His Little Fortune Chapter 810

Chapter 810: Chapter 814 Shi Budai said, "I'm your husband. "

Mu Yixun frowned and looked up subconsciously.

She saw a figure moving quickly in front of her.

In the next second, she fell into a broad and warm embrace.

It was Shi Budai, this useless man.

Shi Budai's two strong arms hugged Mu Yixun tightly. He used so much force that it seemed like he wanted to squeeze Mu Yixun into his body.

Mu Yixun felt that this man's strength had suddenly become so strong?

It actually made her feel a little pain.

"Let go! " Mu Yixun frowned slightly, her tone was commanding.

Shi Budai Hugged Mu Yixun. He was taller than Mu Yixun. He bent down and rested his head on Mu Yixun's thin shoulders. He snorted and said,

"I won't let go, I won't let go. If I let you go, you'll leave again. "

As a grown man, this kind of behavior was like acting coquettishly. However, when he did it, there was no sense of disharmony.

"Xun, you don't know how much I miss you. You've been back to the Akira family for a few days. Do you know how worried I was that you wouldn't come back? If you don't come back like this, I'll go straight to the Akira family to stop you! "

Mu Yixun's heart softened a little when she heard Shi Budai saying that he missed her.

However, she still wore a cold expression and did not show any emotions. She asked indifferently, "you dare to go to the Akira family? "

Shi Budai:"..."

F * Ck, can you not expose me?

Xun, would it kill you to save face for your husband?

Shi Budai felt a little wronged. "Xun, although... I admit that I'm quite afraid of going to the Akira family, isn't that where you are? No matter where you are, no matter how afraid I am, I'll go! "

The scorching hot breath from his words gushed into Mu Yixun's ears. He said seriously, "really, believe me, I'll go. "

His tone was extremely serious and serious.

Mu Yixun paused for a moment and softly acknowledged, "I believe you. "

"mm, believe in Hubby. "

Mu Yixun narrowed her eyes slightly and raised her tone slightly. "MM? What do you say you believe in? "

Shi Budai:"..."


It was over. In a moment of excitement, she voiced out her thoughts.

However, just because it was her thoughts, so... ... It didn't matter if he told her ...

"Um... Xun, did I just say... "

He raised his head and placed his two long hands on Mu Yixun's slender shoulders. He looked down at her.

When he became serious, his beautiful black eyes were filled with deep affection.

"I said, I believe in Hubby! "

He emphasized the word 'Hubby' .

Mu Yixun's eyes flashed slightly, but she looked indifferent. "Who said that you can be my hubby? USELESS MAN! "

Shi Budai:"..."

He felt even more wronged. "But... ... But before you went back to the Akira family last time, didn't you ask me to prepare the documents for the transfer of the property ? I've already prepared it, I. . .. I didn't even dare to keep the apartment that I wanted to keep secretly. Didn't you mean that I promised you to marry me Doesn't the Akira family keep their promises You... ... How can you not keep your promises?"

"Who told you that a promise is a promise? " Mu Yixun frowned.

Shi Budai said righteously, "isn't the keeper of the contract a man of his word? "

Mu Yixun:"..."

She said coldly, "the keeper of the contract is a man of his master's word. Are You my master? "

Her tone of reply was extremely indifferent.

However, Shi Budai immediately cowered and said Fawningly, "No, no, no, Xun, how can I dare to be your master? Xun, you are my master, you are my leader. In the future, in our family, you have the final say, you have the final say! "

This was really quite spineless.

However, Shi Budai expressed: What is spineless CAN IT BE EATEN Can it get a wife?

Can it withstand a beating?

It can't be, right.

So spineless, he, little master Shi, doesn't want it anymore!

A hint of a smile flashed across Mu Yixun's eyes. It was very faint, and it disappeared in an instant.

But Shi Budai saw it.

Shi Budai struck while the iron was hot He said, "Xun, then shall we go back now I've already prepared the transfer documents for the property... ... And also, I know that you're coming back today. The vegetables are all bought, and you can cook when you go back. Or, Xun, what do you want to eat tonight? I can also buy ingredients on the way back later."

Please call him Shi Budai's wife-spoiling Maniac!

He was truly an outstanding man.

Shi Budai was almost moved by himself.

But he was still very talkative and noisy!

Mu Yixun did not feel annoyed at all. After she heard Shi Budai's words, she asked, "how did you know that I was coming back today? "

"sister-in-law said so. "

Mu Yixun thought for a moment. Xi?

At the mention of this, Shi Budai felt wronged again He complained, "look at how many days you've been back. It's fine if you let me stay alone in my room, but now it's so convenient to contact you, and you don't even call me. I... "... I don't have your contact information from Akira family. Isn't it just to look for sister-in-law?"

Mu Yixun:"..."

Shi Budai: "and to look for sister-in-law, do you know how hard it is for me? " He was despised by that old man, old Xiao, who valued men over friends. He even wanted to see him show off his affection in front of me every day, and his nephew. His personality was exactly the same as old Xiao's. It was too scary. "In order to get your contact information, I went to old Xiao's house to freeload off his meals for three days. Old Xiao's cooking skills are pretty good, and I learned a few more dishes... "... no, that's not what I'm saying. I'm saying that I've been traumatized every day, and it's not easy for me to go there every day."

Mu Yixun:"..."

Shi Budai's accusation really sounded like it hurt the listener and made the listener cry.

"today, little sister-in-law helped me contact the Akira family. When I heard that you were flying back to Tong city at this time, I came over to pick you up. "

Shi Budai, this big man, had an obedient look on his face. "Xun, am I doing well? "

The implication was: KISS ME, hug me!

It would be great if I could get a 'hehehe' when I get home!

Mu Yixun:"..."

She was expressionless. "Not bad. "

Shi Budai:"..."


But defeat was defeat. Shi Budai was happy that Xun was back.

He reached out to take the suitcase from Mu Yixun's hands and said like a considerate husband, "Xun, give me the suitcase. I'll help you take it. "

Mu Yixun was used to ordering Shi Budai around, so she directly gave the suitcase to Shi Budai.

Shi Budai dragged the suitcase to his car. He drove a black Bentley today, which did not suit his flirtatious personality.

However, since he already had a wife now, he did not need to go out hunting anymore. He did not need a Red Sapphire car.

He just needed to keep a low profile.

Shi Budai put the suitcase in the trunk.

He walked to the front passenger seat and opened the car door for Mu Yixun.

He was very considerate. He placed his palm on the car door, afraid that Mu Yixun would touch his head.

Mu Yixun bent her waist slightly. Her flexible body looked very beautiful from Shi Budai's angle.

Mu Yixun was just about to sit in.

At this moment, a soft female voice with a sobbing tone sounded from the side, "Big Brother Shi! "

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