His Little Fortune Chapter 806

Chapter 806: Chapter 810 Guan Xi said, "I'LL MARRY YOU! "!

It was not a pleasant experience for ninth master to hear about the Stinky Brat from Guan Xi's Pink Lips.

He lowered his head and Kissed Guan Xi's Soft Lips, saying in a low voice,

"Madam, what Stinky Brat do you want? I'm enough for you. "

His tone had always been cold, but when Guan Xi heard it, she somehow felt that ninth master was jealous?

It was... ... An illusion ...

His thin lips were almost touching Guan Xi's fair and small earlobes. He said in a low voice, "silly madam, if you say you're sorry to me, then I have to apologize to you too. "

Guan Xi raised her head slightly in surprise. "Ninth Master, what are you apologizing for? "

Xiao Jiuyan's Deep Eyes Looked Askance at Guan Xi. His voice was slightly hoarse, as if it had been rubbed on sandpaper

"Five years ago, when I discovered that you weren't Gu Wenxi... "

He only said this and did not say anything else. Guan Xi knew what he was trying to say.

"Ah, about that... "

Since Ninth Master Did Not Mention It, Guan Xi had already selectively forgotten about this matter.

Now that Ninth Master Mentioned It, Guan Xi let out a soft gasp. "Ninth Master, that photo... I mean the hospital. I've seen you there before. "

This time, it was Xiao Jiuyan's rare surprise.

The cold man frowned slightly. "So... the person in the photo, is it you, madam? "

Akira Mato Returned Guan Xi's memories to her.

But after all, her memories had been modified. This way of returning them would cause Guan Xi to have a very unreal feeling about her past memories, as if she was dreaming.

It was only now that Master Jiu mentioned it that Guan Xi remembered.

She frowned and thought for a moment, then slowly said, "weren't you injured at that time? Your comrades came later. I didn't complete my mission, so I followed behind you. "

Followed them.

What a light sentence!

But to ninth master, it was the same as his silly wife's confession of her love to him.

Guan Xi was still digging through the deepest part of her memory of the time they spent together

"Ninth Master, you were really scary and fierce at that time. At the beginning, when I talked to you, you ignored me. You looked at me with an ice-cold face and told me to go away, and you even scolded me... did I tell you at that time that if your legs don't work in the future, I will marry you? "

Her memory was really blurry. Guan Xi sat on Xiao Jiuyan. She looked at Xiao Jiuyan with her bright eyes and said with a smile,

"Then it really happened. Master Jiu, your legs were not working, so I married you. "

Xiao Jiuyan did not care that Guan Xi was smiling at him.

The man's long arms were strong. He pulled the girl into his arms.

Guan Xi leaned forward and fell into the man's broad and cold chest.

"Master Jiu... Master Jiu. " Guan Xi wanted to say something, but before she could say it, the man's cold voice sounded in her ear. It was hoarse and Hoarse

"Madam, silly Madam, how could you be so silly? "

It was rare to see 9th master lose his composure like this.

His hoarse voice even trembled slightly.

Guan Xi was displeased. She pouted and retorted, "9th Master, I'm not silly. How am I silly? ! "

It was too much!

"Besides, if I'm silly, would it be glorious for you to marry a silly madam? "

She had to resolutely defend her intelligence. "So 9th Master, you can't say that I'm silly in the future! ! ! "

"Silly Madam. "

Xiao Jiuyan laughed softly, and his sexy voice came out from his throat. "My madam is the dumbest. "

If she wasn't stupid, why would she let him go when she was carrying out the contract-keeping mission and even save him instead.

If she wasn't stupid, why would she follow him to the hospital secretly? That was the darkest period of his life. With this silly girl by his side every day, and even saying that she would marry him in the future with such naive and stubborn words, marrying a cripple, she really did it... ...

If he wasn't a fool, why would he ask him if she couldn't cry when he hurt her?

If he wasn't a fool, why would he take the bullet for him.

His wife was really a little fool.

And how many lifetimes of luck did he, Xiao Jiuyan, spend to marry such a little fool?

"Silly Madam! "

He rested his Chin on Guan Xi's thin shoulder and muttered, "little fool! "

Guan Xi had already given up at this time.

Well, anyway, ninth master kept calling her silly Madam. His protest was invalid.

She pouted and said, "if I'm silly Mrs. Xiao, then 9th master, you're silly husband! "

"silly husband? "

Xiao Jiuyan slowly repeated this sentence. He straightened his body and looked at Guan Xi with his dark eyes. "I didn't recognize you. You're really quite silly. "


Guan Xi was not surprised at all!

9th Master actually admitted that he was stupid!

It felt like it would rain red tomorrow.

Guan Xi put her two little white hands around 9th Master's neck and kissed 9th Master's Pink Lips slowly.

She boldness fat, Kissed Nine Ye's Chin, a little bit of stubble, prickle some pain.

She said in a low voice, "stupid Xiao Jiuyan, STUPID MASTER JIU! "

"Yes, silly. " Master Jiu echoed his silly little wife.

And then, the next thing you know, you're picking people up.

Guan Xi only felt dizzy, then felt himself was still in the big bed, the man's thin and straight body pressed down... ...

It's been a long night... ...

. .

H Nation.

Akira family.

It's been three days since Mu Yixun returned to the Akira family.

She had come back to help Guan Xi pick up her clothes.

Although she did not understand what was so good about a piece of clothing.

However, the young master had asked her to go to Tong City and stay by Guan Xi's side so that she would listen to Guan Xi's orders.

Even if it was just a piece of clothing, Guan Xi had instructed her to go back to the Akira family to pick it up.

Originally, a round trip of two days was enough for the Akira family from country Z to country H.

However, she was the one who had been taking care of the matters around the young master. The young master had asked her to go to Tong City. The newly appointed Guardian could not be like Mu Yixun who had stayed by Akira Mato's side for so many years and was able to take care of everything Therefore, Mu Yixun was unable to return to Tong city immediately.

Mu Yixun instructed the Guardian who was studying Finally, she exhorted,"... Young Master, you must arrange all of your schedules in advance and try to be as precise as possible to the minute. You must investigate the details of the other party when you discuss business with young master. The existence of our Guardian is to protect young master. Do you understand?"

The newly appointed Guardian was a girl who had just come of age. She was the most outstanding Guardian among this batch of newly-grown Guardian. Her name was Dai.

Like Mu Yixun and Guan Xi, Dai also retained a very faint human emotion.

This kind of emotion was very faint. No one could tell how it would change in the future.

Dai nodded expressionlessly. "I understand, Miss Xun. "

"Yes, " Mu Yixun replied faintly.

Dai went out.

Mu Yixun sat on the chair.

Today was the fourth day of her return to the Akira family.

She recalled in a daze that at the airport, Shi Budai, that useless man, really dared to hug her in public and refused to let go, saying that he would give her all of his assets.

He was really useless and brainless.

Four days had passed. Did he change his mind.

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