His Little Fortune Chapter 784

Chapter 784: Chapter 788: Shi Budai looked at the woman in front of him

Mu Yixun was sitting at her desk.

Jing Anli had said that he would help Gu Yin and Jin Yunhe make their debut, and so far, it had been smooth sailing.

Gu Yin had played the female lead of Jing Anli's latest single, and the market response had been quite good. Recently, a number of advertisements and advertisements had come knocking on her door.

However, Mu Yixun did not intend to let gu Yin consume fast food, so she had to be careful when choosing endorsements. It would be best if she could take the high-end route in the future.

As for Jin Yunhe, his debut was even simpler and more brutal.

It was a press conference for Jing Anli. He said that he was the younger brother that he recognized in the industry and asked everyone to take care of him.

With this, Jin Yunhe's popularity when he just debuted was almost on the second-tier.

No one would care whether this kind of younger brother that he recognized was real or fake, and whether it was a way for Shang Huang entertainment to create hype.

In fact, it did not matter. As long as Jing Anli expressed his support for him, he could basically know Shang Huang Entertainment's attitude and the rookies that they supported.

For a time, Gu Yin and Jin Yunhe, these two rookies, appeared out of nowhere. Not only did their status in the entertainment industry rise, but they also became the envy of everyone in Shang Huang Entertainment.

And they also knew that Gu Yin and Jin Yunhe had such resources.

It was entirely because they followed Miss Xun, who even director song was respectful to.

Mu Yixun's slender, white, and tender fingers rapidly tapped on the keyboard.

Gu Yin and Jing Anli's debut was very smooth, and it was also a good start.

What to do next needed to be carefully planned.

Mu Yixun was the kind of person who would either not do it, or, since she had decided to do it, she had to do it well.

After staring at the computer for a long time, Mu Yixun stopped her movements, moved her shoulders and neck slightly, and looked out of the glass window. 7

The Sky was gloomy. There were flashes of lightning and a few loud thunderclaps, but it was not raining yet. It looked like it would rain soon.

Mu Yixun had to work overtime at night. She took out her phone and sent Shi Budai a text message.

[ work overtime at night. You will be back late. ]

In the apartment, Shi Budai almost laughed out loud when he saw the text message Mu Yixun sent him.

He immediately replied: [ got it, Xun. When are you going to work overtime? ]

[11 or 12, or even later. ]


When Shi Budai saw Mu Yixun's reply, the villain in his heart made a victory sign.

[ okay, I got it. Xun, don't work too hard. Even if you don't work, I can still support you. ]

In the office, when Mu Yixun received this message, an extremely faint smile appeared on her expressionless face

[ do I need a useless man like you to support me? ]

Shi Budai's message immediately came back

[ I just don't want my woman to work too hard. ]

This time, when Mu Yixun saw this message, she was stunned and a faint blush appeared on her face.

After a while, she slowly typed the message and sent it:

[ I'm working, I won't say anymore ]

Shi Budai was waiting for Mu Yixun to send this message.

He replied very happily:

[ okay, good luck, Xun, I won't bother you anymore. ]

After sending this message, Shi Budai switched to another chat window.

It was from a drowning fish: little brother Shi, it's thunder now, it's so scary, can you come and accompany me?

When Shi Budai saw this message, the hint was very obvious.

Accompany him, of course, he had to accompany him!

Shi: "where are you now, baby? "?

Drowning fish: "little brother, I'm... ". ...

Su Qingyu reported the room number of a hotel.

Shi: "I'll be there right away. Wait for me. Don't be afraid, I'm here. ".

Drowning fish: "okay, little brother Shi. "

Shi Budai put down his phone and went to change his clothes. His hair was covered with wax, and he even put on some light male perfume.

Everything was ready. Let's go!

The violent girl said that she would be back at 11 pm. Shi Budai looked at the time. It was only 5:30 pm. He went over to chat with little Yu and do some other things. When he got home at 10 pm, it was very OK. He didn't need to worry about being discovered.



8:30 pm.

Kirst hotel, room 7809.

"Well, it's getting late. I'll go back first. " Shi Budai came over from the small apartment and shared a room with Su Qingyu. Originally, she wanted to chat and get laid.

However, when he came over, he realized that he did not have that kind of sexual interest.

Instead, he felt a strange sense of guilt towards the violent woman.

Since he did not want to do anything, Shi Budai felt that it was time for him to leave.

Sigh, let's go back and prepare supper for the violent woman.

He did not know if she would be hungry after working so late.

What if she was hungry and wanted to hit him again.

Would it be easy for him to serve her?

Su qingyu looked at Shi Budai in shock and asked, "brother Shi, are you leaving now? But... but it's still thunder outside. I... I'm a little scared by myself. "

Shi Budai said, "you're staying at the hotel. There's nothing to be afraid of. If you really can't sleep alone, I'll call a Butler for you? "

Kirst hotel had a presidential suite. The presidential suite would be equipped with a butler. The Butler would provide all-round services. He would say that he was afraid of thunder and lightning, and it would be fine to have the Butler stand by the side to watch you sleep all night.

Su Qingyu:"..."

What was wrong with Shi Budai at this time?

She asked him to stay with a man and a woman. What Butler did he say to her?

Did he really not understand or was he pretending to not understand?

Su Qingyu did not want to admit that there was a high chance that she could not seduce Shi Budai.

How could a playboy like Shi Budai not know what he was doing in a girl's room?

But now that he was leaving, Su Qingyu did not want to be too proactive, so she had no choice but to take the initiative now.

Seeing that Shi Budai was about to leave, Mengdi chased after him

"Brother Shi, I... I don't want anyone else to accompany me, I only want you. "

Shi Budai felt even more guilty for stealing food.

He clasped Su Qingyu's hand. His movements were very light, but he could not reject her. He said, "Xiao Yu, it's time for me to leave. "

How could Su Qingyu let Shi Budai leave so easily.

She walked in front of Shi Budai and raised her head to look at Shi Budai. She said Shyly,

"Brother Shi, don't leave, okay? You're not leaving... "

As she said that, her watery eyes were full of charm.

Su Qingyu was undoubtedly a beauty with outstanding looks. Although she had undergone minor cosmetic surgery and was famous online, she was indeed beautiful.

Big Eyes, high nose, small cherry mouth, small face the size of a palm, delicate features

Even though she was looking at Shi Budai at such a close distance, Shi Budai could not see a single blemish on her face.

And she's so delicate.

Not to mention than Mu Yixun that kind of strong and tough woman delicate, even compared to many women now, Su Qingyu look also much weaker.

A woman like that can easily turn a man on.

Su qingyu voice said carefully: "when brother, you do not go, okay? "

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