His Little Fortune Chapter 783

Chapter 783: Chapter 787 gave Mu Yixun a taste of being dumped

When she heard Mu Yixun mention this matter to her, she asked several times in a row, "really? Miss Xun, really? Are you serious? Jing Anli will shoot a music video with me? "

"Yes. " Mu Yixun nodded.

"AH AH AH AH! " Gu Yin was usually quite steady. At this moment, the screams almost raised the ceiling.

Jin Yunhe was also excited. Although he was a man, he was not as obvious as Gu Yin.

However, he also gave himself a Flag. "I want to be as amazing as an Li Ge in the future and stand at the top of the entertainment industry. "

Mu Yixun said indifferently, "go for it. "


Because Jing Anli's schedule was tight, he could help push Gu Yin and Jin Yunhe.

However, when it came to actual work, Gu Yin and Jin Yunhe still had to cooperate with Jing Anli's schedule.

Mu Yixun started to get busy.

However, most of the time, she still went to and from work normally. Occasionally, when she worked late, she would ask Shi Budai to pick her up later, or she would take a taxi back by herself.

When a person was busy, it was hard to notice other things.

And the other person at home might also be unable to hold back the desire in his heart at this time, and the affair was in progress... ...

Mu Yixun began to be busy.

Who was the first person?

Shi Budai!

Who was the person with the most romantic feelings?

Shi Budai!

Ever since the drowning fish added his wechat, Shi Budai only occasionally chatted with her on wechat.

But this kind of chat, there was a first time and there was a second time.

And in Shi Budai's chat, he realized that this girl nicknamed the drowning fish, whose real name was Su Qingyu, was very understanding and had a good grasp of the standards.

She would always care about him and ask him if he had eaten. She would ask him if he was busy, tired, and warm when the weather was cold.

In short, she would ask him about caring things. Shi Budai would ask her about something.

Su qingyu would always say:

Really Little brother Shi is so amazing!

Little brother Shi is so awesome!

Little brother Shi is so outstanding.

In short, Shi Budai felt that the incident where he was beaten up by the violent woman, Mu Yixun, had all been comforted and satisfied by this girl called Su Qingyu.

Even at night, Shi Budai waited for Mu Yixun to go to bed.

He would even wake up secretly and send Su Qingyu wechat messages.

Ever since he had sex with Mu Yixun again last time, he did not specifically say anything. The two of them slept in the same room and bed at night.


"Hey, do you think Su Qingyu has changed a little recently? "

Shang Huang Entertainment.

In the public dressing room, a few rookies were chatting together.

One of the rookies blinked and asked in puzzlement, "has she? What has she changed? "

"It just changed, " the person who started the conversation said "She was just selected by sister Hu Xin to be in our group. Her sense of presence is very weak, and she knows herself very well. She does whatever she is told to do and is very obedient. I don't know what's going on these past few days, but she's always doing something on the side with her phone. She doesn't move even when she's told to work. "

"Ah, you're still telling her to work? " Someone laughed. "Taozi, you're so bad. We're all artists under sister Hu. How can you have the cheek to let her work? "

That person called Taozi laughed smugly and said, "what's there to be embarrassed about? No matter what, I followed sister Hu earlier than her. I'm her senior. Senior, do you understand? What's wrong with a junior helping a senior? "

"Tsk Tsk Tsk. Taozi, you're the only one who makes bullying rookies sound so fresh and refined. "

Taozi laughed and did not deny it.

After laughing, she frowned and said, "but that wretched girl, Su Qingyu, is really hard to order around these few days. "

"Is that so? "

Tao Zi said, "yes, let me show you. "

After she said that, she immediately shouted at Su Qingyu, who was hiding in the other corner of the dressing room, "qingyu. "

Su Qingyu heard someone calling her, and her gaze moved away from the phone screen.

She looked at it and realized that the person calling her was Tao Zi. She revealed a simple smile and said, "sister Tao Zi, you called me. Is there something wrong? "

Tao Zi casually took a script from the side and shook it. "Qingyu, I need to use this script in the afternoon. Go and make two copies for me. "

If it was before, Su qingyu would have agreed without hesitation.

But at this moment, she pursed her pink lips and said Awkwardly, "sister peaches, I have something to do now. Can you make the copies yourself? "

Peaches looked at her companion beside her.

See, she really couldn't order her around recently.

The others were also a little surprised.

They did remember that when Su Qingyu first came, she would do whatever they asked her to do. What happened now?

She really refused.

Peach said, "I'm in a hurry. Can't you do something later? Hurry up and help me make a copy of the script. "

As she said that, she handed the script forward.

Su Qingyu held the phone with her small hand. Her snow-white teeth bit her lips. She shook her head and said in a low voice, "sister peach, this is your own matter. Please, do it yourself. "


Not only did she not listen to her work, she even looked like she was being wronged. Who was she showing it to, little B * Tch.

Peaches'anger was immediately ignited.

She quickly walked in front of Su Qingyu and threw the script at her face Su qingyu mocked, "Su Qingyu, what are you being so arrogant for I told you to make a copy, so why are you talking so much nonsense Who Do you think you are Do you know how to respect your seniors Do you know how to do whatever your seniors tell you to do Previously, when sister Hu Xin asked you to accompany her for drinks, you rejected her and made sister Hu angry, didn't you?

Ha, how ridiculous. Do you think you are so noble. Let me tell you, Su Qingyu, in the end, you are the same as us. You have to accompany those old men to bed. Don't be a whore in the entertainment industry and still want to build a chastity memorial arch. HOW RIDICULOUS!"

Su qingyu seemed to be frightened by Peach's sudden outburst.

She held her phone in her small hand, lowered her innocent eyes, and said submissively, "i. . . I didn't. I just felt... felt that doing things like that was wrong. There was no other meaning. "

"Ha, you feel that doing things like that is wrong. You just feel that we are all wrong. Is it right for you to come out of the mud without getting dirty? "

Peach sneered.

Su Qingyu's voice became even more smiling. "I. . . I didn't... "


There was a crisp sound. Before Su Qingyu could finish her sentence, peach grabbed her hair and slapped her hard on the face.

A bright red five-finger print immediately appeared on Su Qingyu's face.

"Hey, peaches, you're going too far. You hit her face. Sister Hu will be angry if she sees you, " the person next to her said quickly.

Peaches said indifferently, "how could sister Hu be angry? She has been refusing to drink with her. Sister Hu is very annoyed with her now. Maybe she will think that I hit her well when she sees me. "

When that person heard that, he thought that it was true.

If she didn't drink with her, why would she be here talking about such nonsense? It was annoying to hear.

Could it be that she, Su Qingyu, was superior to them.

Su Qingyu's eyes were red and tears were about to fall from her eyes.

However, she had only been bullied. She was like a weak and pitiful little white rabbit.

Peaches glanced at her coldly and said, "Su Qingyu, this is just a small warning. I will teach you how to respect your seniors. Do you understand? "

Su Qingyu bit her lips weakly and said in a low voice, "I understand. "

"Let's go. "

After speaking, Tao Zi followed the others and left.

Su Qingyu stood where she was. She lowered her head and looked down. Her figure was thin and she looked very pitiful.

No one saw her.

Her small hand slowly clenched her phone, and a vicious and resentful light flashed in her eyes.

When she and Shi Budai were together.

She would not let Tao Zi and the others off!


Su Qingyu and Shi Budai were getting more and more intimate on Wechat.

The two of them seemed to have a tacit understanding when they chatted.

Shi Budai was very flirtatious. During this period of time, he was being controlled by Mu Yixun. If a gentle and considerate apprehensive flower suddenly appeared on Wechat, wouldn't he fall for it?

Not long after, the two of them began to call each other "Darling" on Wechat.

On the other side, Su Qingyu subconsciously felt that she was already stable with Shi Budai.

The attitude of being humble and small in the company gradually disappeared, and she began to show her competitive side.

Hu Xin noticed this.

She found Su Qingyu and asked Su Qingyu to come to her office to talk to her

"Su Qingyu. "

Su Qingyu stood in front of Hu Xin, her aura as weak as a little girl. She whispered, "sister Hu, what did you want to talk to me about? "

Hu Xin looked at Su Qingyu up and down.

Her small face was as big as a palm, and she looked pitiful, innocent, and cute.

She had a soft personality. Initially, she had wanted to pick Gu Yin, but in the end, she chose Su Qingyu, thinking that she was easy to control. She did not expect that it was not the case until she got her hands on her.

She had accompanied Su Qingyu once or twice, but she did not cooperate, causing the customers to be very unhappy.

Recently, when she heard from peaches and the others, she became even more restless.

Hu Xin looked at Su Qingyu and asked,

"Su Qingyu, have you fallen in love recently? "

"Ah, ... Fallen in love? "

Hearing this, Su Qingyu's two families immediately blushed. She said Shyly,

"I haven't fallen in love, but... I just think the other party is not bad. "

"Cut the crap. " Hu Xin interrupted Su Qingyu and asked directly, "who is the other party? "

Su Qingyu asked in confusion, "what do you mean, who is the other party? "

Hu Xin's eyes were sharp She said directly, "Su Qingyu, don't play these games. When I first met you, I could still be deceived by your appearance. In these few days, how could I not know what kind of person you are "How long do you think I, Hu Xin, have stayed in the entertainment industry? How long have I been called Sister Hu? Who is that man "If he can make you change your usual submissive style in the company, he should be able to become your backer. "

The innocent look on Su Qingyu's face faded a little. She still bit her lips and looked at Hu Xin.

Hu Xin continued, "if the man you are following now has money and power, I won't object. In the entertainment industry, if you want to stand out, do you really think you are competing for who is more dedicated Whose acting skills are better "Then I can pull a cart of those who are dedicated to their work and those who are good at acting. "What are you competing for? You are competing for connections and backers "Tell me, who is the man you are currently with "If I think it's possible, you should take good care of him. I won't arrange for you to accompany him anymore in the future. "

After listening to Hu Xin's words, Su Qingyu's heart had already wavered.

She paused and said softly, "it's Shi Budai. "

"Shi Budai? "

Hu Xin narrowed her eyes slightly. She thought for a long time before she remembered such a person.

As a pimp in the entertainment industry, it was impossible for Hu Xin not to know about those rich and powerful people.

However, Shi Budai was a different kind of person.

He was a playboy, handsome and rich, so there was no need for Hu Xin to pimp him.

The women who had slept with him could line up in a row, so Hu Xin really did not think of this aspect.

Moreover, everyone knew that Shi Budai was on good terms with the ninth master of the Xiao Family.

Hu Xin frowned and said, "you and Shi Budai? Everyone knows that the women who follow him have a very short shelf life. After sleeping with him, they will be dumped soon. Are you sure? "

"I'm different. "

Su Qingyu was very confident.

Hu Xin sneered, "every woman will always feel special when she's with a man. "

Su Qingyu said, "yes, every woman will think so, but I'm different. "

Su qingyu smiled slightly. How could she still have that innocent feeling at this time.

Instead, she looked like a mature and sophisticated woman who was good at calculation.

"Sister Hu, do you know that Shi Budai is now with Mu Yixun? " Su Qingyu said.

As soon as she said that, Hu Xin stood up from the chair in shock. "Mu Yixun and Shi Budai are together? "

Su qingyu smiled. "Yes. "

Previously, when Hu Xin was selecting her manager.

She had a small grudge with Mu Yixun.

Hu Xin said that she knew Su Qingyu, so how could Su Qingyu not know Hu Xin.

Such a small grudge was something that Hu Xin was used to controlling her artistes. She definitely would not let this matter go so easily.

Sure enough, Hu Xin's attitude immediately changed.

She looked at Su Qingyu and said, "so you stole Mu Yixun's man? "

"You stole someone with your own strength. Sister Hu, how can you say that you stole him? ''

Su Qingyu smiled lightly and said, "moreover, sister Hu, it's not like you don't know that woman, Mu Yixun. She usually has an ice-cold face like a coffin, as if she's the biggest and most powerful person in the company. If it weren't for the fact that she's sometimes in danger, CEO song wouldn't have thought highly of her. However, it's not like she's Shi Budai. "Sister Hu, who do you think a man would choose between Mu Yixun and me? "

After saying that, her expression changed instantly.

She revealed a pitiful and innocent look again.

Hu Xin thought of Mu Yixun's cold look and looked at Su Qingyu in front of her.

She nodded. "indeed. As long as a man is not blind, he will choose you. "

Su Qingyu had many tricks up her sleeves. Against an ice-cold woman like Mu Yixun, wouldn't it be easy to snatch a man from her hands?

Hu Xin paused for a moment Then, she said, "alright, I won't arrange for you to drink with me anymore. You just have to settle Shi Budai and snatch him from Mu Yixun's hands. As long as you can handle this matter well, even if Shi Budai dumps you later, I will give you resources and promote you. "

Su Qingyu smiled and said, "thank you, sister Hu. "

Hu Xin also smiled and said, "are you really grateful? We're just using each other. Your guess is right. I Hate Mu Yixun. "

for visiting.

She wanted to make her lose face in front of CEO Song.

Let her have a taste of the pain of having her man snatched away.

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