His Little Fortune Chapter 791

Chapter 791: Chapter 795 Fu Yuesheng 3

Yun lige rushed out of the room with a red face.

Fu Yuesheng looked at her slender back with his deep eyes.

The door to the room was closed.

Fu Yuesheng tilted his head slightly and looked at the subordinate who had just reported to him. He opened his thin lips and said,

"Get rid of that recording disc. "

The subordinate could not react in time

"Master Fu, you want to get rid of that disc? Are you sure? "

Fu Yuesheng said expressionlessly, "get rid of it. "

The subordinate was a little anxious. He used to be by Fu Yuesheng's side. He knew what Fu Yuesheng was going to do today.

He wanted to make use of Miss Yun to give the Yun family an embarrassing and fatal blow on the occasion of old master Yun's birthday

That was the original plan, but now... ...

His subordinate lowered his head and said in a low voice, "master Fu, why did you suddenly change your mind? Didn't you prepare for this for a long time just for this day? Have you forgotten how the Yun family treats master and Madam? "

Master and Madam.

Naturally, it was Fu Yuesheng's father and mother.

Fu Yuesheng closed his eyes and said in a deep voice, "those things have already passed. There's no need to make up for another mistake with one mistake. Take the disc away... "

He turned his head slightly and looked at his subordinate with a deep gaze. His voice was deep and mellow, filled with a silent pressure

"This is an order. Do you understand? "

The subordinate felt the pressure from the cold man. He lowered his head and said, "I understand, master Fu. I'll do it right away. "


"Xiao Ge, Xiao Ge? Where did this child go? "

Yun Limei was still at Yun Lige.

Yun lige suddenly jumped out from behind her and called out sweetly, "big sister. "

Big Sister Yun was shocked. She turned around and saw Yun Lige. She frowned and said, "you child, where did you go just now? "

"nowhere. "

Yun Lige gave big sister Yun a cute expression. Her small hand grabbed Yun Limei's slender arm and said, "there were too many people at the banquet. I was shy, so I found a place to hide for a while. "

Yun Limei tapped her forehead with her hand and said helplessly, "you child, you've always had a temperamental personality since you were young. Are you shy? "

"Why wouldn't I be? "

Yun Lige said righteously "I have a phobia of crowds. There are so many people gathered together. Men Talk about business matters while women talk about all kinds of gossip. It's boring, but it's not boring. I don't want to be with them and become a gossipy woman behind their backs in the future. "

Yun Limei had a headache.

This little sister of hers had been pampered by her grandfather and her younger brother since she was young.

She had developed such a willful personality. She could do whatever she wanted and say whatever she wanted.

"You, I really can't do anything to you. " Yun Limei sighed.

Yun lige stuck out her tongue mischievously.

Yun Limei's hand caressed the back of Yun Lige's tender hand and said, "go down. Grandfather's birthday banquet is about to start. Even if you don't like it, you have to show up. "

Yun Lige pouted. "got it, big sister. "

She obediently let big sister Yun hold her hand and walked downstairs.

After going down a few steps, big sister Yun suddenly thought of something and asked, "where's Yuesheng? Did you see him? I didn't see him in the hall downstairs just now. "

"Ah, brother Fu... "

Yun Lige subconsciously wanted to distance herself from Fu Yuesheng.

After all, the two of them were in an underground relationship now.

The underground work couldn't be discovered by the organization.

"I... I didn't see him. "

Her small eyes wandered, and she turned her face to glance at the door of the room where she had just come out. She tried to cover it up and asked, "why, is brother Fu not downstairs too? "

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