His Little Fortune Chapter 808

Chapter 808: Chapter 812. She did not look back at all

Mu Yixun paused, turned around, and left the room.

She reached out and gently closed the door.

She walked forward.

She did not look back at all.

The young master had carried her dreams for so many years.

But it was very strange. This time, when the young master asked her to go to Tong City, she no longer had the same feeling of resistance as last time.

She still had the envy and jealousy towards Xi.

And among all these emotions, the one that accounted for the most was actually going back to Tong city. The little joy of seeing Shi Budai, that useless man, was hidden in the deepest part of her heart.

Mu Yixun had to admit that perhaps it was just as Xi had said.

Her feelings for the young master had been following him since he was young.

She was envious and jealous of Xi because the young master would always only see Xi, and Xi would always be better than her.

She envied the focus and gentle gaze the young master gave Xi.

And from now on, she might... ... probably not have to be so envious of Xi anymore, because there might be a useless man by her side who would only look at her ! !

for visiting.


Mu Yixun told Dai about the things that she had to pay attention to and told her to contact her whenever she did not know anything. Then, she set off for Tong City.

Akira family's businesses in country Z were all handed over to Mu Yixun to manage.

As for Shang Huang Entertainment, Akira Mato didn't know what he was thinking. He transferred all the shares of that company to Akira Mato.

Mu Yixun was surprised at first. She contacted Akira Mato on her phone.

She only received a lazy reply

"Kaori, you've been by my side for so many years. This is what you deserve. "

Deserved. For Akira family, an entertainment company naturally wouldn't hurt them.

But Shang Huang Entertainment was one of the top three entertainment companies in Country Z. The annual profit was an astronomical figure.

However, Mu Yixun knew that this was a decision made by the young master.

The decision he made was always a notification and would not be changed.

Therefore, Mu Yixun whispered into the phone receiver, "thank you, young master. "


The plane departed from H nation at around 9 am and arrived in Tong city at around 3 pm.

Mu Yixun did not inform Shi Budai or Guan Xi beforehand when she returned to Tong city this time.

She got off the plane and exited the exit.

Mu Yixun held the luggage in one hand and the phone in the other. She said with an indifferent expression,

"Yes, I'm here... wait for me at door number three. I'll be there in two minutes. "

After she finished speaking, song he's voice came from the other end of the phone, "yes, Miss Xun, the driver is already waiting. "

Mu Yixun hung up the phone and was ready to walk toward door number three.

She had just walked a few meters when two people suddenly ran over from the side and blocked her way.

They were two familiar faces, Su Qingyu and Hu Xin.

Su Qingyu had a beautiful face without any special features. The moment she opened her mouth, she begged for mercy, "Miss Xun, I know I'm wrong. Please forgive me. "

Hu Xin also quickly said, "Miss Xun, I really didn't mean to offend you before. Please don't hold it against me. "

"Miss Xun, I have never contacted Mr. Shi again. I didn't have any relationship with Mr. Shi that day. Please forgive me! "

Hu Xin glanced at Su Qingyu.

She and Su Qingyu had surrounded Mu Yixun at the airport today with the purpose of asking for her forgiveness.

As a top manager in the industry, Hu Xin had always been arrogant.

The artists under her are her chess pieces, she has resources, artists want to fire, all have to rely on her, most of the company, see her, who does not call a sister Hu.

But that's gone now.

Almost overnight, she Hu Xin, as if hit from heaven to hell.

Happy 520, everyone

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