His Little Fortune Chapter 794

Chapter 794: Chapter 758 Fu Yuesheng 6

He slowly approached.

A tall shadow enveloped Yun lige.

As if realizing what Fu Yuesheng wanted to do, Yun lige widened her beautiful eyes and wanted to take a step back. "Brother Fu... "

She wanted to step back.

But she didn't want to step back.

Finally, the man's thin lips fell. The dry lines of his lips touched Yun Lige's pink and soft lips. He Kissed Yun Lige.

The banquet hall downstairs was brightly lit.

The handsome man upstairs kissed the delicate girl. At this moment, everything was as beautiful as an oil painting with a golden frame.

Fu Yuesheng's thin lips held Yun lige's lips. His gentle kiss was like a feather, gently sweeping across the tip of Yun Lige's heart.

He sensed that the man wanted to kiss her deeply and wanted to conquer the city... ...

Yun Lige came back to her senses.

She stretched out her two little white hands and placed them on Fu Yuesheng's straight shoulders. Her little head leaned back slightly.

She called for a time-out. "brother Fu, don't... "

When she said that, her face turned as red as a tomato.

Fu Yuesheng looked at her with a deep gaze. "Why? "

"What do you mean, why? " Yun Lige's small voice sounded a little exasperated.

Was there even a need to say that?

She glanced around the hall downstairs guiltily. It seemed that no one had noticed the two of them.

With her snow-white face, she said seriously and seriously, "the two of us are in an underground relationship now. How... How can we do such a thing in public! What if others see it and let GRANDPA, big brother, and big sister know? What should we do? "

Fu Yuesheng frowned slightly and asked, "is our relationship so shady? "

Yun Lige:"..."

She was annoyed. "How could I say that? Fu Yuesheng, don't misinterpret what I mean, okay? What I mean is that I'm still underage. When I'm an adult, everything... Everything will be easy to talk about. "

She knew that there was a big age difference between her and brother Fu.

Moreover, she was not an adult yet. She already had an intimate relationship with brother Fu, and she was the one who took the initiative to do it.

If all these things were known by others, everyone would only say that brother Fu was not right. No one would blame an underage girl.

But she liked being with brother Fu.

She felt very happy and happy.

So, she didn't want to cause unnecessary trouble for brother Fu.

So, how did brother Fu understand her painstaking efforts? She actually said that their relationship was shameful.

She didn't mean that.

Fu Yuesheng actually knew what Yun Lige was worried about.

His cold eyes softened. Fu Yuesheng said in a low voice, "Ah Li. "

His "ah Li" was very affectionate. Even the tempered steel became soft.

Yun lige's face was red. Her Black and white eyes looked at Fu Yuesheng as she stuttered,"... what, what?"

Fu Yuesheng's deep eyes stared at her. "Ah Li, I miss you very much. "

Being looked at like that by the man she liked, it was the same kind of confession.

Yun lige's entire face flushed even redder.

"Isn't it seeing each other every day? ... What do you want to say or not? " Yun lige stuttered even more.

Her snow-white teeth bit her lower lip. Yun Lige was flustered

"I think I heard someone calling me from below. It seems to be big brother. Big Brother Fu, I'm going down first. You should hurry down later. "

After she finished speaking, she fled like a defeated deserter in front of Fu Yuesheng.

Fu Yuesheng looked at Yun lige's slender back.

His eyes were slowly filled with understanding.

'Ah Li, I miss you so much! '!

He still wanted to say this to her.

From the moment he found out that she had committed suicide.

Until now, when he saw her again.

Actually, it had only been a few days.

But every minute and every second of these few days, he felt as if he was in hell.

That kind of pain and suffering would cause one to directly break down.


Yun lige used brother Yun as a shield and went downstairs again.

But there were indeed people looking for her.

It wasn't brother Yun, but Yun Limei.

Today was grandfather Yun's sixtieth birthday.

The most important part of the banquet was still the birthday gift.

Yun Limei wanted to ask what Gift Yun Lige had prepared for grandfather.

Yun lige made Yun Limei feel at ease. "Don't worry, sister. I've already prepared the gift for grandfather. I believe grandfather will definitely like it. "

Yun Limei was not worried. The family loved Li Ge the most, not to mention grandfather.

She said, "grandfather will like whatever you give him. I'm just afraid that you haven't prepared it. "

Yun lige was unwilling when she heard that. She pouted and said, "sister, am I such a unreliable person? "

Yun Limei did not give her any face at all and said directly, "with your outgoing personality, you're reliable. "

Yun lige felt that she was speechless.

But what was wrong with her outgoing personality.

Brother Fu doted on her too.

Well, many people couldn't compare to her boyfriend.

Soon, it was time for the birthday celebration.

At Old Master Yun's age, the gifts given by the people present were normal.

They were mostly jade stones, antiques, and paintings. No one could pick out the wrong gifts.

The birthday gift was just a gesture to make old master Yun happy. After all, old master Yun didn't lack anything.

Yun lige didn't see what her elder brother gave her grandfather. She only saw that her elder sister gave her grandfather a statue of maitreya carved out of jade.

The Buddha statue was not small, it was half a meter tall.

Looking at the Buddha statue, Yun lige was a little surprised. Her elder sister was really rich.

When it was time for Yun Lige to give her gift, Yun Lige took the rectangular box that she had prepared beforehand and handed it to old master Yun.

She smiled and said, "grandfather, I wish you a happy birthday, I wish you a happy day! Love me well. "

Old Master Yun laughed when he heard that. "You little girl, how can you say such words? Love You well? Isn't grandfather doting on you enough? "

Yun lige smiled mischievously. "Grandfather already dotes on me enough, but you can still dote on me more. "

Old Master Yun looked at his little granddaughter and smiled even more lovingly.

He took the box and asked, "what gift did Xiao Ge prepare for grandfather? "

Yun lige was not shy. She said, "grandfather, you can open it and take a look. "

Old Master Yun opened the box. Inside was a scroll. From the looks of it, it was a painting.

Old Master Yun would definitely be happy if Yun Lige gave him anything. However, when he saw this, old master Yun still said,

"Xiao Ge gave him a painting just like them? "

"That's not true, " Yun Lige said. "Even though it's a painting, it's different. "

Old Master Yun asked, "what's different about it? "

Yun Lige pouted and said, "GRANDPA, you'll know once you open it. "

Old Master Yun obeyed and took out a scroll from the box. He opened it.

When the old man saw it, his eyes welled up with tears.

Yun lige's gift was indeed a painting.

However, this painting was a family portrait.

Other than old master Yun, there was also the deceased grandmother Yun, Father Yun, mother Yun, brother Yun, sister Yun, and Yun lige herself. When she was painting, she had selfishly drawn Fu Yuesheng beside her.


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