His Little Fortune Chapter 789

Chapter 789: Chapter 793 Fu Yunfan Wai 1

"Master Fu, master Fu! The things you told me to do have been done. "

When Fu Yuesheng woke up, he found himself sitting on a soft SOFA.

He was wearing a black, handmade suit, shiny leather shoes, and a red striped tie. He was well-dressed.

For a moment, he was at a loss. He didn't know where he was now?

Shouldn't he be dead?

When he died, he wasn't dressed like this.

After attending Ali's funeral, he told everything and dealt with that woman, Shu Rongxi.

Then, he committed suicide in the small apartment where Ali stayed.

He drew a deep cut on his wrist.

Xiao Jiuye's wife once asked him:

"Mr. Fu, do you know how much courage it takes for a person to bite off the vein on his wrist with his teeth? "

Fu Yuesheng didn't know how much courage it took.

He only knew that when he cut his wrist with the knife, he saw the blood on his hand gushing out and didn't feel any pain.

There was only redemption.

Ah Li, I'm here!

Fu Yuesheng thought that he would chase after his ah Li and leave, but what was going on now?

"Mr. Fu, sir? "

Seeing that Fu Yuesheng did not respond, his subordinate respectfully called out again, "are you okay? "

Fu Yuesheng raised his finger and rubbed his temple.

He looked at the person in front of him and asked with a frown, "what did you say just now? What's done? "

That person lowered his voice and said, "the recording disc that you ordered, has it been replaced? "



Fu Yuesheng didn't remember what the person in front of him was talking about.

At this moment, the door of the room was suddenly pushed open.

A bright and resplendent light shone in, and at the same time, a petite figure walked in from outside.

The girl was wearing a light pink dress. Because she was still young, her skin was fair and delicate. It was full of Collagen, and she didn't even need makeup. She looked fresh and cute.

She urged,

"brother Fu, are you ready? GRANDPA's birthday party is about to start. Big Brother and big sister are waiting downstairs. "

The noise of the crowd in the banquet hall came from the door.

But at this moment, Fu Yuesheng couldn't hear anything. He stared at the delicate girl in front of him.

The eyes of the man who had always been indifferent and cold instantly turned red.

His voice was low and hoarse as he called out, "Ah Li. "

Yun Lige was shocked by Fu Yuesheng's heavy expression. Why did she feel that brother Fu was about to cry? Her eyes were red.

Yun lige pursed her lips and asked worriedly, "brother Fu, what's wrong? What happened? Are you not feeling well? "

Yun Lige at that time.

She had yet to experience the pain that followed.

Thinking about everything was still a child's nature.

She saw that Fu Yuesheng was in pain and thought that he was not feeling well.

She even reached out her little white hand, wanting to touch his forehead to check if he had a fever.

When her little hand reached out, it did not touch Fu Yuesheng.

But the man's two big hands reached out and pulled her into his wide arms, trapping her tightly.

He called her again and again, as if he could not shout enough, "Ah Li, ah Li, ah Li! My Ah Li, my Ah Li! "

[ Fu Yun's short story will be over soon! ]

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