His Little Fortune Chapter 787

Chapter 787: Chapter 791 -- Sincerity in exchange for sincerity

"She left just like that without even listening to what I have to say. Old Xiao, tell me, is that violent woman really annoying? If she f * Cking wants to beat me up, she can beat me up. If she wants to come, she can leave. "

On the day after Shi Budai was broken up.

He ran to the Xiao family to look for Xiao Jiuyan and began to complain.

His expression was mournful, and his words were tragic. He was like an innocent and pitiful man who had been abandoned by a scumbag woman.

"You said that I had been working as a slave to serve her for several days. I served her three meals a day and slept. In the end, she f * Cking said that it had nothing to do with me and wanted to send me away? No Way. "

The more Shi Budai spoke, the more agitated he became. He was on the verge of crying. In the end, he came to a conclusion and complained,

"Old Xiao, SOB, sob, SOB, sob. Do you think I'm a scumbag? Do you think she's a scumbag? Sob, SOB, SOB. She treats me like a massage stick. She'll throw me away when she uses me, and vomit when she eats me. Sob, SOB, SOB. "





Xiao Jiuyan:"..."

Butler Xiang, who was standing at the side, had a complicated expression on his face.

He served Shi Budai a cup of black tea and respectfully placed it in front of him. "Master Shi, please have some tea. "

After saying that, he even thoughtfully handed Shi Budai a Napkin.

Shi Budai took the Napkin with teary eyes and wiped it with grievance. "Butler Xiang, you're so kind. "

He looked at the Butler with a caring look as if he was looking at a retard

"Master Shi is too kind. "

Shi Budai wiped it with the Napkin that he handed to the Butler. He planned to continue to complain to Xiao Jiuyan about Mu Yixun's bad behavior.

"Old Xiao, you don't know, she's really too much... "

Xiao Jiuyan could not take it anymore.

The man's gorgeous face was cold as he said coldly, "Shi Budai, shut up. "

Shi Budai felt wronged after being yelled at like that. "Old Xiao, even you don't listen to me anymore? We're good friends, even you despise me so much? I... I don't want to live anymore. "

The veins on Xiao jiuyan's forehead throbbed violently.

He looked at Shi Budai's calm demeanor and wanted to beat him up.

Miss Mu was also able to take it, but she didn't beat him to death.

Xiao Jiuyan curled his thin lips and smiled coldly. "Ha... "

Shi Budai:"..."

Big Brother Dei, don't smile like that, okay.

It was really scary!

Xiao Jiuyan did not want to talk nonsense with Shi Budai anymore.

In fact, Shi Budai, who had been a chatterbox for a long time, usually did not want to talk nonsense with him. He was too long-winded and did not have any important points. It was all trivial matters.

Xiao Jiuyan had a cold personality to begin with.

It was difficult for these two to be brothers for so long.

Xiao Jiuyan's deep gaze rested on Shi Budai. He opened his thin lips and said,

"You've said so much. Let me ask you, why did she tell you that she was no longer related to you? "

Shi Budai avoided his gaze. "She... she suddenly said that. Who knows what she's thinking. You know how strange it is for the person who keeps the promise, right, old Xiao? "

Little sister-in-law is also very good at acting. Old Xiao, you can't even HOLD it in anymore, alright.

Xiao Jiuyan's handsome face was ice-cold. He looked at Shi Budai expressionlessly

"Shi Budai, how many years do you think I've known you for? HMM? "

This indifferent retort was practically a direct assault on Shi Budai's soul.

Shi Budai was instantly terrified. "Alright, alright, I admit it, I admit it. I had a date with a woman last night and wanted to do something, but when I entered the room, I lost my sexual interest. I even endured it when that woman drugged me. I endured it, do you understand, old Xiao? I felt like I was about to wither. I was about to leave, but the violent woman... "... no, it was fuming. Fuming came in. I admit that I wanted to make a small mistake at that time, but haven't I already stopped at the edge of the cliff?"

Shi Budai really felt that he did not do anything wrong.

"I didn't even plan to have sex with that woman, but fuming did not listen to my explanation at all. She even said that she wanted to have nothing to do with me anymore. Don't you think she went too far? "

Xiao jiuyan looked at Shi Budai expressionlessly.

Shi Budai was a little scared by his cold expression.

He said, "old Xiao, don't look at me like that. I'm scared. "

Xiao Jiuyan's thin lips curled into a cold smile. "Shi Budai, what my little mistress said before was right. "

Shi Budai asked, "what did she say? ''

"You're still alive. You're very lucky, " Xiao Jiuyan said casually.

Shi Budai:''...HELPp!

Shi Budai still wanted to defend his actions. "That's not what I said, old Xiao... "

Xiao Jiuyan did not want to listen to him anymore.

The man stood up from the Sofa and said to the Butler, "see the guest out, Butler. "

The Butler nodded and walked to Shi Budai. He smiled and said, "Master Shi, let's call it a day. Our ninth master is going to accompany Little Madam. Please go back first? "

"Huh? Accompany Little sister-in-law? "

"Yes. " Butler Xiang said, "at this time, it's usually the time for Little Madam and ninth master to compete. "

Shi Budai was confused. "Compete for what? " It couldn't be a duel in bed, right!

He said to the Butler, "Jian Dao, spear techniques, fighting skills, and everything else. "

Shi Budai:"..."

Oh, he had almost forgotten that his sister-in-law was also a violent maniac whose martial prowess was abnormally high.

However, this kind of companionship was still f * Cking Insane. Only old Xiao and his sister-in-law could do it.

Shi Budai imagined that if it was him...

He would definitely be the one getting beaten up.

As Shi Budai was thinking, he suddenly heard a soft and sweet voice

"Xiao Jiuyan, why aren't you here yet? "

It was Guan Xi who appeared from the living room to the training ground in the backyard.

The moment she appeared, Xiao Jiuyan walked over quickly. He stretched out his upper arm and hugged her intimately as he whispered,

"There's an idiot here. I've wasted some time. Madam, let's go. "

Shi Budai:"..."

Old Xiao, don't think that I can't hear you just because I'm ten meters away from you!


Guan Xi was puzzled. Her beautiful jet-black eyes looked past Xiao Jiuyan and saw Shi Budai standing not far away.

A smile hung on her sweet little face. "Mr. Shi, you're here! "

Guan Xi's attitude towards Shi Budai, who had saved her life, was generally quite good.

In short, she wouldn't be as impatient as Xiao Jiuyan.

Shi Budai said,

"Yes, yes, that sister-in-law... "

Shi Budai wanted to say something but hesitated. "I have something to ask you. "

He knew that Guan Xi and the violent woman had a good relationship, so there was no hope for old Xiao. He hoped that sister-in-law could give him a reliable suggestion.

"Hmm? " Guan Xi asked in confusion, "what is it? "

"It's... It's... "

Shi Budai hesitated for a long time before he finished talking about what had happened yesterday. After all, it was him who had cheated on her first.

Guan Xi did not interrupt him when he was talking about what had happened last night. She did not even show any strange expression on her face.

When Shi Budai finished talking, she clicked her tongue

"Mr. Shi, you're really lucky to be alive until now! "

Shi Budai:"..."

He cried!

He knew that he was lucky. He knew that he was wrong, okay?

Shi Budai looked at Guan Xi and asked for help

"sister-in-law, what should I do now? "

"What should I do? " Guan Xi shrugged and said with a smile, "nothing. "

Shi Budai said with a sad face, "sister-in-law, don't joke with me. "

When he said this, Guan Xi became serious. She stopped smiling and asked,

"Mr. Shi, I'm not joking with you. What kind of person do you think Xun is? or rather, what kind of person do you think Xun is? "

Shi Budai opened his thin lips. He wanted to say something.

However, Guan Xi did not give him a chance. She continued,

"Mr. Shi, do you think that we are heartless and unreasonable? Do you think that Kaoru Likes Akira Mato? Do you think that she was forced to be with Kaoru? "


This was indeed Shi Budai's initial thought, but now... ...

He followed his heart. He still thought so.

But even so, he faintly desired that Akira Mato be able to love him.

With this thought, he laughed bitterly. "Isn't that so? She doesn't have any feelings for me at all. If it wasn't for the accident that day, she wouldn't have said that she wanted to have anything to do with me. She... the person she likes is Akira Mato. "

"Do you like Akira Mato? "

Guan Xi looked at Shi Budai and smiled again. "I don't think so. Akira Mato and Akira Mato... "

At the mention of this name, Guan Xi's small eyes darted around. She glanced at the iceberg man beside her, afraid that he would be jealous.

As expected, he was looking at her with an ice-cold face?

Guan Xi pouted at Ninth Master Xiao and made a face to appease him.

Don't worry, she only mentioned Akira Mato's name. There was nothing else.


Shi Budai saw it."..."

Could she be more friendly to a person who had already broken up?

Guan Xi did not care about whether Shi Budai was injured or not. She withdrew her gaze from ninth master Xiao and landed on Shi Budai. She continued

"She just stayed by Akira Mato's side for too long and was used to it. Actually, you can think about it from another angle. Since Xun came to Tong City, she couldn't live anywhere she wanted. Why did she have to go to your place? "

Shi Budai's eyes lit up as he asked expectantly, "sister-in-law, are you saying that she likes me? "

"I didn't say that. "

Guan Xi said with a smile, "who knows what Kaori is thinking? "

Even though Guan Xi said so, Shi Budai felt that Mu Yixun should have him in her heart.

Even if it was just a little, it should still have him.

From the decadent state she was in when she entered Xiao Mansion until now, Shi Budai was already radiant and had pulled herself together.

"I know, sister-in-law! " Shi Budai clenched her fists. "she must like me. "

Guan Xi smiled and did not say anything.

But very quickly, Shi Budai became anxious again. "But sister-in-law, Xun is now angry with me. What should I do? "

Guan Xi:"... do you need me to teach you this? I remember that Mr. Shi is very good with women, right?"

Guan Xi's words were only an objective description.

But to Shi Budai, this was a blatant disclosure of his dark history.

Shi Budai looked embarrassed. "sister-in-law, what are you talking about? Can I use my tricks to coax little girls on Xun? "

Guan Xi nodded. "That's true. "

Shi Budai:"... so, what do you suggest, sister-in-law?"

Guan Xi turned her head and looked at Shi Budai with a smile, smiling and smiling.

Shi Budai Felt Goosebumps when Guan Xi looked at him with such a smile

"Uh, sister-in-law... do you have any suggestions? "

Guan Xi pursed her Pink Lips She said slowly, "why would I need advice on something like this? " "But I do have a piece of advice. ". "Mr. Shi, when we were in the Akira family, our living environment wasn't very good. It was filled with violence, blood, and coldness. I was fine, but Kaoru only listened to Akira Mato's orders and carried out his orders like a robot! "

After a pause, she said, "do you understand what I mean? "

Shi Budai listened to Guan Xi's words.

Imagine Mu Yixun's living environment since she was young.

A part of his heart began to hurt without any warning.

It was as if an invisible hand was squeezing his heart hard. It was very painful.

He closed his eyes and said in a low voice, "I understand. "

"very good. " Guan Xi snapped her little white fingers. She smiled and said, "then it seems that Mr. Shi knows what to do. "


Shi Budai returned to the apartment from the Xiao Mansion.

It was already past eight o'clock in the evening.

He should have been chased out by Xiao Jiuyan long ago after he finished chatting with Guan Xi. He shamelessly stayed at the Xiao Mansion to have a meal before returning to the apartment.

He returned to his apartment.

He opened the door, but there was no one there.

The apartment of a single man was originally cold and cheerless.

However, ever since Mu Yixun came, Shi Budai wanted to serve her happily, so he usually bought flowers to decorate it.

Now, the flower was placed in a vase and had already withered.

Shi Budai walked over and picked up the withered flower. After looking at it for a while, he scolded himself in a low voice

"You're such a cheap person. You're afraid of pain when you get slapped. Now that the violent woman has left, you won't feel good if you don't get slapped anymore. Shi Budai, you can be a cheap person yourself! "

However, even though Shi Budai scolded him, Shi Budai knew that he was probably really done for this time.

In the afternoon at the Xiao Mansion, his sister-in-law told him those words.

Mu Yixun had never been doted on by anyone.

She could only exchange sincerity for sincerity with the keeper of the contract.

Shi Budai had seen the keeper's sincerity in Guan Xi.

Guan Xi liked old Xiao, so she could risk her life to save old Xiao time and time again.

Shi Budai thought that he was envious.

Envious of such a relationship.

Therefore, it was very likely that he also wanted such a relationship because of this reason.

And Mu Yixun was also a keeper like his sister-in-law.

What if she loved him?

She would definitely not betray him and would definitely only love him.

Shi Budai had originally thought so.

But now, he no longer thought so.

He realized that he really only wanted Mu Yixun to stay by his side.

He would love her well and dote on her!

It didn't matter even if he doted on her as the empress dowager.

He would exchange sincerity for sincerity!

How exactly was he going to express his sincerity to Mu Yixun?

Shi Budai thought of this, took his phone and dialed a number.

Du Du Du du Du

The call was quickly connected and a respectful voice came from the other end

"Master Shi, good evening. "

"MM. " Shi Budai answered casually and said, "help me calculate how many assets I currently have under my name, ... Yes, as soon as possible, liquidate all of them. Let me know when you're done! I'm talking about all of the assets. Those that can be seen and those that can not be seen, liquidate them! "

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