His Little Fortune Chapter 782

Chapter 782: Chapter 786 Shi Budai's soul was stolen

Shi Budai.

When Shi Budai saw this name, his heart wavered.

Call him little brother!

But he still pretended to be calm

Shi: I am, who are you?

Drowning Fish: let me introduce myself, little brother, I am Su Qingyu, an artist under sister Mu's company. That day, when I saw your sister Mu getting off work, I wanted to get to know you, little brother

Pick up Mu Yixun getting off work?

Did he meet such a little girl?

Shi Budai thought about it, but he had no impression of her.

Another wechat message came over.

Drowning Fish: because there are too few boys willing to pick up girls from work now, I feel that you are a good man, so I want to get to know you. Shi Budai, I can't be too rash like this, right.


He didn't want to pick up a violent girl. He was forced. He was forced, okay.

But as long as he was a man, who wouldn't want to be praised?

Shi Budai's heart wavered when he was suddenly praised by his little sister for being a good man.

Shi: it's alright, it's alright. It's what a man should do to spoil a woman. It's just that he has to take fumigate to and from work.

Who knew that at home, he would be the one to do the washing, cooking, and cleaning.

He was simply a Twenty-four filial and good husband.

Drowning fish: I really envy my sister. Sometimes, my little brother is such a good boyfriend.


Shi Budai was shocked.

He wanted to go back to the past. He was not the boyfriend of the violent woman. If he were to be a couple with the violent woman, it would be scary just thinking about it, alright?

But halfway through typing, Shi Budai deleted the first part of his sentence.

The violent woman had already said that he was her man, which could be considered a justification.

It didn't seem right to say that he wasn't her boyfriend.

Shi: Hehe, that's right.

Wasn't it just that the violent woman was very enviable, to have such a good partner like him.

Ding Dong.

A notification sounded on Wechat, and the other party sent another message.

Drowning Fish: I've seen sister Mu quite a few times at the company. Sister Mu picked an artist a while ago, but it's a pity that I wasn't picked by sister Mu. Otherwise, I could have become sister Mu's artist. It's so blissful to be sister Mu's artist.. Sister Mu was very good to her artists.

Shi Budai read this paragraph and imagined that Mu Yixun was good to people?

Didn't they all have cold faces.

If you can't do it, then get lost.

Do what I say, and do my words absolutely command this style?

He didn't know what to reply, so he casually replied: Is that so?


Shang Huang Entertainment, in a dressing room shared by a few people.

Su Qingyu was holding her phone and hiding in a small corner.

She saw Shi Budai's latest reply.

A hint of jealousy flashed across her pure and beautiful face.

Yes, wasn't that right?

At that time, a few rookies were selected. Gu Yin and Jin Yunhe were lucky and were selected by Mu Yixun. They had all sorts of carefully selected high-quality resources. The two of them had successfully debuted and had already gained many fans in just a short while.

As for her?

At that time, she recommended herself and became Hu Xin's artiste.

Hu Xin was the second-ranked manager of Shang Huang. She thought that even if she could not make it to the a-list, she could still make it to the b-list. She did not expect that the first thing she did after following Hu Xin was to arrange for her to attend a dinner party and accompany the guests.

There were a bunch of fat old men at the dinner table.

It was extremely disgusting.

If she accompanied the guests now, she would definitely need to accompany those old men to bed in the future.

She did not want to.

She still wanted to stand under the spotlight and let her fans chase after her. How could she accompany those old men!

However, Su Qingyu had already entered Hu Xin's tutelage.

She was now a Newbie with no power and influence. If she entered the tutelage of such a powerful and resourceful manager, even if she knew that Hu Xin was a big pit, what could she do?

After thinking about it, Su Qingyu recalled the day when she left Shang Huang Entertainment Hall.

She saw Mu Yixun get on the red supercar.

The man sitting next to her.

That man looked very familiar to Su qingyu.

After some investigation, she found out that he was a rich second-generation young master who had a good relationship with the famous ninth master Xiao in Tong City.

At the same time, he was also a promiscuous man.

Su qingyu thought it was very simple.

She thought that Mu Yixun had such a status in Shang Huang entertainment and was respected by song he and song he because Mu Yixun had hooked up with Shi Budai.

Since Shi Budai was a womanizer, if she had to sleep with a man...

Then why didn't she try to be with him?

After all, compared to Mu Yixun, Su Qingyu felt that she still had an advantage.

Mu Yixun, this new manager.

Her looks could be considered delicate in the entertainment industry, but she also had an ice-cold look.

No Man would like her, right.

Men, who would like an ice-cold girl? They all liked to be considerate and soft.

Therefore, Su Qingyu spent a lot of effort to get Shi Budai's Wechat, and couldn't wait to add it.

Su Qingyu saw that Shi Budai had replied.

She thought for a moment and replied to Shi Budai:

Yes, sister Mu Treats Gu Yin and Jin Yunhe very well. I Envy Gu Yin and Jin Yunhe very much. Usually, I want to greet sister Mu, but I don't have the courage. Sister Mu usually looks at me with a straight face and doesn't smile. I wonder if she doesn't like me?

Shi Budai's wechat immediately replied:

No, she's that kind of person. She doesn't smile usually. You don't have to care.

Drowning Fish: is that so I heaved a sigh of relief. I thought sister Mu didn't like me, so I was worried for a long time.

Seeing the delicate and cute girl worried, Shi Budai quickly sent a wechat message to comfort her: No, no, she's that kind of person. You don't have to worry about her, you don't have to worry about her.

Drowning fish: that's great.


Shi Budai and Su Qingyu were chatting passionately on Wechat.

On the other side, Mu Yixun's office welcomed an unexpected guest.

"Miss Xun. "

Jing Anli came to Mu Yixun's office and did not stand on ceremony at all. He Sat on the Sofa in her office, his long legs lazily crossed.

As expected of the man who stood at the peak of the entertainment industry. His handsome three-dimensional facial features, the ease and elegance in his movements, and his aura were perfect in front of the camera.

Mu Yixun sat behind the desk.

Her gaze moved away from the computer in front of her. She glanced at him indifferently and said coldly, "get out. "

Jing Anli's thin lips curled up, revealing a smile that could make all women go crazy. "How do I get out? Miss Xun, teach me? "

Mu Yixun was indifferent to this.

She looked at Jing Anli indifferently for a long time Then, she said slowly, "Jing Anli, I remember that I warned you not to do unnecessary things in front of me. You are now in Emperor Shang Entertainment. I want to freeze and ban you with just one sentence. Don't challenge my patience. "

Jing Anli nodded. "I know. "

He knew that what Miss Xun said was true.

He was now popular in the entertainment industry. If it was said, it would sound good. He was the best actor of the three biggest film festivals in Z country. He was also somewhat famous internationally.

But at the end of the day, he was just an artist working for an entertainment company.

If a person was outdated or not popular, he would be forgotten by his fans. That would be the fastest.

Jing Anli did not feel that he was special.

Of course, he had the confidence to appear in front of this fumigated lady like this.

After all, it was easy to earn money in the entertainment industry.

Even if he was really banned and outdated.

The money he earned these years was enough for him to live comfortably for the rest of his life.

Mu Yixun said coldly, "since you know, why don't you get out? "

Jing Anli stared at Mu Yixun with his beautiful and deep eyes for a while.

He slowly opened his mouth, and the laziness and frivolity on his body disappeared quite a bit.

He smiled. "Miss Xun, Song always calls you that, right? Then I'll call you that too. "

After a pause, he said, "I came here today to thank you. "

"thank you? "

Mu Yixun narrowed her eyes slightly. "I don't remember what I did that you need to thank me for. "

So far, apart from Song He, she had interacted with Gu Yin and Jin Yunhe during her visit to Shang Huang Entertainment.

Jing Anli's words of thanks came out of nowhere.

Jing Anli said, "for Li Ge. "

"Yun Lige? " Mu Yixun was slightly startled.

Only then did she remember that Jing Anli had a scandal with Yun lige before.

A trace of sadness flashed across Jing Anli's dark eyes. He said, "I was at the funeral that day. If it weren't for you and that... Ninth Master Xiao's wife, Guan Xi, Li Ge would have been taken away by Fu Yuesheng. "

"I didn't help much. "

Mu Yixun said plainly, "I only went with Xi that day. If you want to thank her, the person you should thank is Xi, not me. "

Jing Anli smiled. "I know. But Guan Xi is ninth master Xiao's wife. As an artist, I can't get close to her, so I'm here to thank her. Please tell her thank you for me, Miss Xun. "

This was just a small favor. Mu Yixun nodded. "Okay. "

After a pause, she said, "now, you can go out. "

Jing Anli was obedient this time. He didn't sit on the SOFA and didn't move. Instead, he stood up at a moderate pace and walked out of Mu Yixun's office.

When he reached the door, he suddenly stopped He turned to Mu Yixun and said, "you said you came to thank me, but it doesn't seem like you're being sincere. Miss Xun hasn't been debuting with two newcomers recently. If you can use me, feel free to ask. "

What Jing Anli meant was that he was willing to cooperate with Mu Yixun to promote Gu Yin and Jin Yunhe.

This was beyond Mu Yixun's expectations.

After all, many big-name artists would not want to promote a Newbie.

This was a very demeaning thing to do.

And if something happened to a Newbie in the future, the fans might also blame the old man who brought the Newbie.

With Jing Anli's status, he did not need to do such a thing.

Mu Yixun could ban Jing Anli.

But if Jing Anli did not like it, she could not force him to do anything.

Mu Yixun didn't show any happiness or excitement.

She looked at Jing Anli and suddenly asked, "are you willing to do this just to thank Yun lige for what happened at her funeral? "

"Yes, " Jing Anli answered.

Mu Yixun asked again, "Jing Anli, do you like Yun Lige? "

Jing Anli narrowed his eyes He smiled and said, "of course I like her, but I don't know if she has any deep feelings for me. "When I met her, she was already suffering from depression. I knew she was depressed, but I didn't stay by her side. If I had asked her out for more food and shopping and spent more time with her, maybe she wouldn't have done such a stupid thing. "

Mu Yixun was silent for a moment.

She didn't say anything.

Jing Anli still smiled and said, "but it's good that she's free now. She doesn't need to suffer from depression anymore, and she doesn't need to be tortured by Fu Yuesheng anymore. "

"Do you know that Fu Yuesheng is dead? " Mu Yixun suddenly asked.

Jing Anli's pupils contracted rapidly and then enlarged rapidly.

He walked quickly to Mu Yixun and rested his two strong arms on the desk. He asked in a hoarse voice, "what did you say? Fu Yuesheng is dead? "

Mu Yixun replied indifferently, "He's dead. "

"How did he die? "

"He should have committed suicide. "

"Hahaha, Hahaha... "

Jing Anli suddenly laughed out loud. "He committed suicide. It's good that he committed suicide. Damn it, he should have died to accompany Li Ge. It's good that he's dead! "

Mu Yixun looked at Jing Anli's fluctuating emotions and was somewhat puzzled.

It was just one person's death. It was just a relationship.

Everyone seemed to be either in pain or happy over the deaths of Yun Lige and Jing Anli.

However, this kind of happiness seemed to be mixed with pain.

Jing Anli laughed crazily for a while before he gradually calmed down.

He stopped laughing and looked at Mu Yixun with his deep eyes. He repeated seriously, "what I said just now was serious. If your artists need help, I can help with the promotion. I promise that with my help, they will quickly become popular. "

"Okay. " Mu Yixun did not refuse. "I will inform you if there is anything. "

"Let me know. " Jing Anli smiled lazily again He said, "Miss Xun, do you know that ever since I became the first best actor, no one has ever said the word 'let me know' to me. Everyone treats me well when they see me and tries to curry favor with me. It's not like you, who directly gives orders. "

Including Song He.

Jing Anli was the biggest cash cow of Shang Huang Entertainment. Song he wanted to make a name for himself with Akira Mato, so he was also very respectful to Jing Anli.

Mu Yixun said expressionlessly, "I only give notice here. "

"I know. Your identity is not ordinary. "

Jing Anli smiled wickedly. He leaned forward slightly, the tip of his nose almost touching Mu Yixun's.

He lowered his voice and said Seductively, "Oh no, Miss Xun, I'm almost tempted by you. "

Mu Yixun tilted her head back slightly and distanced herself from Jing Anli. She said coldly again, "get out. "

"okay, okay, okay. I'll get out immediately, Miss Xun! " Jing Anli said carelessly.

He turned around and left.


With Jing Anli's offer to help Gu Yin and Jin Yunhe, Mu Yixun changed the schedule of Gu Yin and Jin Yunhe.

Gu Yin and Jin Yunhe knew that Jing Anli would help them. They were so shocked that they almost fainted.

Especially Gu Yin. As a girl, which woman didn't Love Jing Anli.

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