His Little Fortune Chapter 792

Chapter 792: Chapter 756 Fu Yun Fan Wai 4

Yun Limei frowned and said, "I haven't seen him all night. I don't know where he went. "

Yun lige was a little excited.

She knew where brother Fu was.

But she didn't say it.

Although it was very childish, it was a little like the little secret between her and brother Fu. Hehe.

Yun Lige's palm-sized face secretly revealed a smile.

Yun Limei saw it and asked curiously, "Xiao Ge, why are you suddenly smiling? "

"Oh? Did I laugh? " Yun lige touched her cheek. "I don't think so. "

"You laughed! " Yun Limei said affirmatively. "You suddenly laughed so foolishly. "

Yun Lige:"..."

She pouted and mumbled, "oh, GRANDPA's birthday party. I was happy. I laughed when I was happy. "

After saying that, she gave Yun Limei a big smile.

Yun Limei looked at her lovingly and helplessly. "You child... "

Yun lige had a headache. She was afraid that her eldest sister would say something.

Her elder sister was much older than her. Although she was called her elder sister, she was not a nagging mother.

Yun lige walked over to Yun Limei and stretched out her hands. Her two little white hands pushed Yun Limei's back and said, "let's go, let's go, my good elder sister. Didn't you say that the birthday banquet is about to begin? Let's hurry down. "

"Lige, put your hands down. Don't be so unladylike. "

Yun Limei frowned and scolded her. However, Yun Lige was not afraid of her scolding.

She still pushed Yun Limei forward and said with a smile, "I know, I know. Elder sister, let's go, let's go. "

"Lige, put it down! "

"Yes, yes. " Yun lige did not take Yun Limei's words to heart.

However, Yun Lige knew what to do on such an important occasion.

After going down a few steps, she immediately moved her little white hand away from Yun Limei's back and returned to the elegance and dignity that a young lady from an Aristocratic Family should have.

She went downstairs.

The housekeeper and servant were entertaining the guests.

Old Master Yun was sitting on a Sandalwood Sofa at the side of the banquet hall.

There was incense burning and tea brewing.

Old Master Yun was celebrating his 60th birthday this year.

At his age, he looked healthy and energetic.

At this moment, he was surrounded by a lot of people. Some were from the Yun family's side branches, and there were also some high-ranking officials and nobles who had dealings with the Yun family in the business world.

A group of people surrounded old master Yun with a warm smile on their faces.

Seeing that there were many people, Yun lige started to back out.

She pulled Yun Limei, who was walking in front of her, and said, "big sister, there are so many people over there. Why don't I not go over? "

If she went over, she would have to ask all sorts of uncles to greet her.

It was so annoying.

Yun Limei looked at Yun lige. How could she not know what she was thinking.

She said, "No, come with me. "

"No. " Yun lige shook her little head like a rattle-drum. She said aggrievedly, "I don't want to go over. "

At this moment, big brother Yun, who was accompanying old master Yun, saw Yun Limei and Yun lige and shouted,

"Li Mei, little sister, come over quickly. "

"Little Ge? " Old Master Yun heard big brother Yun Calling Yun lige.

A pair of old but strong eyes looked over. He waved at Yun Lige and said lovingly,

"Little Ge, come to grandfather. "

Yun Lige:"... yes, Grandfather."

Big Brother is really a pig teammate!

When grandfather called, Yun lige obediently walked over. Then, with a fierce expression, she glared at Big Brother Yun.

Big Brother Yun:"? ? ?"

for visiting.

When Yun Limei saw it, she smiled.

"grandfather. " Yun lige walked in front of old master Yun and obediently called him grandfather.

Old Master Yun's wrinkled face was beaming with joy.

He introduced Yun Lige to the others cheerfully, "this is our Xiao Ge, Yun Lige, Xiao Ge, quickly greet all the uncles and uncles. "


She said so.

It was such an annoying procedure again.

But no matter how unwilling she was in her heart, Yun lige's small face still had a cute and decent smile as she greeted them one by one.

She was not inferior to others in terms of upbringing and elegance.

"All the uncles and uncles are good. "

After asking the questions, old master Yun chatted with Yun Lige for a bit more before finally letting her go.

Yun lige quickly got out.

It was too scary!

She didn't want to come back again.

Oh, she had just come down for a while. What was brother Fu doing upstairs?

She didn't want to admit that she had just come down for a while and already missed brother Fu a little.

However, brother Fu was upstairs. Would he be bored by himself? He hated this kind of occasion more than she did.

Why not she go up to take a look out of kindness and accompany him.

Yes, the outstanding her.

Yun lige made up her mind and prepared to continue upstairs.

Anyway, if there was anything else later, big sister would still come and call her.

She walked towards the direction of the stairs and just took two steps.

A frivolous man's voice came from behind

"Miss Yun. "

Yun lige turned around. It was a man in his early twenties. He was wearing a suit and tie, but this kind of formal attire could not hide the frivolity on his body.

Yun lige smiled. "May I know who you are? What's the matter? "

"My name is Chen Jinglong, Miss Yun. May I introduce myself? " The man introduced himself. He held a glass of champagne in each hand and handed it to Yun Lige.

Yun lige looked at the amber-colored liquor in front of her and refused with a smile. "Mr. Chen, I'm still underage. I can't drink alcohol. "

"Oh, I forgot. I'm sorry. " Although Chen Jinglong said that he forgot, there was no apology in his tone.

Instead, he stared at Yun Lige with a very straightforward gaze.

A sixteen-year-old girl who had just grown up was like a delicate flower that was slowly blooming. She had tender and tender skin and a beautiful and delicate appearance.

The girl was wearing an evening gown. Under the illumination of the crystal lamp in the banquet hall, her skin was a kind of clear white. It was so white that it seemed transparent, without the slightest flaw.

This young master of the Chen family loved girls who were about to reach adulthood but had yet to reach adulthood.

Girls at this age were already about to mature, but they were still young.

Not to mention, she was brought up by the Yun family and was deeply doted on by old master Yun and the entire Yun family.

Almost just now, when he saw old master Yun Introduce Yun Lige, he had a thought.

Holding two glasses of Champagne, he came up to strike up a conversation.

Yun lige did not drink, so Chen Jinglong put the champagne on the tray of the waiter who passed by.

He gave Yun lige a smile that he thought was handsome. "since Miss Yun doesn't drink, how about we have a dance? "

Yun Lige and Li Ge smiled at Chen Jinglong. "I don't think so? "

Chen Jinglong:"..."

F * Ck, this woman doesn't play by the rules?

Usually, when he invited those little girls like this, no girl would reject him.

But Chen Jinglong himself forgot.

He went to some places to hunt girls, just like the Yun family.

Yun lige paused and bowed to Chen Jinglong. "Mr. Chen, if there's nothing else, I'll leave first. "

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