His Little Fortune Chapter 793

Chapter 793: Chapter 757 Fu Yun Fan Wai 5

After she finished speaking, she turned around and was about to leave.

"wait a minute. " Seeing that Yun Lige was about to leave, Chen Jinglong reached out his hand and grabbed Yun Lige in a moment of desperation.

However, Yun lige seemed to have been prepared. Just as Chen Jinglong reached out his hand and touched her hand, she turned around agilely and elegantly. She bent her knees and directly pushed her knee towards Chen Jinglong's crotch.

This time, it was really quite painful.

The next second, there was a tragic scream that sounded like a pig being slaughtered in the venue. "Ah! "

Chen Jinglong squatted down in pain. He covered his crotch with his hands and jumped around.

If this was not a banquet hall, he would have collapsed and rolled on the ground.

"What's going on? "

Someone came over to ask.

Old Master Yun and the others who were chatting not far away also looked over.

"this Mr. Chen seems to have a stomachache all of a sudden. " Yun lige showed a worried expression to the Butler who came over. "Uncle Butler, do you want to contact the family doctor and have the doctor come over to take a look? "

The housekeeper said to Yun Lige, "okay, young miss. I'll handle this matter. "

"Okay. " Yun lige nodded obediently. She then said apologetically to Chen Jinglong, "Mr. Chen, I'm really sorry. I'm really sorry that you had to encounter such a thing when you came to our place. "

Chen Jinglong was in so much pain that he was dying.

He had no way of answering Yun lige's words.

Yun Lige took a step forward and teased him slightly. She lowered her voice and said softly, "but who asked you to bring this upon yourself? Am I right? "

Chen Jinglong:"..."

F * Ck, his own territory was amazing. He was going too far!

But he flirted with her first.

The Yun family was bigger than the Chen family.

If Chen Jinglong could get yun lige willingly, it would be hard to say.

Now that he was beaten up by Yun Lige, he really couldn't do anything.

After all, it was old master Yun's banquet. With such a man covering his crotch, it wouldn't be elegant.

The Butler asked someone to bring Chen Jinglong to find a room to rest.

Yun lige smiled and waved at Chen Jinglong. "Goodbye, Mr. Chen. "

Chen Jinglong:"..."

See your mother again.

After waving her hand, Yun lige turned around to look for her brother Fu.

When she turned around, she felt as if someone was looking at her.

Subconsciously, she looked up and happened to meet the man standing on the second floor.

Fu Yuesheng was tall and straight. His well-tailored suit was well-dressed, and a strong arm was placed across the railing. His deep-set eyes were slightly lowered as he looked in Yun lige's direction.

It was obvious that he had taken in the action of Chen Jinglong pulling Yun lige and Yun lige kicking Chen Jinglong.

Yun lige realized this and her face turned red.

Being seen by her own man kicking another man's place.

It was a little shameful.

She raised her small head and winked at Fu Yuesheng. She revealed a sweet smile and then made a silent mouth gesture

"I'm awesome, right? "

She smiled very smugly, like a kitten who had successfully cheated on her husband.

Fu Yuesheng's face was as dark as water.

Looking at the girl's bright smile, he really wanted to go down and hug her in front of everyone.

He did not speak, but nodded instead.

Seeing Fu Yuesheng nod, Yun lige smiled even more happily.

She took small steps and walked to the stairs, going upstairs to look for Fu Yuesheng.


Coming to Fu Yuesheng's side, Yun lige and Fu Yuesheng stood side by side, looking at the brightly lit banquet hall downstairs.

The people downstairs could see through here.

Therefore, even if Yun lige wanted to hug Fu Yuesheng, there was nothing she could do.

She secretly hooked Fu Yuesheng's hand with her little finger and asked, "brother Fu, what gift did you prepare for grandfather today? "

She was just asking casually.

for visiting.

Fu Yuesheng was stunned.

Back then, it seemed that Ah Li had asked the same question.

She asked, "brother Fu, what gift did you prepare for grandfather this year? "

At that time, he looked at her and said calmly, "I prepared a big gift for old master Yun this year. "

Ah Li was still curious at that time. "Old Master Yun, brother Fu, isn't it too strange for you to call grandfather this way? Haven't you always called grandfather with us? "

He did not answer anymore.

Now, the scene in front of him seemed to have crossed a long time and overlapped with the past.

"Brother Fu? Brother Fu... "

Yun lige called Fu Yuesheng twice, but he didn't respond.

Yun lige used her little finger to scratch Fu Yuesheng's palm. "SPEAK! If you don't listen to me, I'll get angry. "

Fu Yuesheng came back to his senses and looked down at Yun lige.

The girl's face was puffed up, like a meat bun.

He curved his thin lips and raised his hand. His broad hand rested on Yun Lige's small head and smiled

"Don't worry, I've prepared a very good gift for grandfather. "

"A very good gift? " Yun lige was curious when she heard that. She asked, "what is it? Can I know? "

Fu Yuesheng said, "not now. You'll know in a while. "

Yun Lige pouted her pink lips and said disdainfully, "stingy, if you don't want to tell me, then don't tell me. I don't want to know yet. If you want to tell me, I don't want to know either, hmph. "

Fu Yuesheng couldn't help but laugh.

This was very good.

His Ah Li was doing very well now!

Yun lige paused and said, "If you don't tell me what gift you're giving me, then I won't tell you what gift I'm giving you either. "

Fu Yuesheng said, "you'll know in a while. "

Yun Lige:"..."

She used her little white hand to hammer Fu Yuesheng's sturdy arm. Instead, she hammered her own hand until it hurt a little.

She pouted her little mouth and said, "that's too much. You don't even care about what gift your girlfriend is preparing. It's already too much that you didn't help prepare it, yet you don't even have the slightest bit of curiosity. "

Fu Yuesheng:"..."

He held Yun Lige's small hand with his big hand and wrapped it in his palm.

He asked, "then what gift did my girlfriend prepare for grandfather? "

The lights downstairs were bright.

He looked down at her. His pitch-black eyes were like the endless night sky, and there were tiny bits of starlight in his eyes.

Yun lige's heart skipped a beat.

"prepare... prepare what gift... "

Yun Lige felt that her brain had stopped working and thinking when Fu Yuesheng looked at her like that.

Her mind was only filled with this boyfriend who broke the rules and spoke in a low voice. She stuttered, "I, I'm not telling you... If you're not telling me, I... Why should I tell you... "

Yes, that was it.

If he didn't say it, she wouldn't say it either.

She had to be so arrogant!

Fu Yuesheng chuckled softly. His low and mellow laughter seemed to overflow from his throat. It was very sexy.

"What are you laughing at? " Yun lige was about to explode. "You'RE NOT ALLOWED TO LAUGH! "

Fu Yuesheng was still looking at her. He slowly, slowly leaned over... ...

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