His Little Fortune Chapter 796

Chapter 796: Chapter 760 Fu Yuesheng 8

When Fu Yuesheng kissed her, Yun Lige didn't realize what had happened.

Until the man's tongue was strong, strong and irresistible, and gently pried open her snow-white teeth, entangling with her soft tongue... ...

Until someone around reacted first and gasped.

Until Yun Limei shouted, "Yuesheng, Xiaoge, you guys... "

But all of this seemed to not affect Fu Yuesheng at all.

He held Yun lige's sweet little face with one big hand and kissed his girl as if no one else was around.

His girl said that they were still in an underground relationship and that they could not go downstairs to hug each other in public.

His girl had just rejected his kiss, so he had to kiss her in public.

He wanted everyone to know that she was his.

For the rest of his life.

Everything in the banquet hall seemed to have frozen at this moment.

Fu Yuesheng Kissed Yun Lige. Yun Lige subconsciously felt that it was not good to kiss brother Fu on such an occasion and wanted to push him away.

However, little white's hand was placed on Fu Yuesheng's broad shoulders, but it was soft. Her entire body seemed to have lost its strength and could only bear his kiss.

The man's familiar smell came from all directions and filled the tip of her nose.

The refreshing smell of aftershave and the faint smell of tobacco were the unique smell of a mature man.

The lights were bright.

The banquet hall was flowing with soft music.

The two of them kissed for an unknown amount of time, so long that Yun Lige felt that she was about to be deprived of oxygen.

At this moment, old master Yun, who had been sitting at the side, finally reacted.

The old man's wrinkled face could not hide his shock.

He said angrily, "What are you doing? Yuesheng, what are you doing? "

Yun lige could still pretend that she did not hear what the others were saying.

But when her grandfather spoke, Yun Lige came back to her senses. She whimpered, and Xiao Bai pushed Fu Yuesheng, indicating for him to stop.

Fu Yuesheng did stop.

In this life, he did not want to go against Ah Li's wishes.

The man's thin lips reluctantly left the girl's Soft Lips.

Her Saliva was on his thin lips. His pitch-black and deep eyes looked at Yun Lige as he said in a low voice, "Ah Li, I love you. "

This could be considered a public confession.

Yun lige's snow-white face immediately turned red.

Under the light, the girl's pink cheeks were blushing. Her Lips, which had just been kissed, were also blushing with a watery luster.

She muttered softly, "brother Fu, I also... like you. "

After all, she was not as thick-skinned as the man. She could not make her confess her feelings more loudly.

Fu Yuesheng said that he liked Yun lige and did not deliberately stress his voice. Everyone around them heard Yun Lige's answer.

Naturally, Yun Limei, big brother Yun, and old master Yun also heard it.

Old Master Yun was already agitated by Fu Yuesheng Kissing his underage granddaughter. Now that he heard Fu Yuesheng confess his love to his granddaughter, he almost could not breathe.

His dry hands trembled as he said, "you two... you two, what's going on? "

Seeing this, Yun Limei quickly went up to help Yun lige calm down. "Grandfather, grandfather, please take a breath. Calm down, don't be too excited. It's your birthday today, don't be too excited! "

As she spoke, she winked at Yun Lige and Fu Yuesheng and said, "Yuesheng, Xiao Ge, the two of you go upstairs first. If you have anything to say, we'll talk later. "

"What do you mean later? Give me a proper explanation. "

Yun Lige glared and said sternly, "the birthday banquet ends here today. Yuesheng, Xiao Ge, the two of you come to the study room. "


Yun lige's face turned bitter when she heard that.

It was over.

What she hated the most was her grandfather's study room.

When she was young, if she misbehaved and did something bad, even though her grandfather doted on her, he was not without a bottom line. She would still be punished. He would always punish her in the study room for copying books, or simply punish her by standing in the study room.

It had been a long time since she went to her grandfather's study room.

It's all your fault!

Yun Lige glared at Fu Yuesheng fiercely with her small eyes.

Fu Yuesheng's handsome face was indifferent, and there was a touch of warm doting in his eyes.

He said, "don't worry, I'll accompany you. "

Yun Lige:"..."

Wasn't this F * Cking your doing?

And you're accompanying me.

SOB, SOB, SOB, she was clearly implicated!

Yun lige and Fu Yuesheng followed behind old master Yun with a bitter smile and went upstairs.

Big Brother Yun felt especially sad.

After this incident, Grandfather called little GE and Yuesheng upstairs.

The birthday banquet definitely couldn't go on. He had to send off the guests who had come to attend the banquet in a good manner.


Old Master Yun was already old. The style of the study room was something that an old man of his age would like.

There were books and antiques on the Antique bookcase.

There was an armchair and a big desk carved out of Sandalwood. The color was dark and heavy.

Yun lige stood in front of the desk, silently wanting to criticize her grandfather's taste.

It was this style of decoration. Even if she was not punished, she did not want to come over.

Not to mention that she might be punished now.

"Let go of my hand. "

Old Master Yun sat on the armchair and shouted with a cold face, "what's the point of two people pulling at each other? "

Let go of her hand?

Let go of what?

Yun lige was yelled at by old master Yun. When she came back to her senses, she found that she was holding hands with Fu Yuesheng.

It was as if the two of them were holding hands, and it was natural.

Yun lige wanted to let go of her little white hand, but her grandfather was about to get angry. It was quite scary.

She didn't want to make her grandfather angry.

Well, even though her grandfather was already angry now.

She just moved her little hand, but Fu Yuesheng also moved. His big hand became more and more forceful, holding Yun Lige's little hand tightly. She couldn't break free.

Old Master Yun saw that he had already spoken, but the two of them actually didn't let go. They even seemed to be tightening their grip. He was already angry enough and even angrier.

"Why aren't you letting go? "

Old Master Yun couldn't contain his anger. "Aren't you going to listen to GRANDPA's words? "

Yun Lige:"..."

Listen, listen!

She wanted to let go, but brother Fu held her even tighter. It was all his fault and his fault, okay.

She glared fiercely at Fu Yuesheng again. The man didn't even look at her. It was useless.

Fu Yuesheng said calmly, "grandfather, if you have anything to say, just say it. "

He had no intention of letting go of Yun Lige at all.

He was also using actions to express his attitude.

Grandfather Yun saw the two of them clenching their hands. After all, the old man had seen great storms before. At this time, he had already somewhat calmed down.

He narrowed his eyes and his turbid gaze fell on Fu Yuesheng and Yun Lige as if he was sizing them up.

After a while, he said, "Xiao Ge, you go out first. I have something to say to Yuesheng. "

When Yun lige heard that her grandfather wanted her to go out, she was displeased. "Grandfather, if you have something to say, say it now. I'll listen to it with brother Fu. "


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