His Little Fortune Chapter 786

Chapter 786: Chapter 790 Mu Yixun said, "our relationship ends here. "

Shi Budai was banging on the wall against the girl. He lowered his head and looked at her, as if he could kiss each other if he lowered his head slightly.

And because she came in, he made a sound.

Shi Budai and the girl looked over at the same time. It was only then that Mu Yixun saw the girl's face clearly.

Su Qingyu!

Previously, Shang Huang Entertainment was a newcomer that Hu Xin had chosen to debut.


Shi Budai heard a sound coming from behind him. He turned his head and saw the expressionless Mu Yixun.

It was not an existence that appeared in his mind, but a real person. She stood behind him and looked at him coldly.

"Xun, why are you here? " Shi Budai asked subconsciously.

Mu Yixun pursed her lips slightly and said calmly, "Why am I here? What do you think? "

Her tone was very indifferent, and almost no emotion could be heard.

However, if it was Guan Xi who understood Mu Yixun, she might be able to hear that Mu Yixun was a little angry at this moment, and there was an indescribable... ... Sadness and sadness ...

What do I think?

Shi Budai was stunned for a moment by Mu Yixun's question.

Only then did he remember where he was and what the situation was like now.

He was so shocked that he broke out in a cold sweat. Even the fire on his body seemed to have been extinguished in an instant.

Xun must have misunderstood that he had an unspeakable relationship with Su qingyu AH AH AH AH AH AH!

Indeed, when Mu Yixun saw him just now, he had one hand beside Su Qingyu's ear and his back was facing her. It was as if he was playing hooligan at the red fruits and was preparing to do something indescribable next.

"Xun, let me explain. "

Shi Budai woke up for a moment and wanted to explain, "it's not what you think. Su Qingyu and I... "

He wanted to say that he had nothing to do with her.

But before he could finish, he was cut off by Su Qingyu.

Su qingyu looked at Mu Yixun through Shi Budai She mustered up her courage and said, "Miss Xun, ... Miss Xun, don't blame brother Shi. It's me... It's all my fault. I liked brother Shi so much that I couldn't help but seduce him. What we're doing now has nothing to do with brother Shi. "

Shi Budai:"..."

Damn, why did these words sound so strange?

He quickly opened his mouth He corrected Su Qingyu's words, "Xun, don't misunderstand. Things aren't like what she said. There's nothing between us. Nothing happened. You have to believe me I can swear that nothing happened between us. It's true Look, my clothes are still on me."

Shi Budai explained anxiously.

Although he didn't seem to understand why he had to explain in such a hurry, it was as if he didn't want the violent woman to misunderstand.

Mu Yixun nodded expressionlessly. "Yes, I believe that nothing happened between the two of you! "

Shi Budai heaved a sigh of relief.

However, he heard Mu Yixun say coldly, "but who knows what will happen between the two of you if I come in a few minutes late? "

Shi Budai's heart immediately tensed up again. He let go of Su Qingyu's hand and strode to Mu Yixun. He said anxiously,

"nothing will happen even if you come in late. Xun, you have to believe me. Nothing will happen between us. "

"How can I believe you? "

"You can believe whatever you want. Just trust me. " Shi Budai was already anxious.

Mu Yixun raised her head slightly, revealing a fair and beautiful neck.

"Shi Budai. " She said slowly, "do you still remember what I told you the last time this happened? If there is a next time, you can solve it yourself. "

After she finished speaking, the knife that appeared in front of Shi Budai the last time when she found out that Shi Budai was secretly eating was thrown in front of him again with a clang.

If it were not for the situation in front of him, Shi Budai would definitely have appeared and wanted to know if the people who kept the promise were all so amazing?

Where did he take out the knife.

However, Shi Budai was not in the mood at the moment.

He was a little anxious.

He did not even look at the knife. His pitch-black eyes looked at Mu Yixun He said, "yes, Xun, you said it the last time, but I have also told you now. I did not, I did not cheat on you. I did not plan to have anything happen with this woman. Before you came in, I had already planned to leave. "

"Oh, is that so? " Mu Yixun's tone was neither salty nor indifferent.

"You don't believe me? " Shi Budai could not tell what emotions he was feeling at this time.

He was irritated, repressed, and suppressed his anger.

It was all because Mu Yixun did not believe him.

Was He angry because Mu Yixun did not believe him?

When he realized this, he was slightly stunned.

He took a step forward, grabbed Mu Yixun's small hand with his big hand, and held it in his palm He held it tightly. "Xun, let me tell you again. Yes, I admit that before I came here, I did plan to do something. I'm very sorry, but just now, I really planned to leave. I thought of you. You said that I'm your man, and I can't do anything to let you down. I planned to leave. I'm really crazy. Why would I plan to leave just because I thought of you? Crazy, crazy! "

What he said actually sounded like a confession.

The hotel manager behind Mu Yixun secretly thought that master Shi was indeed a high-ranking person when it came to picking up girls.

Look at these words, they were all caught in bed together... ... Oh, they weren't even in bed yet. They were just one step away from the door in the room. He was almost moved by Master Shi's words. It sounded so affectionate ...

How could he not want a woman who delivered herself to his door for Miss Xun's sake? !

Beside them, Su Qingyu's face turned pale.

She was the person involved, so she understood what had happened the most.

Just now, Shi Budai was indeed going to leave.

But the reason for leaving was actually Mu Yixun.

Su qingyu looked at Mu Yixun.

She could be considered delicate and pretty, and she had a cold and indifferent temperament.

From head to toe, she exuded a strong and cold aura. What was good about such a woman?

Didn't men like soft and obedient women?

From what Shi Budai had said just now, he did like Mu Yixun.

"Brother Shi... "

Su Qingyu felt that she should say something at this time. She could say anything. In short, she wanted Mu Yixun to think that there was something between her and Shi Budai

"Do you like sister Mu? But you clearly said before that you don't like sister Mu's cold personality... "

"Shut up. " Shi Budai turned around and roared at Su Qingyu furiously.

Su Qingyu was shocked by his violent appearance. She bit her lip and revealed an aggrieved and pitiful look.

Shi Budai turned around and looked at Mu Yixun. She continued to explain anxiously,

"Xun, listen to me. Yes, I did tell her about you... ... Some bad things. You know that you usually have a cold personality and you like to beat people up. I was scared of you before, but that was before. I think you're very good now. Really, I think you're very good now. Really!"

Mu Yixun looked at Shi Budai, who kept explaining and telling the truth. She looked as if she wanted to confess her feelings.

She suddenly felt that it was funny.

It was as if she was watching a comedy. It was really funny.

However, she was only one of the actors in this comedy.

She did not have the habit of laughing, so she really could not laugh.

Actually, why did she come over to catch the adulterer?

She had long understood the man in front of her clearly.

There was probably no way to change the philandering in her bones.

Moreover, what he said was not wrong. From the very beginning, she was probably the one who unilaterally ruled this relationship with "force. ".

"Shi Budai. "

Mu Yixun finally spoke

"Do you know? "

Shi Budai was stunned when he heard Mu Yixun call his name. "Know what? "

Mu Yixun's clear black and white eyes stared coldly at Shi Budai as she said calmly,

"every time you promise me, you will say that you want me to believe you, and you will say it several times. "

Shi Budai was a little panicked. He subconsciously said, "Xun, you really have to believe me this time. "

"actually, there's no need. "

Mu Yixun said calmly "You don't need me to trust you. We were never in a relationship to begin with. Everything that happened in the beginning was just an accident. You also think that I forced you, right? Yes, I forced you from the start. Xi asked me to find something that I wanted to do. I think you're quite an interesting person, but after spending time together, you're actually quite boring. You're useless and talkative... "...". "..."

Speaking up to this point, Mu Yixun paused. There seemed to be a subtle change in her tone. She said very softly, "I understand this now, so this boring and boring relationship should be over. "

After she finished speaking, she turned around cleanly and was about to leave.

However, she had only taken two steps when a warm body came up to her from behind.

Two strong arms hugged her tightly from behind.

It was Shi Budai who hugged her.

Mu Yixun realized this and ordered coldly, "Shi Budai, let go. "

"I won't let go. "

"Let go. " Mu Yixun emphasized her tone.

"I won't let go, I won't let go, I won't let go. "

Shi Budai said that he wouldn't let go three times in a row, and then used a tone that said he was ready to face death. "I definitely won't let go, Mu Yixun. If you have the guts, beat me to death. Otherwise, I won't let go. I won't let go even if I die. Xun, YOU'RE NOT ALLOWED TO LEAVE! "

Mu Yixun did not say any nonsense. In other words, she was never a person who spoke nonsense.

Shi Budai would not let go. She attacked directly.

She bent her elbow and pushed it back fiercely. She hit Shi Budai's abdomen with a heavy and heavy force.

This time, she really did not show any mercy. Shi Budai was in so much pain that she let go of Mu Yixun and bent her waist.

This was not the end. Mu Yixun turned around and grabbed Shi Budai's arm with one hand. She did a back throw and threw Shi Budai to the ground. Shi Budai's tall body fell heavily to the floor.

Fortunately, the hotel room was covered with a thick layer of carpet. However, this fall made Shi Budai Groan in pain.

This time, even the hotel manager behind Mu Yixun felt pain.


Master Shi also suffered a setback.

Could Master Shi stand up with such a heavy fall?

The manager's gaze shifted and secretly glanced at the thin Mu Yixun.

He really did not expect such a thin and small body to have such great strength!

One can not judge a book by its cover!

Shi Budai wanted to get up, but Mu Yixun stepped on his chest.

He was forced to lie down halfway up.

"Xun! " Shi Budai looked up at Mu Yixun.

Mu Yixun lowered her head and looked down at him expressionlessly.

"Shi Budai, our relationship ends here. In the future, you can find any woman you want and do whatever you want. "

Mu Yixun said coldly, "I, Mu Yixun, will never have anything to do with you again. Do you understand? "

"I don't understand, " Shi Budai said.

Mu Yixun increased the strength on her feet and asked again, "do you understand? "

Shi Budai stubbornly answered, "I don't. "

Mu Yixun frowned. "It doesn't matter if you understand or not. If you don't want to be whipped, don't appear in front of me again. "

After she finished talking to Shi Budai, her gaze moved away from Shi Budai and landed on the shivering woman.

"Your name is Su Qingyu? "

As a guardian of the contract, Mu Yixun had a very good memory. She had seen and remembered the name of the new person when she was selecting her.

She said, "I've remembered what happened today. You have the courage to poach me. I advise you to change your occupation. You won't have a place in the entertainment industry anymore. "

Su Qingyu was stunned by Mu Yixun's violent action against Shi Budai.

Moreover, from the conversation between Shi Budai and Mu Yixun just now.

She vaguely sensed that the relationship between Shi Budai and Mu Yixun might not be what she thought. Mu Yixun had climbed up to Shi Budai, which was why CEO song was so respectful to her.

It seemed that even Shi Budai lowered himself in front of her.

She forced herself to be afraid and said, "you can't do this... you... how can you do this? "

"Of course I can do this, " Mu Yixun said coldly, "and I also have the ability to do this. Cherish your life. "

After Mu Yixun warned Su Qingyu, she withdrew her foot from Shi Budai.

She turned around and walked to the door of the room.

Seeing that she was about to leave, Shi Budai wanted to get up and stop her.

However, Mu Yixun was really ruthless just now. He was also a battle-five scum, so he tried a few times but couldn't get up.

In a moment of desperation, Shi Budai shouted, "Mu Yixun! "

"Mu Yixun, don't you know that a woman like you is too much You said that I am your man without permission, and now you are saying that I am not your man without permission. Are you tired of this relationship? What are you doing? Do you think that you are so amazing "You only came to me because you like Akira Mato. Akira Mato did not like you, so why did you push the blame onto me? "

for visiting.

Mu Yixun had already stepped out of the hotel room with one foot.

Hearing this, she stopped walking. An unknown emotion flashed across her clear eyes.

She said coldly, "you are not wrong. It is just that young master does not want me, so get lost and do not appear in front of me again. "

After she said that, she really left without turning her head back.

Shi Budai slowly got up from the ground after Mu Yixun left for a while. Damn, it really hurt. Violent woman was indeed violent woman. She was so ruthless. Couldn't she be gentler to her man?

He had slept with her a few times, and he worked hard every time.

They were married for a hundred days in one night. Wasn't he just lacking a certificate? They were considered husband and wife.

Also, he was really going to die from anger.

He hadn't finished his words yet.

Couldn't this violent woman just listen to him and finish his words properly?

Oh, fuck!

It hurts!

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