai:"..."

"Alright, I got it. I'll go right away! "

Shi Budai went to make breakfast.

While cooking, Shi Budai was still thinking about Mu Yixun's attitude of letting him make breakfast.

In the end... ... In the end, he was the one who got hurt ...

Could the world ever get better?

However, no matter how depressed Shi Budai was, it was useless.

And because he was satisfied last night, he even made this breakfast while humming a song.

... ... ... ... ... ...

Ever since that night..

The two of them got along like a newly married couple.

When Mu Yixun went to work, Shi Budai would do the housework and cook. She would be a good wife and a good wife. She would be the man behind Mu Yixun and support her work.

Although the two of them still got along, the women were stronger and the men were weaker.

But it was obvious that the atmosphere between them had changed.

On this day, Mu Yixun was at work, and Shi Budai was preparing to go out to buy groceries.

Buzz buzz buzz, his phone suddenly received a wechat message.

Someone added him as a friend.

Shi Budai opened it and saw that her profile picture was a pretty girl, nickname: Drowning fish.

He casually clicked on it.

[ excuse me, are you little brother Shi? ]

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