His Little Fortune Chapter 802

Chapter 802: Chapter 766: Sweet after marriage: Xiao Jiuyan, are you F * Cking poisonous? !

"I missed her on the first day after she left. "

"I missed her on the second day after she left. "

"I missed her on the third day after she left. "

Xiao Mansion, living room.

It had been three days since Mu Yixun left Tong City and returned to Akira family in Country H.

For the past three days, Shi Budai had been running to Xiao Mansion every day and howling.

After all, before Mu Yixun left, she had told Guan Xi to go back to Akira family to get her things.

Shi Budai did not dare to urge Mu Yixun back, so he could only come to Xiao Mansion to "Harass" Guan Xi every day and scrounge for food.

Just as they finished eating, Guan Xi moved into the living room and was eating a Mousse dessert. Shi Budai followed her out and continued to Howl, hoping to Attract Guan Xi's attention so that she could call Mu Yixun back.

Guan Xi was indifferent to this. She turned on the television and watched the movie happily.

Xiao Shengdai and the already grown-up ice cream were also eating dessert.

Xiao Shengdai did not know who he inherited it from, but he was quite fond of these little desserts.

However, he could not stand Shi Budai howling on the side anymore.

"Uncle Shi, can you be quiet for a while? "

Xiao Shengdai's face was cold and delicate, and his small voice carried a hint of disdain. "Can't we have a good dessert together? "

The ice cream whimpered twice, indicating that it was in agreement with the little master.

Shi Budai:"..."

F * Ck, was he being educated by a five or six-year-old Brat?

F * Ck, this little nephew was really the son of old Xiao, and his tone was just as annoying.

Shi Budai's slender fingers stroked his chin, and he pretended to be deep. "little nephew, you won't understand the sweet pain of love. When you grow up, you'll be able to understand your uncle Shi. "

Xiao Shengdai:"..."

He didn't really want to understand!

Moreover, he had told his grandfather that Uncle Shi's brain would sometimes go haywire, and it was very scary.

He didn't want to become such an adult in the future.

He cherished his intelligence and stayed away from the handicapped!

In any case, that was probably what he meant.

Shi Budai saw that Xiao Shengdai's expression still didn't change as he looked at him. He felt like he was talking to old Xiao.

Forget it, forget it, I'm scared now.

He'd better ask his sister-in-law when Xun would come back.

"sister-in-law. "

Shi Budai stood up and moved to Guan Xi's side.

Guan Xi was watching a movie starring Xu Junyang.

Akira Mato had returned her old memories.

But perhaps it had been many years, but Guan Xi always felt surreal when she thought about it.

What was her life like in Tong City in the past? She remembered it, but it felt like a dream.

So Guan Xi learned more about the people and things related to the past.

This Xu Junyang, she had worked with him as an actor in the past and even formed a couple.

In the entertainment industry, he was quite good-looking.

Of course, compared to her ninth master's stunning beauty, he was still far from it.

Shi Budai suddenly came over. Guan Xi's gaze moved away from the television screen, and her pink lips were about to say something.

However, she saw a tall and straight figure of a man behind Shi Budai. He had a cold and beautiful face, and he was holding Shi Budai's clothes at the back of her neck as he dragged her backward

"Shi Budai, stay away from my wife. "

for visiting.

Shi Budai:"..."

Shi Budai:"? ? ?"

Shi Budai: "What the Hell? How am I close to my sister-in-law? I have a F * Cking question to ask my sister-in-law. Old Xiao, aren't you being a little too jumpy? "

He was sure that the distance between him and his sister-in-law was more than a meter from one end of the Sofa to the other end. It might even be two meters.

Xiao Jiuyan said expressionlessly, "other men, stay at least three meters away from my silly wife. "

Shi Budai:"? ? ?"

Shi Budai: "Xiao Jiuyan, are you F * Cking poisonous? ! "

Working late today, little Zhang, mwah ~

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