His Little Fortune Chapter 800

Chapter 800: Chapter 764 Fu Yuesheng 12

Old Master Yun trembled and could not speak for a long time.

After a long while, he said,

"Good, good... "

As for what was good, he did not say it.

Fu Yuesheng's dark and deep eyes were very calm. He said calmly, "so, old master Yun, whether your Yun family owes me, whether I love Ah Li or not, ah Li is mine for the rest of my life. Do you understand? "

Old Master Yun smiled bitterly.

How could he not understand.

This child, Yuesheng, had already made things so clear.

"Yuesheng... " old master Yun opened his mouth, and his voice was old and weak. "You want Ah Li now because you like Ah Li, but... but if one day you don't Love Ah Li, don't tell her that you sent her back to the Yun family. Don't hurt her. "

His words were already a compromise.

Whether it was because Xiao Ge had shyly said that she liked Yuesheng to him as a grandfather, it was also because... ... The Yun family owed the Fu family too much ...

As soon as old master Yun finished speaking, Fu Yuesheng said directly, "there won't be such a day. "

Old Master Yun laughed, "Yuesheng, I've walked more bridges than you have. I said that Xiao Ge has never met other men, so her choices are limited to you. Aren't you the same "In the future, you will come into contact with many women in the business world. There will even be women who take the initiative to approach you. There will even be people who want to curry favor with you and take the initiative to pack up women and send them to your bed. The temptation is everywhere. You're only 24. There's no need to be so anxious to assure me that you won't. "

Fu Yuesheng's expression was cold and solemn.

He did not argue with the old man about this.

If he couldn't, he wouldn't!

He had already used the pain of a lifetime to test this relationship. Other than Ah Li, he did not want anyone, and he did not dote on anyone.

Other than Ah Li, no other woman would become his Mrs. Fu.

"another thing... "

Old Master Yun suddenly thought of something and added as if warning, "Yuesheng, ah Li is still young. You can be with her, but before she comes of age, you can not touch her. "

Fu Yuesheng raised his eyes and said with a faint smile, "Ali is already mine. "

Old Master Yun:"..."

Old Master Yun almost couldn't catch his breath. He said angrily, "already yours. What do you mean by that? "

Fu Yuesheng said calmly, "it's literally what I mean. "

Old Master Yun:"..."

He scolded angrily, "B * Stard, B * Stard! How dare you, B * Stard... "

Because he was too agitated, old master Yun raised his voice very high and his tone was very furious.

Yun lige waited outside for Fu Yuesheng to not come out for a long time. Before she could finish her conversation with her grandfather, she quietly opened a small crack in the door.

As soon as she opened it, she heard old master Yun Scolding Fu Yuesheng in anger.

She was anxious and immediately pushed open the door to the study room. She quickly walked in front of Fu Yuesheng with her little white hands held horizontally, looking like she was protecting her child

"grandfather, don't you dare scold brother Fu! "

Old Master Yun:"..."

Old Master Yun, who was originally in a fit of anger, saw Yun lige suddenly rush out in a hurry. He was not angry, nor was he not angry.

He said, "Xiao Ge, what are you doing here? Didn't grandfather tell you to wait outside? Do I have something to say to Yuesheng? "

Yun Lige pouted and said, "If I don't come in, I don't know how you'll bully brother Fu. "

Old Master Yun:"..."

"Grandfather, are you done talking to brother Fu? I'm taking brother Fu away. "

Yun lige didn't wait for old master Yun to speak. She grabbed Fu Yuesheng's big hand and walked out of the study.

Old Master Yun:"..."

Looking at her granddaughter's back.

The old man was heartbroken.

His own green cabbage had been stolen.



Yun lige grabbed Fu Yuesheng and walked past Yun Limei to her room.

After entering the room, she turned around and looked up at Fu Yuesheng. She asked with concern, "brother Fu, did grandpa bully you just now? "

If nothing unexpected happened tomorrow, Fu Yuesheng would end his affair and then make up for Ninth Master Xi Bao and Shi Mu's married life

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