His Little Fortune Chapter 795

Chapter 795: Chapter 759 Fu Yunfan Wai 7

Not only old master Yun, but even big brother Yun and Yun Limei's eyes became moist after seeing this photo.

Father Yun and mother Yun passed away early.

Not long after Yun Lige was born, she passed away due to an accident.

Yun lige could be said to have been brought up by the eldest sister and big brother of the Yun family. Because of this, old master Yun especially doted on this little granddaughter who had lost her parents not long after she was born.

Yun Lige did not have much impression of her parents. She always said to her that her eldest sister was just like her mommy. As for her big brother, he was still a silly big brother.

When she drew this painting, she was still looking at the old photos of her father and mother Yun, drawing the whole family together.

Now it looked like...

Yes, Grandfather liked it very much, elder brother liked it very much, elder sister... ... Seeing that she was so moved that she was about to cry, she should also like it very much ...

However, what Yun lige cared about the most right now was still her brother Fu's reaction.

Her gaze secretly landed on Fu Yuesheng's handsome face, wanting to see what expression he had.

When she took a look, she saw that Fu Yuesheng was looking at the painting. His deep gaze was unblinking, and she couldn't tell what he was thinking.

Seeing that she had painted it so well and even painted him on it, was he so happy that he was dumbfounded?

Fu Yuesheng looked at the painting and was a little absent-minded for a moment.

In his previous life, he actually did not see the gift that Ah Li had given to old master Yun.

In his previous life, he was immersed in the pleasure of getting his revenge. Before he was about to send a congratulatory gift to old Master Yun, he appeared and gave the first and last birthday present at the birthday party.

Now that he thought about it, Fu Yuesheng could only remember that old master Yun fainted and was sent to the hospital.

Yun Limei and the big brother of the Yun family looked at Yun lige in disappointment.

There was also ah Li, who was standing in the crowd with a Pale face.

At the first moment, she looked at him for help.

But he was like an outsider, detached from the matter, looking at her coldly and cruelly.

At that time, she probably realized who did this.

Her body had completely lost its vitality.

Now, Fu Yuesheng looked at the family portrait in front of him.

In the portrait, he was standing next to Ah Li, who was smiling brightly.

So, at that time, ah Li had already treated him as a family member?

So, he was already a member of the Yun Family?

"brother Fu, brother Fu... "

Fu Yuesheng was immersed in his past nightmares. At this time, he only regained his senses when he heard the girl calling him softly.

Yun Lige had drawn this family portrait and wanted to ask for praise.

While Fu Yuesheng was in a daze, old master Yun had already expressed that he was very satisfied with this gift. He said that she had drawn well and prepared a very thoughtful gift.

Big Brother Yun and big sister Yun also praised Yun Lige a few times.

Yun Lige was very pleased with the praise.

But what she wanted to hear the most right now was big brother Fu's praise.

In the end, big brother Fu just kept looking at the painting, not saying a word.

What was it? Although she felt that her drawing was very good, it was not so good that there was any deep meaning to it. It needed to be studied and observed like this.

Hence, she called Fu Yuesheng.

Fu Yuesheng came back to his senses and looked at Yun Lige. "En? "


Eh Your head!

But this was a public place after all. She was a Lady, an elegant Lady, and she had to be dignified!

Yun Lige's snow-white face was beaming as she asked, "brother Fu, what do you think of this gift that I gave to grandfather? "

Fu Yuesheng looked at the family portrait again and nodded lightly. "Not bad. "

What was not bad.

It was obviously super awesome, alright? ! !

Yun lige continued to smile, and her tone was somewhat gnashing her teeth. "It's just not bad. Then brother Fu, what gift did your grandfather prepare? "

Yes, this was a conflict!

As soon as Yun lige finished speaking, everyone's attention was also focused on Fu Yuesheng.

They all wanted to see what gift Fu Yuesheng had prepared for old master Yun.

Speaking of Fu Yuesheng, his position in the Yun family was a little awkward.

The Fu family was considered pretty good in Tong city in the early years. However, Fu Yuesheng's father failed in business and the Fu family went bankrupt. Fu Yuesheng jumped off a building and committed suicide. It was the Yun family who took in Fu Yuesheng, who was pregnant at the time. Fu Yuesheng's mother gave birth to a son in the Yun family, which was Fu Yuesheng.

When Fu Yuesheng was eight years old, Fu Yuesheng's mother committed suicide in the Fu family one night.

No one knew the reason for Fu Yuesheng's suicide. The outside world speculated that Fu Yuesheng's mother loved Fu Yuesheng deeply when Fu Yuesheng committed suicide. She originally wanted to follow Fu Yuesheng and leave, but she couldn't bear to part with the child because she was pregnant.

At that time, Fu Yuesheng was already eight years old and was supported by the Fu family. Fu Yuesheng's mother felt that she no longer had anything to worry about, so she followed Fu Yuesheng and committed suicide.

However, all these were just speculations. The outside world had different opinions on why Fu Yuesheng committed suicide. The Yun family and Fu Yuesheng had never mentioned this matter.

Fu Yuesheng had grown up in the Yun family and could be considered half a grandson of old master Yun.

Now that it was old master Yun's birthday, everyone wanted to see what kind of birthday present he would give old master Yun.

Fu Yuesheng looked at Yun lige's crafty face. How could he not know what his Ah Li was planning.

He was also very clear that the others also wanted to know what he would give them.

Some were purely curious, while some had their own plans in mind. They wanted to get some benefits from the Yun family, or they wanted to start with Fu Yuesheng. Their thoughts were deep and complicated. There were also some who just couldn't stand an orphan whose family was bankrupt and whose parents had both forgotten They should have been living a miserable life, but they were lucky enough to be adopted by the Yun family. They just wanted to see a joke.

In his previous life, the big gift he gave to old master Yun was the CD that recorded the audio. It was released in public and dealt a heavy blow to old master Yun.

Old Master Yun was hospitalized because of this, and he passed away not long after.

The Yun family fell into the hands of Fu Yuesheng.

And in this life... ...

Fu Yuesheng's gaze moved away from Yun Lige's snow-white face and looked at old master Yun.

Old Master Yun was looking at him lovingly.

"Happy Birthday, Grandfather. "

Fu Yuesheng said calmly. Even though he was celebrating his birthday, he was still so calm that it made people's hair stand on end

"The present I prepared for GRANDPA is... "

Yes, yes, what is it?

Yun Lige was listening with her little ears.

She just wanted to know what present brother Fu had prepared for GRANDPA, and if he still dared to praise her present properly.

She didn't believe that his present would be better than hers.

The next second, Yun lige heard Fu Yuesheng say,"... grandson-in-law!"


Bamboo shoot girl Xu Xu or Xu Xu?

What exactly did brother Fu give her? Why didn't she understand?

Not only was Yun lige confused, the others were also puzzled.

They didn't know what Fu Yuesheng was talking about.

Yun Limei was also puzzled. She opened her mouth and asked with a smile, "Yuesheng, what did you say just now? "

Fu Yuesheng didn't say anything this time. He directly replaced it with actions.

One big hand pulled Yun Lige, who was still confused on his side, and the other big hand held Yun lige's stunned little face. She raised her sharp chin, controlled her movements, and kissed her deeply with tenderness and infatuation... ...

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