His Little Fortune Chapter 788

Chapter 788: Chapter 792 ended outside Shi Budai

Shi Budai asked someone to liquidate his assets.

After two days, when Mu Yixun's anger had subsided, he would look for her to apologize properly.

Actually, when it came to things like apologizing, it was best to strike while the iron was hot. If he made a mistake, he would apologize quickly. He would go in two days, and the effect might not be as good.

But Shi Budai did not dare to.

If he went now, it was no different from a sheep entering the tiger's mouth. There was really no guarantee that he would be pressed to the ground by Mu Yixun and rubbed wildly.

Yesterday, when she left, she said something.

If you don't want to be whipped, then don't appear in front of me.


THREATS, threats!

This was definitely a blatant threat.

Hence, Shi Budai's plan was good. After two days, when the anger subsided, he would thicken his skin and go look for her.

At that time, even if she would make a move, she would probably show a little mercy.

Yes, it was decided!

That night, Shi Budai held onto this kind of beautiful wish and fell asleep happily.

But plans could never keep up with changes.

The next morning, Shi Budai was still asleep when his cell phone beside his bed suddenly rang.

He was a creature that lived during the day and at night. At this moment, he was woken up by the buzzing sound of his cell phone.

His big hand stretched out from under the blanket and groped around for a while. He took the cell phone and pressed the answer button in a daze.

He Fed it to Shi Budai in a bad mood. "Who the F * ck Is it? It's so early in the morning and you're disturbing my sleep. "

"Mr. Shi. "

A soft chuckle came from the other end of the phone receiver. "You're really relaxed. You're still sleeping? "

When Shi Budai heard this voice and the way it addressed him, he was immediately jolted awake. He sat up on the bed

"little... sister-in-law! "

"Yes, it's me. "

Shi Budai hurriedly revealed a smile and said obsequiously, "sister-in-law, at this time... "

He glanced at the alarm clock on the wall. It was a little over eight in the morning. "Call Me. What's the matter? "

Guan Xi's sweet and soft voice came over. "It's not anything important. It's just that I heard that Xun seems to be leaving Tongcheng today. "

"today? When? " Shi Budai's eyes widened.

"I think it's a 9:30 flight. I heard that she's going back to the Akira family. It seems to be a pretty serious matter. "

Even though Guan Xi was saying that it was a pretty serious matter, her tone was still as light as ever. "Maybe Kaoru won't come back this time, Mr. Shi! "

Shi Budai:"..."

"F * Ck, how could this be? " Shi Budai cursed. He didn't realize that his phone had already been hung up when he cursed.

Shi Budai did not have the time to listen to what Guan Xi had to say.

He got out of bed, got out of bed, grabbed a pair of pants and put them on. He did not wear socks, but slippers. He took his phone and ran out of the apartment.

When he reached the garage downstairs, Shi Budai started the car and started the road.

Then, he dialed a number.

Du Du Du du Du

The phone was picked up. Before the person on the other end of the line said anything, Shi Budai spoke first in a hurry

"I asked you to settle the account yesterday. Is it done? "

A troubled voice came from the other end of the line. "Master Shi, I've only settled half of the account. I estimate that it will only be settled tonight. "


Where the hell did he get the time to rush?

Shi Budai said, "settle the account wherever you want. Bring me the documents... and send them to the airport... right, now, right now! "

After Shi Budai finished the call, he looked at the time. It was already nine o'clock. His residence was quite a distance away from the airport. F * Ck, there wasn't enough time.

As Shi Budai thought about it, he stepped on the accelerator and sped up.

Shi Budai arrived at the airport and opened the car door. His men were already waiting for him at the airport.

When he saw Shi Budai, he handed a bag of documents to Shi Budai. "Master Shi, this is what you want. "

Shi Budai took the bag from his men. The car did not stop running as he ran towards the boarding gate.

It was already 9:15 pm.

The airport was very big. Shi Budai Only Heard Guan Xi tell her that it was a flight after 9 pm. He had no idea which boarding gate Mu Yixun would board at.

"Shit! " Shi Budai ran to two gates in a row, but could not find her.

He became more and more anxious.

Violent woman, could she have left just like that!

He became more and more anxious, and more and more anxious.

He did not want her to leave.

He did not want to never see her again in his life.

As long as Shi Budai thought that Mu Yixun had left tong city and would never come back, he felt very uncomfortable.

"F * Ck, F * Ck, F * CK! "

Shi Budai could not find Mu Yixun and began to curse crazily.

F * Ck, an airport was so big, what was with so many gates!

If he could not find the violent woman, he would tear down this lousy airport.

"Mu Yixun... "

Shi Budai had been unable to find her, so he was ready to start calling for her.

As soon as he shouted, he saw a familiar slender figure from the corner of his eye.

Mu Yixun was standing at the boarding gate ten meters away from him, lining up.

She was wearing a black professional suit as usual. Perhaps it was a little cold today, she wore a light apricot-colored windbreaker.

Her thin figure stood straight like a javelin. Her right hand was holding the suitcase, and her left hand was holding the phone. She was talking to the phone, her slender fingers curving into a beautiful arc.

It was obvious that she was leaving Tong city.

"Mu Yixun. "

Shi Budai was delighted and rushed towards Mu Yixun.


"Gu Yin can produce a single... well, only a single. Her singing is not good, just a single will do. In the future, she can go on the big screen and push away online dramas. There's no need to accept such resources, it will lower her style. "

Mu Yixun said plainly, "Gu Yin, I plan to let her go on the path of a movie cafe... Well, just do as I say. Well, there's nothing else. That's all for now, my plane has arrived... "

Mu Yixun was about to hang up the phone.

Suddenly, someone bumped into her from behind and hugged her in his arms. At the same time, he shouted,

"Mu Yixun! Mu Yixun! Mu Yixun, don't go. Don't go back to the Akira family. Don't go. STAY BY MY SIDE! "

Mu Yixun was hugged tightly.

She was stunned for a second. She turned her head slightly and saw the person behind her clearly. She frowned

"Shi Budai, what are you doing? Let go. "

Shi Budai hugged Mu Yixun and tightened his grip. "I'm not letting go. If I let go, you'll run back to the Akira family. "

Mu Yixun's tone turned cold. "I told you to let go, don't you understand? "

"I won't let go, I won't let go, " Shi Budai said loudly.

He hugged Mu Yixun even tighter and even clasped his hands together. He went all out

"Mu Yixun, let me tell you, if I don't let go, don't even think about letting me go. This time, even if you use the same move as last time to throw me over the shoulder, i... I definitely won't let go! "

Even though he said so.

His voice was still trembling.

There was no other reason.

It really hurt.

The last time, he had fallen on a thick layer of carpet in the hotel, and it hurt like hell.

Shi Budai looked at the smooth and hard tile floor in the airport lobby.

If he fell, it would hurt a lot.


Mu Yixun did not plan to make a move at this time.

There were many people in the airport, and this idiot was showing off his low IQ. She did not plan to embarrass herself with him.

Therefore, Mu Yixun controlled her temper and warned him again, "Shi Budai, let go immediately. Don't make me say it for the fourth time. "

Normally speaking, Mu Yixun's warning was so serious and solemn.

Shi Budai had already compromised long ago.

However, this time, it was out of Mu Yixun's expectations. He did not. Instead, he hugged him even tighter and said loudly while facing death,

"Even if you say it for the fourth time, the fifth time, and the sixth time, I will not let go. If I let go, you will return to the Akira family and never return to Tong city again! Mu Yixun, I don't want to not see you again in the future. "

"Who told you that I will not return to Tong City in the future? "

"Eh? "

Shi Budai closed his eyes and was prepared to be beaten up. When he heard Mu Yixun's words, he opened his eyes

"You will return to Tong city? But sister-in-law said that you will return to the Akira family for an important matter. Once you return to the Akira family, you will never return. "

Mu Yixun frowned and said coldly, "I am only returning to the Akira Family to help Guan Xi get something. I will be back in two days. "

Shi Budai:"..."

At this moment, he seemed to have understood something.


At this moment, Guan Xi was at the Xiao Mansion.

Sitting on the Sofa, Xiao Bai was holding the remote control in his hand. He was casually changing the channel and humming a song leisurely.

Butler Xiang smiled at the side and said, "little madam seems to be in a good mood today. "

"Uncle Xiang can tell. "

Guan Xi smiled and revealed a sly expression like a Little Fox. "It's really not bad. You tricked someone. "

"Is that so? " Butler Xiang said lovingly, "as long as little madam is happy. "

"Yes, happy, happy! "

Guan Xi narrowed her eyes in satisfaction.

She wondered if Shi Budai would succeed?

Or, she would be beaten up by fuming.

This was the best she could do.


At the airport.

Mu Yixun told Shi Budai that her country would be back in two days.

But after she finished, she frowned. She felt that there was no need for her to tell Shi Budai, this useless man, about these things.

So she said coldly, "Shi Budai, let go! "

This time, her tone was really cold.

It sounded like Shi Budai would let go and she would beat him up.

But this time, Shi Budai was really determined to die.

He hugged Mu Yixun and in the crowded airport hall, he did not care about his face anymore. He went all out and shouted,

"Mu Yixun, I was wrong. I shouldn't have gone out to find a woman. You can scold me or hit me. You can hit me however you want. Don't hit me in the face or anywhere else. You can hit me however you want. In the future, if you want me to go east, I will definitely not go west. If you want me to do the laundry and cook, I will do the laundry and cook. I will serve you comfortably. I will serve you like a Queen! "

After he finished speaking, many people around the airport heard him and looked over.

Many of them sighed in admiration and envy.

"Wow, I'm so envious. He's such a warm man! "

"He's crying, okay? "

"Sigh, I want to have a partner of the same style too! "

"This young lady, since my little brother has already said so, you should just agree to him. "

"Yeah, you should just agree to him. "

"agree to him, agree to him, agree to him. "

One of them was a tall and handsome man. Although he was dressed a little weirdly and wore slippers on his feet, it did not affect his handsomeness.

This young lady could be considered delicate and pretty. She had a cold temperament that was especially good. The two of them were very compatible.

"promise him, Young Lady. Promise him, promise him. "

The people around started to jeer.

Mu Yixun's gaze was indifferent as she glanced at the people around her expressionlessly.

Perhaps because her aura was too strong, when she glanced at them, the people who jeered were stunned and did not dare to speak anymore.

Shi Budai did not intend for Mu Yixun to forgive him just by listening to a few words from him.

He took a deep breath and handed the document bag in his hand to Mu Yixun. He said seriously,

"Xun, I know you won't believe me no matter what I say. It's my fault for being such a jerk in the past, but I want you to believe me. These are all the assets under my name... ... Not all of them. I asked someone to count them yesterday, but I haven't finished counting them yet. About half of them. Here, sign your name, and the assets under my name will be transferred to your name. As for the rest, if you're willing, I can transfer them to you tonight."

Mu Yixun's gaze swept over the bag of documents.

She narrowed her eyes slightly and looked at Shi Budai. After a long while, she said calmly,

"Shi Budai, do you think I care about such things? "

Shi Budai looked at Mu Yixun's cold face and said without thinking,

"I know you don't care and you're not short of money, but Xun, this is my sincerity. I'll give you all the money I have. If I do anything to let you down in the future, I'll be penniless and become a pauper living on the streets. Besides, without money, what can I use to pick up girls? I can't get them... ". ... ..

Speaking up to this point, Shi Budai paused. His tone suddenly became serious as he said seriously,

"Xun, this is my sincerity. I've thought it through. I really like you. I. . . I love you. Don't leave me. Give me another chance and accept me, okay? "

Mu Yixun's expression was cold.

At this moment, the airport broadcast's sweet female voice sounded,"... boarding time is up. All passengers, please board the plane as soon as possible."

The broadcast was Mu Yixun's flight departure time.

When Mu Yixun heard it, she said to Shi Budai, "the plane is about to take off. I should go. "

Shi Budai was anxious. He took a step forward and stretched out his large hand to pull Mu Yixun, but he did not manage to pull her.

Because Mu Yixun used her hand to slap his hand away.

"Xun... "

Shi Budai looked at Mu Yixun pitifully. "Can you really not give me another chance? "

He always felt that if mu Yixun left tong city and returned to the Akira family, he would lose her.

He would lose her completely.

Mu Yixun did not speak. She pulled her suitcase and turned around to walk towards the security check.

Shi Budai looked at her cold and merciless back and was about to cry.

She was about to leave.

But he did not even have the right and ability to keep him.

Shi Budai lowered his head dejectedly.

The people around looked at Shi Budai and then at Mu Yixun, feeling regretful.

Did this handsome little brother fail to confess his love?

"Shi Budai. " Shi Budai's heart was as dead as ashes.

He suddenly heard Mu Yixun's cold voice.

He raised his head and saw Mu Yixun standing at the security checkpoint.

Her face was cold, and her crimson lips seemed to have a very faint smile

"I will come back in two days with all the transfer documents for your assets. All of them are ready. "

Shi Budai's eyes lit up. "Xun, what do you mean? ''

Mu Yixun said plainly, "nothing much, just an order. "

Shi Budai's thin lips curved into an arc of joy as he said, "Yes, I will obey my leader's order! "

[ Shi Budai and Mu Yixun have finished their discussion. ].

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