His Little Fortune Chapter 807

Chapter 807: Chapter 811 Akira Mato said, "I don't want anything else in my life except for her. "

When Mu Yixun thought of this, she suddenly felt a little impatient.


Would she have this kind of mood?

Because of Shi Budai?

It was impossible for a contract-keeper to be extremely indifferent and impatient.

Although Mu Yixun did not want to admit it, deep in her heart, she vaguely felt that her mood was not very calm because of Shi Budai, that useless man.

Mu Yixun frowned slightly. She glanced at the landline on the table, reached out with her small hand, picked up the receiver, and dialed an international long-distance number... ...

She had just dialed a few words.

At this moment, the door opened again. Almost at the same time, Mu Yixun subconsciously closed the receiver and looked up. It was Dai who had left and returned.

Mu Yixun asked lightly, "is there anything else? "

Dai said, "young master invited Miss Xun over. "

"I understand. " Mu Yixun nodded. "I'll be there right away. "

"okay. " With the notification in place, Dai immediately left.

The young master was looking for her!

Mu Yixun got up from her seat and wanted to leave the room as well.

The moment she walked to the door, she glanced at the landline.

In that moment, she almost had the urge to call that useless man, Shi Budai.

Mu Yixun, you're crazy!


In the huge office.

Akira Mato sat on the chair. He leaned against the back of the chair, his two long legs crossed on the table in a lazy posture.

He held a document in one hand and tapped on the armrest of the chair with his other hand.

Mayuzumi was standing beside Akira Mato. When she saw Mu Yixun enter, she said respectfully,

"Young Master, Kaori is here. "

Akira Mato's gaze moved from the document to Mu Yixun

"Kaori, you're here. "

He paused and waved at Mayuzumi. "You may leave, Mayuzumi. "

Mayuzumi bowed. "Yes, young master. "

After she said that, she left.

Akira Mato walked to the desk in front of Akira Mato and stood still.

She asked softly, "young master, you called me here. What are your orders? ''

Akira Mato looked at Akira Mato.

His thin lips moved as if he wanted to say something, but he hesitated.

After a few seconds, he spoke, his tone as lazy as usual

"Kaori, Xi is in Tongcheng. How are you? "

Although his tone was the same as usual, Akira Mato was not as smooth as he used to be.

When Akira Mato heard the young master's question.

If it was her in the past, she would immediately answer truthfully.

But at this moment, she was silent for a short while.

What should she say?

That Xi was living a happy life by ninth master Xiao's side.

The false happiness of losing her memory when she was by the young master's side, or the hysteria and extreme emotions that she brought back to the Xiao family because of the threat in the Golden Triangle, were completely different.

The young master was asking Xi about Tong City. Wasn't he asking how Xi was living by Ninth Master Xiao's side?

Xi was living a very happy life!

Did he have to say that?

Wasn't it too cruel to say that to the young master?

Akira Mato seemed to have seen through Mu Yixun's thoughts.

Akira Mato was a man who was very sharp to begin with.

His Blue Eyes, which were like the Aegean Sea, glanced at Mu Yixun. He smiled and said,

"It's okay, Xun, just say it. "

Mu Yixun pursed her lips slightly and said in a low voice,

"Young Master, Xi is living a very happy life in Tongcheng. "

"... is that so?"

After a long while, Akira Mato's thin lips faintly uttered these two words.

Mu Yixun looked at Akira Mato, a young and handsome man with an indescribable expression on his face.

It was as if there was a heavy sadness, but also as if there was a sense of relief. There was also a feeling that she had long known this would happen.

"Young Master... " Mu Yixun opened her Pale Red Lips. She wanted to say something.

Akira Mato raised his hand and motioned for Mu Yixun not to speak.

Mu Yixun fell silent.

Neither of them spoke.

The entire space was filled with a stifling atmosphere.

"... Kaori."

After a full minute, Akira Mato spoke again.

Akira Mato replied, "young master. "

Akira Mato's blue eyes stared at a nothingness in the air. He seemed to be recalling something, but he did not seem to be thinking about anything. He slowly spoke

"The things that I want in my life are actually not much. When I was young, because of my illegitimate child, I vowed to trample everyone in the Akira family under my feet, so that those who bully me would be afraid of me when they see me. But later on, I obtained the Akira family and cleaned up all the trash. This kind of thing did not make me feel happy or satisfied at all. Even if I obtained the Akira family, it would not change what happened in the past... ... Even if I kill them all, it can't be that boring, right?"

Mu Yixun listened in silence. She did not speak.

Because she knew that young master was simply talking about his own matters.

And even if she spoke, she did not know what to say.

She just needed to be a qualified listener.

Akira Mato's voice slowly became gentle, as if he was talking about his lover."... Later, I realized that the only thing I want and desire in my heart is Xi alone..."

"I want her. "

"I want her to only look at me. "

"I want her to stay by my side forever. "

"I want her to only look at me. "

His voice was very quiet, so quiet that it almost sounded like he was mumbling. "But she can't see me, Xi can't see me. Xi, the only one who's devoted to her is master Xiao Jiu. "

"young master... "

At this moment, Mu Yixun felt that she should say something, but when the words were about to reach her mouth, she realized that there was only the word 'young master' , which was thin and respectful.

Akira Mato, on the other hand, smiled. His deep and three-dimensional handsome features made his smile mesmerizing.

He smiled and said, "Kaori, you don't have to say anything. I understand. I know this better than anyone else. Xi doesn't like me. Moreover, I want to be with her. I can accept it myself, but she won't accept it either. "

Mu Yixun lowered her eyes slightly.

The relationship between the young master and Xi was that of a half-mother and half-father.

However, she could not remember this kind of contradictory thing that the young master could say.

She could only pretend that she had not heard it.

"Alright, Kaori, you may leave now. Return to Tongcheng. For the rest of your life, you will stay by Xi's side and take care of her for me. From now on, Xi will be your master. "

Akira Mato did not seem to want to say anything else. He said slowly, "this is my final order. "

Mu Yixun's little hand that was hanging by her side trembled slightly.

She said,"... Yes, young master."

Akira Mato waved his hand. "You may leave. "

Mu Yixun turned around and walked out with her two slender and straight legs. Her steps seemed to have been accurately measured.

She slowly walked to the door.

Her small hands opened the door. For some reason, she turned around and looked in Akira Mato's direction.

Akira Mato was sitting on a large chair. His gaze was looking at a corner of his desk. His Blue Eyes were obviously gentle.

Mu Yixun knew what he was looking at.

She remembered that there was a photo of Guan Xi Hugging Young Master Guan Chen.

He looked at the photo without blinking, as if he couldn't bear to look away... ...

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