His Little Fortune Chapter 803

Chapter 803: Chapter 807 Guan Xi looked at ninth master with a pained look in his eyes

Xiao Jiuyan's face was still as cold as ever as he said indifferently, "stay three meters away from my wife. "

Shi Budai:"...". ... Old Xiao, you're not right. I'm talking to sister-in-law just to ask about Xun. I've already smoked, how could I have any thoughts towards sister-in-law? I wasn't reliable before, but I still understand the principle of not bullying a friend's wife. Besides, our Xun isn't any worse than sister-in-law ... "..."

Or even better.

Shi Budai thought to himself.

But he also knew that to old Xiao, his sister-in-law was definitely the best. He didn't want to compete with him.

Shi Budai gave a long speech, but Xiao Jiuyan didn't seem to hear what he said.

A pair of pitch-black eyes stared at Shi Budai without blinking. There was no warmth in his eyes.

Shi Budai instantly understood Xiao Jiuyan's meaning.

Shi Budai, if you dare to force me again, it won't be as simple as being three meters away from my wife. It will become your grave.

Although old Xiao didn't say anything, Shi Budai was sure that this old bastard, Xiao Jiuyan, meant it.

Shi Budai raised his hand and surrendered, "okay, okay, okay. Old Xiao, I'm scared of you. Three meters is three meters away. F * Ck, I've never seen a pervert who's so defensive. "

Even if he really wanted to get close to his sister-in-law, he would be beaten to death by her before he could do anything, okay?


Think about it from another angle.

Old Xiao wanted him to stay three meters away from his sister-in-law for the sake of his personal safety.

Shi Budai instantly found a good explanation for Xiao Jiu's preference for women over friends, and he successfully comforted himself.

He retreated three meters away. He still had to ask the right questions.

"sister-in-law, " Shi Budai called out to Guan Xi.

"Huh? " This time, Guan Xi's attention shifted from the television screen to Shi Budai.

The main reason was that Shi Budai was "bickering" with her ninth master. It was quite interesting, and it was even better than the movie that was currently on.

Shi Budai asked Guan Xi pitifully, "sister-in-law, you asked Xun to go back to the Akira family to help you carry your things. It's been three days, and Xun is still not back. I just wanted to ask when Xun will be back. "

"Oh, about that. "

Guan Xi looked at Shi Budai with a smile "I'm not sure either. I asked Xun to go back that day to help me get some clothes. I left them at the Akira family, but I told her that I'm not in a hurry. I'll take my time. She can come back whenever she wants. Even if she doesn't come back for another three to five years or twenty years, she can just help me send the clothes back by express delivery. "So you asked me, but I really don't know. "

Shi Budai:"..."

Sister-in-law, you did this on purpose!

Shi Budai wanted to cry even more. "sister-in-law, this... How can this be? Xun Won't come back, right? "

He felt very uneasy.

Who would have thought that the violent woman who had always wanted to get rid of him would be so unsettled after she left after spending so much time with him.

He missed her.

He really missed her.

He thought of her cold and aloof appearance, thought of her condescending attitude, and said arrogantly and disdainfully, "you're really a useless man. "

Even when she slapped him... ... Alright, this didn't feel like it, but it really hurt ! !

Guan Xi looked at Shi Budai and curled her lips. "You have to ask Mr. Shi about this. What did Xun say when she left? "

Shi Budai thought for a moment and said, "she said that she wanted me to prepare the documents and wait for her to come back. "

"Eh, documents, what documents? " Guan Xi was curious.

Shi Budai told the truth. "All of my property transfer documents. "

"All of my property transfer documents? ! ! "

Even Guan Xi was a little surprised at this moment. She knew what Shi Budai did. Although she did not know how rich Shi Budai was, she knew that he was not cheap. All of his property transfer documents... ...

Guan Xi praised, "Mr. Shi, you are really sincere. "

Just as she finished speaking, the cold man beside her suddenly opened his thin lips

"Madam, I can also transfer all of my assets to your name. "

Shi Budai:"..."

F * Ck, old Xiao, you want to compete with me?

Guan Xi looked at Xiao Jiuyan and was stunned.

Her Man's beautiful black eyes looked at her indifferently without any special expression.

However, Guan Xi knew that her ninth master was serious about transferring all of his assets to her.

Seriously, ninth master... ... Why was he so likable ...

Guan Xi curled her pink lips and smiled, looking very adorable. "Sure, ninth master, aren't you afraid that I'll squander all your assets if you give them to me? "

Xiao Jiuyan looked at Guan Xi and said coldly, "my wife can buy whatever she wants. Silly Madam, I'll take care of you for the rest of your life. "

Shi Budai:"..."

This sudden display of affection.

Please be a person!

F * Ck, think about this half-single Shi Budai!

"sister-in-law, just tell me, will xun come back or not! " Shi Budai did not want to play Tai Chi with Guan Xi anymore, so he threw a straight ball and asked.

Otherwise, it would be troublesome.

Guan Xi looked at Shi Budai, smiled and said softly, "actually, Mr. Shi, you already have the answer, don't you? "

The answer!

Of course, Shi Budai Knew What Guan Xi was talking about.

Xun asked him to prepare the documents and wait, which meant that she would come back.

But it had been three days, a whole three days.

Xun was in h nation, and her cell phone number was not from Tongcheng, so he actually did not know how to contact her.

And she did not take the initiative to contact him.

If she did not come back, Shi Budai was not even sure if he would be able to see her if he went to Akira family in H nation to look for Xun.

"I was wrong. I said that I would give her everything. In fact, I secretly left the ownership of an apartment under my own name. " Shi Budai suddenly began to confess.

Guan Xi:"..."

Xiao Jiuyan:"..."

Shi Budai continued to confess, "I'm just afraid that there will be some conflict with her in the future. I can't beat her in a fight, and if I get kicked out of my house, I can't sleep on the streets without a place to go, right? Sigh, I really shouldn't have such thoughts. I said that I would give her everything, yet I still secretly left my own money. I was wrong. "

Guan Xi was speechless."... Mr. Shi, you don't have to go this far. Xun should understand your feelings."

Shi Budai clenched his fists. "No, I understand now. My love for Xun is 100% . I want to give her everything I have! "

Guan Xi:"... It's good, it's good!"

Guan Xi was considering whether to give him a round of applause or something!

Xiao Jiuyan glanced at Shi Budai with an indifferent expression. His thin lips spat out two words coldly. "Good for you. "

Shi Budai: "Old Xiao, what did you say? ''

Xiao Jiuyan said indifferently, "Miss Mu has only left Tong city for three days. What are you nervous about? "

"Hey, old Xiao, you're going too far. "

Shi Budai was displeased when he heard that. "Back then, when sister-in-law left for five years, let's not talk about how long it would be after that. In the beginning, who was the one who was so dispirited that he looked like a cripple? You can't be so double-standard. "

Only state officials were allowed to set fires and commoners were not allowed to light lamps. How could there be such a reason.

Xiao Jiuyan fell silent when Shi Budai mentioned this.

Guan Xi, on the other hand, listened to Shi Budai's words. Her big black eyes fell on Xiao Jiuyan's handsome face, and her heart ached... ...

"thank you for the gifts, thank you for the subscriptions and support, silly noji is very happy! "

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