His Little Fortune Chapter 798

Chapter 798: Chapter 762 Fu Yuesheng 10

Old Master Yun looked at Fu Yuesheng with his turbid eyes and asked in a deep voice,

"What's going on between you and Xiao Ge? "

Fu Yuesheng's eyes were very calm as he said calmly, "it's what you see. "

"What I see? "

Old Master Yun asked in return, "are you together with Xiao Ge? "

This question was actually a little redundant.

Not to mention the kiss in the banquet hall, even the strength that Yun lige used to protect Fu Yuesheng just now was the shy state of a little girl who was in love.

There was no need to ask or answer.

Therefore, Fu Yuesheng did not answer this question. He just looked at old master Yun indifferently and asked indifferently,

"GRANDPA, what do you want to say when you ask Li to go out? "

Old Master Yun looked at Fu Yuesheng for a long time and said,

"Yuesheng, you are twenty-four years old this year. You have been in our house for sixteen years, right? "

"Yes, " Fu Yuesheng answered. His cold and handsome face unexpectedly softened with a touch of tenderness.

Sixteen years.

Sixteen years ago, he came to the Yun family. That year, his Li was just born. He still remembered seeing her little appearance when she was just born.

Children who were just born were generally not good-looking. Their skin was red and wrinkled like a little old lady.

So ugly!

But not long after, they grew and were white and tender.

It was this little baby who grinned at him when he looked at her.

An eight-year-old little boy, even though he was already an adult now, was so young and living under someone else's roof. He did not smile much and was silent.

Even though big sister Yun and big brother Yun treated him well, he was still silent and no one knew how much pressure he was under.

However, the sweet smile of the Little Baby Somehow made him feel at ease.

Later on, ah Li gradually grew up.

One, two, three, four... ...

He was wearing a shapely little skirt with two pigtails tied around it. He would follow behind him and call out to him in a childish voice,

"Big Brother Fu, big brother Fu, are you playing with Ah Li? "

"Big Brother Fu, do you think this doll looks good? Big sister bought it for me. Big Brother Fu, can you be daddy and I be Mommy? "

So stupid!

At that time, Xiao Yuesheng thought to herself as she saw Yun lige with her bubbling nose and Barbie doll in her arms.

Girls were really troublesome creatures.

However, he was the one who gave her a cold face and treated her indifferently. She would always follow behind him with a smile while brother Fu called her brother Fu.

She had never seen such a stupid woman.

"brother Fu, brother Fu, brother Fu... "

She called him brother Fu just like that and followed behind him for 15 years.

Then, when she was 15 years old, she confessed to him.

"Brother Fu, I like you. Can you stay with me? "

Fu Yuesheng still remembered the scene that day.

In the small garden of the Yun family's villa, the sun was shining brightly.

Ah Li was wearing a pure white long dress. She was obviously a more casual boy who jumped around, but she had to imitate the way the other person carried a girl and looked virtuous and virtuous.

She was standing next to a cluster of flowers in the garden.

She did not know what kind of flower it was. It was bright red and blooming brightly.

Her snow-white little face had a sweet and shy smile. It was bright and moving, even more eye-catching than the flowers

"We're already so familiar with each other. We're childhood sweethearts. It's perfect for us to be together. Isn't that right, brother Fu? "

He listened to her twisted reasoning and looked at the sly little fox-like look on her face. He seemed to have thought of something. He looked at the girl with his deep eyes and said calmly,

"Okay. "

At that time, Yun Lige didn't realize that although Fu Yuesheng said it was okay, his eyes were cold and indifferent.


Old Master Yun fell silent again.

After a while, he sighed deeply

"Yuesheng, you're already 24 years old, but Xiao Ge is still too young. Perhaps she's only with you because she grew up with you and relied on you. Have you ever thought that Xiao Ge's feelings for you might not be love? She's still so young and doesn't understand what love is, so... "... "

Before old master Yun could finish his sentence, Fu Yuesheng coldly and forcefully interrupted him.

Fu Yuesheng said, "grandfather, I know what you're going to say. She might not know what love is at this age, but I know that I love her. "

"You love Xiaoge? "

Old Master Yun narrowed his eyes and stared at Fu Yuesheng like an eagle "Yuesheng, you're not old enough now. Even a man's character is not enough. If you say you love her now, will you still love her in the future? Maybe in another year or two, you'll get tired of Xiaoge. You two can be siblings, but I'm afraid that you're not suitable to be lovers. "

"Of course I'll love her. "

Fu Yuesheng said in a low voice, "I've already loved her for a lifetime. "

"What lifetime? " Old Master Yun thought he didn't hear clearly.

"Nothing. "

Fu Yuesheng didn't intend to talk about what happened in his previous life. Instead, he said, "and GRANDPA, even if it's Li, she loves me more than you can imagine. "

Old Master Yun:"..."

Where did this confidence come from?

Old Master Yun said, "Li is still young. She hasn't met many people yet. She has come into contact with others and understood them. Yuesheng, her possibilities in the future can not be limited to you. If you love her, you should let her choose for herself. "

Fu Yuesheng listened to old master Yun quietly.

He took out a cigarette and a fire from his suit pocket and lit it.

His long fingers held the cigarette to his thin lips. He took a deep breath and slowly blew out a smoke ring.

He only took one puff and walked to the desk. Old Master Yun did not smoke, and there was no ashtray on the desk. Fu Yuesheng directly put out the cigarette on the Sandalwood Desk.

The desk was immediately burned, ruining the beauty of the entire desk.

"Old Master Yun. "

Fu Yuesheng changed the way he addressed old master Yun. He no longer called him grandfather, and his tone was no longer as indifferent as before. Instead, it seemed to have an inexplicable sense of disgust

"I will not give Ah Li the right to choose, do you understand "Ah Li will only have me as her only man in her entire life. Regardless of whether she has the illusion of love because she grew up with me or not, even if she falls in love with other men in the future, she can only be with me Do you understand?"

Old Master Yun's aged tone was heavy

"Yuesheng, you and Xiao Ge... you two... "

Old Master Yun seemed to want to say something, but when the words were about to reach his mouth, he changed the topic. "You and Xiao Ge are not suitable. "

Fu Yuesheng narrowed his eyes and looked at old master Yun with his deep, dark eyes. "Old Master Yun, you think that Ah Li and I are not suitable. Why do you think that we are not suitable? "

Old Master Yun did not say anything.

"Let me guess... "

Fu Yuesheng's thin lips and slender fingers played with the lighter that he had just taken out. His thin lips curled into a mocking smile

"It's because my parents died because of your Yun family, right? "

Old Master Yun's expression changed drastically when he heard that

"Yuesheng, you already know? "

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