His Little Fortune Chapter 797

Chapter 797: Chapter 761 Fu Yun Fan Wai 9

Old Master Yun frowned and lowered his voice, "Xiao Ge, get out. Grandfather has something to say to Yue Sheng. "

Yun lige pursed her pink lips Stubborn, "No, I'm not going out. Who knows what you're going to say to brother Fu? What if you ask brother Fu to leave me? Grandfather, just say what you're thinking. There's nothing that the two of us can't hear together when I'm with brother Fu. "

Old Master Yun heard his granddaughter's words.

He had already calmed down, but he almost couldn't catch his breath.

Listen to this. What kind of words are these? Why is he so unreasonable as a grandfather?

Old Master Yun pulled a long face and said, "Xiao Ge, you're so protective of Yue Sheng. Why aren't you listening to grandfather's words? "

Yun Lige had actually always listened to old master Yun.

Grandfather, big brother, and big sister all loved her very much.

She understood.

But what did this have to do with being obedient now.

It was very obvious that if she went out, who knew what grandfather would say to brother Fu? He might even break up the couple.

Yun Lige pouted her little mouth, looking a little coquettish as she said softly, "then, grandfather, what do you want to say to brother Fu? It's not a big deal. So what if you say it to me and brother Fu Together? "

Old Master Yun:"..."

Don't be coquettish. Do you think he will fall for that?

But clearly, Yun Lige's coquetry was very useful.

Old Master Yun's originally calm old face softened a little.

His tone also softened. He said lovingly, "Xiao Ge, grandfather won't say anything to Yue Sheng. you go out for a while. Grandfather has something to tell him. Be Obedient, understand? "

Yun Lige pouted.

GRANDPA told her to be obedient, so what could she do?

Today, brother Fu kissed her in public, and her relationship with brother Fu was exposed in front of everyone.

It was not that this was something that could not be seen in the light, but she had originally planned to wait until she became an adult before telling GRANDPA.

At night, GRANDPA was also greatly agitated, so she had better go out obediently.

"Alright, I'll go out. GRANDPA, you can tell brother Fu. "

Yun lige compromised a little and looked at old master Yun with her clear eyes. She said coquettishly, "then GRANDPA, don't bully brother Fu, understand? "

Old Master Yun:"..."

The old man waved his hand weakly. "I won't. "

"GRANDPA, you promise? "

"I promise. I promise you that I won't bully him. "

Yun lige was relieved after hearing old master Yun's repeated promises.

She wanted to leave the study. Before she left the study, she raised her little head and looked at Fu Yuesheng's handsome face. She said seriously,

"Brother Fu, if grandpa tells you to leave me, I'm still young. Don't listen to anything, understand? "

Old Master Yun:"..."

Fu Yuesheng's thin lips curled into a faint smile. He raised his hand to stroke Yun Lige's soft hair and said in a deep and mellow voice, "okay. "

"Okay. " Yun lige received the guarantee and nodded heavily.

"GRANDPA, don't take advantage of your seniority to bully brother Fu. " Before going out of the study, Yun Lige specially instructed old master Yun once again.

Old Master Yun deeply felt the meaning behind the words, "when a woman is old, she should not stay. ".

This woman was not even old enough to get married.

She could not wait any longer.


Yun lige left the study room.

Yun Limei was waiting outside. When she saw Yun lige coming out of the study room, she immediately asked, "Xiao Ge, why are you out? Where are grandfather and Yue Sheng? "

Yun lige touched the tip of her nose with her small hand and said, "grandfather said that he has something to say to brother Fu. He wants me to come out and not listen inside. "

After a pause, she mumbled again, "it's okay for me to listen inside. I don't know how grandfather will bully brother Fu. "

Yun Limei:"..."

Yue Sheng was being bullied. It was really hard for her to imagine.

However, now was not the time to think about this matter.

Yun Limei's expression was serious as she asked Yun lige seriously, "Li Ge, you're together with Yue Sheng? When did this happen? "


for visiting.

It was a love greeting from her big sister.

"It... it hasn't been long. " Yun lige felt a little guilty ...

Yun lige frowned and looked at her. "How long has it been? "

Under Yun Limei's gaze, Yun Lige said in a small voice, "a year ago. "

"A year ago? " Yun Limei raised her voice and said somewhat angrily, "a year ago, you were only fifteen. How could Yue Sheng do this? Lige, you're still young. Don't be fooled by him. "

Yun Lige:"..."

She said in a low voice, "Um, big sister? "

"Why? Do you want to speak up for him? " When Yun Limei saw Yun lige speak up, her anger was directed at her. "Little Ge, you're still young. You have to know that a man's words are unreliable... "

Yun lige was a little embarrassed. "But big sister, I was the one who confessed to brother Fu at that time... "

Yun Limei:"..."

Yun lige continued, "I've liked brother Fu since the first day he came to our house. "

Yun Limei:"..."

She looked at Yun lige and said, "Xiao Ge, when Yue Sheng came to our house, you were just born, right? How can you like him? HMM? "

"Why can't I like him? " Yun Lige said righteously, "then I've liked him since I was a baby. Why, can't I? "

This logic, yet she said it so righteously.

At this moment, even Yun Limei wanted to roll her eyes at her beloved little sister

"Fine, fine, fine. You're the only one who's reasonable. What kind of twisted logic is in your little head? "

Yun lige stuck out her tongue mischievously. "It's always been that way. "

Big Sister Yun was helpless.

"Big sister. "

Yun lige suddenly stopped smiling.

Her snow-white face changed into a serious little look.

Big Sister Yun was also serious because of her look. "What's wrong? Why did this happen all of a sudden? "

"I like brother Fu. "

Yun lige looked at big sister Yun, her beautiful eyes sparkling She said seriously, "I like brother Fu. I really, really like him. I want to be with him for the rest of my life. "This idea is not because I'm young, nor is it because I was deceived by him. "It's because I like him. I like brother Fu out of my own will and true thoughts. "

Yun Limei stared at Yun Lige for a few seconds.

After a while, she laughed and said, "our little song has grown up. She knows how to like people. "

"hehe. " Yun lige laughed foolishly.

However, Yun Limei said, "but it's too easy for our Xiao Ge to be together with Yue Sheng. "

Yun Lige:"..."


Compared to Yun Limei and Yun Lige, who were outside the study room, the two of them were very happy and harmonious.

The atmosphere in the study room was slightly solemn.

Old Master Yun sat on the Armchair and looked at Fu Yuesheng, who was standing in front of him. He had a tall and straight body, and his well-fitted suit was filled with a silent pressure.

The little boy who came to the Fu family at the age of eight had already grown into a mature, outstanding, and very intimidating man.

Old Master Yun sighed heavily and said,

"Yuesheng... "

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