His Little Fortune Chapter 799

Chapter 799: Chapter 763 Fu Yuesheng

"What do you know? "

Fu Yuesheng's thin lips curled into a cold smile

"I know what your Yun family did to my Fu family back then. I know that my parents died because of your Yun family. I was adopted by your Yun family not because of your Yun family's good intentions, but because you all harbored a guilty heart and wanted to make up for it. You thought that by adopting me, you would be able to wipe the slate clean and gain a good reputation as a good Samaritan. Is that all? "

Old Master Yun opened his mouth and looked like a drowning fish. His face was Pale. "Yuesheng... "

"If that's the case... " Fu Yuesheng didn't listen to old master Yun at all. "Then yes, I do know everything. "

Old Master Yun looked at Fu Yuesheng in disappointment.

That expression was indeed full of guilt for Fu Yuesheng. At the same time, there was an unexplainable uneasiness and heartache.

The matter between the Yun family and the Fu family was actually very simple.

The Yun and Fu families had cooperated a few years ago. The cooperation was jointly organized by old Master Yun's son, Yun Lige's father, and Father Fu.

However, during the collaboration process, Yun Lige's father became ambitious. He wanted to monopolize the profits and set up the Fu family to go bankrupt.

Yun lige's father chased after the debts of his creditors every day and night. He poured paint on the walls and made phone calls to threaten them. He threatened them with the Yun family and their children.

Yun lige's father finally couldn't take it anymore. He didn't want his wife and children to suffer, so he jumped off a building and committed suicide.

If that was the case, at most, it would be said that Yun lige's father didn't have enough means. In business, it was normal for people to cheat each other.

However, things weren't that simple.

The reason why Father Yun set fu Fu up was because he had taken a liking to Fu.

But Fu was already married to Fu and had a child. Fu was naturally in the way. After Fu went bankrupt, it was Father Yun who got people to do the debt collection, paint, and Harass Fu.

Father Yun took the opportunity to take care of Fu and Fu Yuesheng to the Fu family, using the excuse of taking care of his wife and children for his deceased friend.

As for what Father Yun liked about Fu, he did those things. It was unknown when he was discovered by mother Yun. Once, when the two of them were out, mother Yun and father Yun had an encouraging quarrel. Father Yun was driving at that time, and in this fierce quarrel.. A car accident happened.

The car crashed and the person died.

Old Master Yun investigated the car accident. After a detailed investigation, he found out what had happened that year.

At that time, Yun lige had just been born, Fu Yuesheng was eight years old, and mother Fu had also committed suicide not long after Father Yun and mother Yun had passed away.

All sorts of things happened.

The most innocent ones were father Fu, mother Fu, and Fu Yuesheng, who had indeed been set up by Father Yun, and Fu Yuesheng, who had become an orphan at a young age.

Old Master Yun knew that Fu Yuesheng had opened up and should have known everything.

He looked at Fu Yuesheng as if all his strength had been drained. He slowly said,

"Yuesheng, your family and our Yun family's matter is our Yun family's fault for your father, your mother, and even more so for letting you grow up alone. This is our Yun family's sin. "

Fu Yuesheng agreed. He said coldly, "yes, it is indeed your Yun family's sin. It is your Yun family's debt to my Fu family. "

Old Master Yun was almost embarrassed by his cold and calm gaze.

However, because he knew that Fu Yuesheng knew about what happened that year, he had a terrifying guess in his heart.

Old Master Yun said, "Yuesheng, why are you with Xiao Ge Do you really love Xiao Ge, or do you just want to take revenge on the Yun Family If you want to take revenge on the Yun family, then I beg you, don't do anything to Xiao Ge. She doesn't know anything about what happened that year. She's only a child now, she doesn't know anything."


Revenge! ! !

Hearing old master Yun say these two words.

Fu Yuesheng was in a daze for a moment.

Yes, he used to think that he was together with Ah Li just to take revenge.

To take revenge on everyone in the Yun family.

Because Ah Li was the youngest, she was doted on by everyone in the Yun family.

She was the granddaughter that Old Master Yun doted on, the little sister of Yun Limei and big brother Yun.

She grew up innocent and innocent, and was doted on.

As for him?

He could only live under someone else's roof, in the endless desolation and darkness.

He looked at her smiling happily, acting coquettishly.

He listened to her sweetly call him brother Fu.

She let him play with her.

What an annoying girl, the daughter of the Yun family.

On what basis?

As long as he destroyed her, he would also destroy the Yun family.

In his previous life, Fu Yuesheng thought and did the same thing.

Therefore, he released an audio recording of him and Ah Li at grandfather Yun's sixtieth birthday. Grandfather Yun was stimulated and sent to the hospital, but he did not make it and went.

The Yun family was shattered because of this matter.

Ah Li, ah Li had become a different person because of this incident.

As for him, Fu Yuesheng, was he happy?

Not Happy, he was actually not happy!

Fu Yuesheng only thought about how Yun Lige was pampered and pampered as she grew up, but he forgot to consider that he was also a part of Yun lige's pampering.

As brother Fu, he also watched her grow up.

Even that soft and cute little tail that followed behind him carried his entire youth from the age of eight to 24.

That kind of feeling was suppressed in his heart by his obsession for revenge in his previous life, and he completely ignored it.

Fu Yuesheng's eyes were deep and he looked askance at old master Yun. "I did, indeed, intend to do that. "

Old Master Yun did not pay attention to Fu Yuesheng's choice of words. His expression changed and he said anxiously,

"Yuesheng, no matter what you think of our Yun family now, Xiao Ge is innocent. Whatever you want to do, come at me. Xiao Ge doesn't know anything. "

"Come at you, old Master Yun? "

Fu Yuesheng laughed mockingly. "Old Master Yun, with just your life, how can you compensate my father and mother's lives? Don't you think too highly of yourself? "

Old Master Yun trembled.

Indeed, these things were all his son's fault. As a father, what right did he have to make Yue Sheng forgive him.

"Yue Sheng... " old master Yun seemed to have aged a few years in an instant.

Fu Yuesheng lowered his eyes. His slender fingers seemed to be casually playing with the silver-gray lighter.

"grandfather... " he said indifferently. Calling old master Yun grandfather made old master Yun Tremble.

Old Master Yun said with a trembling voice, "Yue Sheng, what did you call me? ''

"Grandfather! " Fu Yuesheng said calmly "Let's pretend that nothing happened today. From now on, I will continue to call you grandfather. I will be together with Ah Li. I will dote on her for the rest of her life and pamper her for the rest of her life. She can do whatever she wants. She doesn't have to do anything she doesn't want to do. Everything will be the same as before. You don't have to worry that I will treat ah Li badly."

Old Master Yun looked at Fu Yuesheng. After a while, he said, "Yuesheng, you... you don't hate our Yun family anymore? "

His parents died because of the Yun family. It was not too much for him to hate the Yun family.

"I do! "

"then you... "

Fu Yuesheng looked at old master Yun's old face and said in a low voice, "but no matter how much I hate your Yun family, it is not even one-thousandth of my love for ah Li. "

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