His Little Fortune Chapter 809

Chapter 809: Chapter 813, the useless man, appeared in front of her. "SMOKE! "

President Song gave the order, and the artists under her were divided among the other managers.

Not only that, the company gave her a severance payment, asking her to resign and find another job.

The head of the Personnel Department said to Hu Xin,

"Sister Hu, our Shang Huang entertainment may not be able to accommodate you anymore, so... I hope you can find a better job and have a higher platform and development in the future. "

A Higher Platform and development?

It was one thing to lie to a child with such words.

How could she not understand it when it was said to her, Hu Xin?

Hu Xin sneered at that moment, "manager Cai, don't talk to me about these empty words. Giving me such a sum of money to resign, does the company want to fire me? "

She sneered, and manager Cai also smiled and said gently, "sister Hu, since you know, why do you have to ask? "

Hu Xin's expression changed, "I want to see president song. "

Manager Cai said with a smile, "sister Hu, you have been in the circle for so many years, and you can be considered an understanding person. I will inform you, naturally it is President Song's instructions. Even if you go to President Song Again, what is the point? "

However, Hu Xin did not listen to manager Cai's words at all.

She went straight to the president's office. She waited and waited until she stopped Song He.

She faced the question of why Hu Xin wanted her to leave the company.

Song he said with a cold face, "Hu Xin, is Miss Xun someone you can scheme against and offend? Can that little trick of yours be used on the stage? If you want your life, get out of Shang Huang Entertainment! Otherwise, don't blame me for not remembering our old friendship. "

Hu Xin's face immediately turned white.

Song he said slowly, "and that Su Qingyu. Even if the two of you leave Shang Huang Entertainment, it is better not to eat in the entertainment industry. If Miss Xun sees the two of you in the industry, it will not be good if she is unhappy. "

Hu Xin's lips trembled. After a long while, she asked, "President Song, who is that Miss Xun? "

Song he looked at Hu Xin coldly and said, "Miss Xun is not from the same world as us. "

Such a simple sentence made Hu Xin understand the difference.

President Song, who could control her, even considered himself to be from the same world as her.

But that Miss Xun was from another world. This meant that no matter what Hu Xin did in this life, she could not compare to Miss Xun.

Realizing this, Hu Xin regretted it for the first time, deeply.

A few days ago, Hu Xin learned that Mu Yixun had gone abroad, so she and Su Qingyu came to the airport every day to wait for Mu Yixun to come back. They waited for a few days, and today, the two of them really did get to wait.

Hu Xin looked at Mu Yixun, her posture was very humble She begged, "Miss Xun, please forgive me, please forgive me. I really need this job. I still have my parents to retire, and I still have my children to go to school and study. I... I can't be dismissed just like this. "

Mu Yixun stood upright, waiting for Su Qingyu and Hu Xin to finish their words before she spoke

"I understand everything you want to say! "

Su Qingyu and Hu Xin were delighted. "Miss Xun! "

Mu Yixun said plainly, "but why should I forgive you and think for you? "

The joy on Su Qingyu and Hu Xin's faces froze.

Mu Yixun's gaze fell on Su Qingyu's pretty little face. "since you have seduced. The man who seduced me must have the courage to bear the corresponding consequences. I just told you not to be an artist in the entertainment industry. I have already been kind to you. You should be grateful."

Su Qingyu's pink lips moved. She wanted to say something, but she was afraid of Mu Yixun's aura and could not say anything.

Mu Yixun looked at Hu Xin. "And you shouldn't have schemed with Su Qingyu. You wanted to attack Shi Budai. "

Hu Xin was shocked when she heard that and subconsciously denied, "Miss Xun, I didn't... "

She was saying that she did not plan Shi Budai with Su Qingyu.

Hu Xin had always thought that Mu Yixun did not know about this. She thought that Mu Yixun had fired her because she had chosen an artist to make her kneel and offend her.

She did not expect Mu Yixun to mention the collaboration between her and Su Qingyu.

"You know very well whether or not it is true, " Mu Yixun said coldly.

She frowned in annoyance. She was originally very indifferent. She was already patient enough to listen to these two women bickering in front of her for so long.

Mu Yixun stopped looking at Hu Xin and Su Qingyu. She lifted her small feet and walked toward exit number three.

She took a few steps forward. Su Qingyu's sharp voice came from behind her

"Mu Yixun, what's so great about you? You look so high and mighty. People like you are the most annoying. You were born into a rich and powerful family. You don't know how difficult our lives are. You only know how to criticize us. People like you... ... Don't have any sympathy at all. What's wrong with me wanting to live a better life ? I want to climb up and rely on myself to climb up. What's wrong with that?"

Mu Yixun stopped moving.

She slowly turned around.

Her cold eyes met with Su Qingyu's.

Su Qingyu's pretty face was filled with righteous indignation.

She didn't think that she was wrong. Yes, she seduced Shi Budai, but she wasn't wrong.

She wasn't wrong at all.

Su qingyu looked at Mu Yixun angrily.

"You're right. "

Mu Yixun didn't seem to see Su Qingyu's expression. She said, "there are at least two things that are right. "

Su Qingyu was stunned instead.

Mu Yixun's face was beautiful, and she spoke coldly "first, I really don't have any sympathy, so whether you live or die has nothing to do with me. Second, you want to live a good life, and that's also not wrong. "I said, you shouldn't be thinking about Shi Budai. If it weren't for Shi Budai, you could have slept with any man you want. Who Are you? You don't have the right to make me remember. "

This was the most nonchalant contempt.

You don't even have the right to make people remember your name.

Su Qingyu only felt extremely humiliated. She muttered, "it's just that you came from a better background... "

for visiting.

"A better background? "

When Mu Yixun heard this, she actually couldn't help but laugh. "This is the most wrong part of you. "

Su Qingyu asked, "what's wrong? "

Mu Yixun's lips curled slightly. "I didn't even have the chance to be a person once. "

Su Qingyu froze on the spot.

She didn't understand what Mu Yixun meant.

When she came back to her senses, Mu Yixun had already walked out of exit three. She couldn't even see her back.

When Mu Yixun left, Hu Xin suddenly flew into a rage at Su Qingyu.

She grabbed Su Qingyu's hair and raised her hand to slap Su Qingyu's face

"Su Qingyu, it's all your fault. It's all your fault! If you didn't tell me that you were going to Seduce Shi Budai, I wouldn't have ended up like this. "

Su Qingyu received a slap from Hu Xin. How could she remain silent.

She immediately flipped her hand and scratched Hu Xin's face, leaving a bloody mark on her face.

Hu Xin screamed sharply, "Su Qingyu, how dare you attack me? "

She seemed to have gone mad as her hand crazily attacked Su Qingyu's face.

The two women started fighting in the airport lobby... ...


Mu Yixun walked out of the airport's three doors.

She looked at the message from Song He. The car number that picked her up was... ...

Just as she lowered her eyes to look at the phone screen, a familiar male voice sounded with pleasant surprise, "Xun. "

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