His Little Fortune Chapter 804

Chapter 804: Chapter 808 his small fortune!

How could she not feel sorry for him?

Five years, almost two thousand days, that was a long time.

And for such a long time, she knew nothing and could not feel the pain.

But what about Master Jiu?

For such a long time, how did he survive alone?

Thinking of this, a strong sense of guilt and heartache grew from the deepest part of Guan Xi's heart.

Shi Budai was still complaining about Xiao Jiuyan's double standards

"Old Xiao, really, you can't be like this. My wife, who is Xun, has already left me for three days. You should understand me very well. I want to know what happened to her. Let me ask my sister-in-law when she will be back. What happened It's human nature to miss your wife, isn't it You can't deprive me of the right to miss her... ... ..."

Shi Budai was indeed terrifying when he started to talk.

However, it was not Xiao Jiuyan who interrupted Shi Budai this time, but Guan Xi who had always been indifferent to this.

"Mr. Shi... "

Guan Xi said softly.

"Yes, sister-in-law, what are your orders? ''

When Shi Budai Heard Guan Xi calling him, he quickly moved forward and asked warmly, "sister-in-law, are you going to help me call Xun back? sister-in-law, please help me call Xun back. Or, if you have any way to contact her, help me contact her... "

He rambled on and talked so much, but Guan Xi did not even look at him.

Her beautiful eyes looked at Xiao Jiuyan without blinking, but she said to Shi Budai,

"Mr. Shi, I'm sorry, it's a little late now. Can you talk about Xun Tomorrow? Can you please go back first? "

Shi Budai:"? ? ?"

What the Hell?

A little late?

Shi Budai subconsciously looked down at his watch and said,

"sister-in-law, it's not even eight o'clock yet. "

Guan Xi did not seem to hear him and repeated,

"Mr. Shi, it's already very late. Please go back today. "

Shi Budai:"..."

Was sister-in-law affected by Old Xiao's bad habit of not listening to others?

"sister-in-law. "

Shi Budai clearly did not want to go back yet. It was only a few o'clock. He wanted to continue staying here and use all kinds of shameless methods to get sister-in-law to contact Xun.

Even if they did not meet, he would call Xun first to comfort the pain of lovesickness.

However, Shi Budai did not think that Xiao Jiuyan would let him stay after Guan Xi told him to leave?

Xiao Jiuyan stood behind Shi Budai. He pressed his large hand on Shi Budai's shoulder and said indifferently,

"Shi Budai, it's time for you to leave. "

Shi Budai turned around to look at him. He wanted to say something, but when he met Xiao Jiuyan's indifferent gaze, he felt that if he did not leave, the grass on the grave would really be three meters tall.

Shi Budai felt that he should retreat in order to advance

"It's a little late now. sister-in-law, I'll come back tomorrow. Help me contact Xun tomorrow, sister-in-law. "

"Okay, " Guan Xi replied.

Shi Budai was also happy to hear Guan Xi's answer, so he left first.

He walked to the door of the living room and looked at Xiao Jiuyan and Guan Xi.

Guan Xi had already stood up from the SOFA and walked to Xiao Jiuyan's side. He did not know what she was saying to Xiao Jiuyan.

The two of them stood together, blinding his titanium dog eyes.

Sigh, who was as miserable as Shi Budai?

Make bad friends by mistake, old Xiao puts his love before his friends, and then his love is still on the way... ...

Shi Budai really want to sigh with an Aria, this fucked up life, how unfair to him... ...

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After Shi Budai left.

Guan Xi got up from the SOFA, she went straight to nine ye in front, looked up at his small head.

"Xiao Jiuyan! " She called his name.

Xiao Jiuyan lowered his head and closed his eyes, dark eyes quietly looking at the little silly in front of the wife: "Huh? "

Guan Xi just stared at him without saying a word.

Xiao Shengdai sat on the SOFA. He had almost finished a dessert. The ice cream was lying beside him, and he had also almost finished the dessert that was meant for dogs.

Xiao Shengdai saw that Guan Xi took the initiative to approach Xiao Jiuyan and immediately said unhappily,

"Stupid Guan Xi, don't get so close to the bad guy, Xiao Jiuyan! "

Guan Xi:"..."

Was her little ancestor jealous again?

Guan Xi tilted her head and glanced at Xiao Shengdai. She smiled and said, "little ancestor, I have something to talk to ninth master later. You go to bed by yourself when it's time to sleep, understand? "

Xiao Shengdai curled his lips. "Why do I have to go to bed by myself? Stupid Guan Xi, aren't you going to sleep with me today? "

Guan Xi shook her head.

There was no emotion on Xiao Shengdai's delicate little face. His face was cold, But Guan Xi knew that her little ancestor was unhappy.

This little ancestor had to be coaxed.

Just like her 9th Master.

But who asked the little ancestor to be 9th Master's child.

"How about this, Xiao Shengdai? Not Today. How about tomorrow? " Guan Xi asked in a small voice.

Xiao Shengdai glanced at Xiao Jiuyan and then at Guan Xi.

Just now, the Stupid Guan Xi said that she had something to say to the bad guy, Xiao Jiuyan.

He, Xiao Shengdai, was not an unreasonable little man.

Thinking of this, Xiao Shengdai nodded reluctantly. "Alright then. Tomorrow, You, Stupid Guan Xi, are mine. It's a deal! "

Guan Xi nodded. "Yes, it's a deal! "

Xiao Jiuyan:"..."

This little Brat snatched his little wife without his consent?

He frowned and wanted to say something. Guan Xi had already ended the conversation with Xiao Shengdai, and Xiao Bai was holding his big hand.

Guan Xi said, "Xiao Jiuyan, go back to your room. I have something to tell you. "

She did not wait for him to reply. She pulled him up and wanted to take him upstairs.

Xiao Jiuyan was slightly surprised.

What did this silly lady want to do all of a sudden.

But he did not ask. He opened his long legs and followed behind Guan Xi with steady steps.


Guan Xi pulled Xiao Jiuyan to the room on the second floor.

She pushed the door open and entered the room with Xiao Jiuyan.

She immediately closed the door and locked it from the inside.

Xiao Jiuyan saw this series of actions.

He asked, "silly Madam, why... "

Before he could finish, Guan Xi had already locked the door and turned around.

She walked in front of Xiao Jiuyan and stood on tiptoe.

Xiao Jiuyan was stunned at first. "Madam... "

"Xiao Jiuyan... "

But the young Madam was taking the initiative now. It seemed that asking her why was not the most important thing.

His voice was slightly hoarse. "Madam. "

"Yes? "

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