His Little Fortune Chapter 785

Chapter 785: Chapter 789 Shi Budai's little fortune!

He suddenly felt very hot.

It was as if the temperature in the air had suddenly become scorching hot.

The blood all over his body seemed to be burning.

He even had a violent desire to possess the woman in front of him from the bottom of his heart.

Possess her, tear her apart, and destroy her.

Shi Budai's rationality was already on the verge of collapsing.

He lowered his head, and his deep eyes stared at Su Qingyu in front of him.

Then, he slowly extended his hand, and his slender fingers gently lifted Su Qingyu's frighteningly sharp chin.

Su Qingyu's eyes revealed shyness, and she held her breath as she looked at Shi Budai.

She called out softly, "little brother Shi. "

A pair of beautiful eyes that had opened the corners of her eyes sparkled, as if she was eagerly looking forward to something.

Shi Budai gradually bent down, and Su Qingyu's expression was also very cooperative, becoming more and more shy.

She lowered her eyes slightly. It was just a simple action, but when she did it, she was like a charming and moving flower, swaying slightly with the breeze.

This was a gentle and shy expression that would never appear on a violent woman's face.


Just as Shi Budai's lips were about to touch Su Qingyu's lips, Mu Yixun's cold and indifferent face appeared in his mind.

A pair of bright eyes were as calm as an ancient well, looking at him indifferently.

Shi Budai seemed to have woken up from his stupor. His expression had already turned cold. His pitch-black eyes were suffused with coldness, and his brows furrowed into a terrifying "Chuan" .

"Su Qingyu, " Shi Budai called her softly.

for visiting.

"Hmm? " Su Qingyu did not realize that Shi Budai's voice was a little strange, and she responded shyly.

Shi Budai asked, "what did you put in the water I drank just now? "

As soon as he said this, the shyness on Su Qingyu's face faded away. In an instant, her head exploded with a buzzing sound.

How did Shi Budai know that she put something in his Water Cup?

Su Qingyu was full of confidence in herself. She felt that she could seduce Shi Budai, so she disdained to drug him.

However, Hu Xin did not see it that way. She knew Shi Budai very well. She asked Su Qingyu to prepare a PLANB, which was to drug Shi Budai.

If Shi Budai was not seduced, when the drug's effect came, Su Qingyu and Shi Budai would sleep together.

Once the rice was cooked, even if Shi Budai wanted to dump Su Qingyu in the end.

They could also extort a huge sum from him.

Moreover, they were snatching men from Mu Yixun.

Shi Budai was not seduced. Su Qingyu was secretly glad that she listened to Hu Xin and drugged Shi Budai.

However, it was exposed so quickly?

Su Qingyu's psychological quality was not bad. After the first moment of panic, she immediately returned to normal. She showed a confused expression and asked Shi Budai, "brother Shi, what are you talking about? "

"Brother Shi, what are you talking about? What drug? "

Shi Budai did not want to talk nonsense with Su Qingyu. His expression turned cold bit by bit. He grabbed Su Qingyu's slender wrist with his big hand and said,

"Don't play dumb with me. When I used this kind of thing to entertain myself outside, you were probably still in primary and middle school. You used this kind of thing to scheme against me? "

When Su Qingyu heard this, she knew that Shi Budai might have really noticed.

But she could not admit it.

"Brother Shi, what are you talking about? I... I don't understand. "

Su qingyu revealed a hurt expression. "Brother Shi, you're pinching me. It hurts. "

Shi Budai had always been a gentleman to women.

But at this moment, Su Qingyu cried out in pain.

He did not let go.

"Damn it. "

He cursed in a low voice.

The burning sensation on his body was even stronger. The effect of the drug was very overbearing and strong. It was completely different from the stimulant that he had occasionally touched in the past.

Shi Budai took a deep breath, and the sound of his breathing became more and more intense.

He took a step forward with a terrifying expression.

Su Qingyu took a step back, and Shi Budai took another step forward.

Soon, behind Su Qingyu was the wall.

There was no room for retreat.

Shi Budai's big hand was still holding Su Qingyu's small hand. At this moment, his expression was similar to a beast's malevolence, as if in the next second, he would lose control and attack the girl in front of him.

When Su Qingyu saw Shi Budai like this, she was a little afraid.

She didn't know what kind of Medicine Hu Xin gave her.

But now, it seemed that the effect of the medicine was too strong.

"Shi... Brother Shi! " Su Qingyu called out timidly ...

There was an element of pretense, but there was also true fear.

Her soft voice trembled slightly.

"Ah! "

Shi Budai seemed to have been stimulated by this sound and went crazy. He punched Su Qingyu's ear hard, making a loud bang.

Su Qingyu was scared silly.

UNCOMFORTABLE, too uncomfortable!

Shi Budai's understanding was falling apart bit by bit.

What was he doing?

Why did he have to endure it?

There was a woman in front of him, and his body seemed to be on fire. Couldn't he just use this woman in front of him to vent his anger?

No, he couldn't!

She would be angry!

Who would be angry?

Who would be angry? Think about it... ... It seemed like it .. Violent woman. Yes, violent woman would be angry.

What does her anger have to do with you Shi Budai?

Nothing to do with it She didn't want to see violent woman angry, and... ... Not only would she be angry, but she might also be sad ...

Come on, she had a grave face all day and had no feelings. Why would she be sad Sad because of Shi Budai Don't think too much. Even if she really had something sad, it was because of her young master, Akira Mato!

Is that so But I still feel that she might be sad, i... ... I don't want her to be sad ...

Shi Budai had a splitting headache. The two kinds of thoughts in his mind were like two little people arguing, and his body seemed to be on fire again.

He stared at Su Qingyu fiercely, and with one hand supporting the wall behind Su Qingyu, he endured it bitterly.

"Su Qingyu, you now, right now... "


Before he could finish his last word.

Behind him, the door of the hotel room was opened.

Mu Yixun and the hotel manager with the key appeared at the door and walked in.

The hotel manager looked at the scene in front of him. He knew that Shi Budai wasn't weak, and he didn't dare to underestimate Mu Yixun, who could make him obediently take out the hotel key to open the room door.

The hotel manager was instantly petrified.

Master Shi, you're done for!

You've been caught stealing food.


Mu Yixun felt that she was already immune to such a scene.

How could she not be immune?

After all, it had happened once or twice, and Shi Budai was a man. Even now, she had a certain understanding of him.

A womanizer, a womanizer, unrepentant!

So when she was about to continue working overtime at the company when she received an unknown message asking her to come to the hotel to "catch the adulterer" , she put down the work in her hands and came over.

She did not doubt the authenticity of that message at all.

And when she came, she pushed open the door of the room mentioned in the message, and as she expected, she saw that she did not care... ... No, it was not that she did not care, but that she did not want to see that scene ...

From Mu Yixun's point of view, she could not stand it. She saw that Shi Budai was alone in the hotel room with a little girl.

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