His Little Fortune Chapter 811

Chapter 811: Chapter 815 Mu Yixun said, "Shi Budai, you like her a lot? "?

If there was a soft and cute girl who used such a soft and cute voice to call Shi Budai brother Shi in the past.

Even if Shi Budai did not like her and was not particularly friendly, he would still be patient and considerate.

But now was not the time.

He, little master Shi, had a family. How could he let people casually call him brother Shi?

Therefore, when Shi Budai heard someone calling him brother Shi, his first reaction was to turn his head and stop them

"Brother Shi, who are you calling? Don't call me that. Who is your brother Shi? "

It was fine if he didn't look, but when he looked, Shi Budai was immediately horrified.

"You, you, you... " wasn't this the fish that drowned?

It wasn't that Shi Budai had a bad memory, it was that he really didn't remember Su Qingyu's voice in the beginning.

After all, there were too many women around him.

He couldn't remember all of them.

And this Su Qingyu, F * Ck, was the "culprit" that caused Xun to "run away from home" and return to the Akira family!

F * CK F * CK F * CK!

When Su Qingyu saw Shi Budai's gaze sweeping over, she was delighted, and a shy smile appeared on her face skillfully.

Although she was smiling, there were tears in her eyes. She really looked a little pitiful.

She took a step forward and called out softly, "brother Shi, i... I'm qingyu. I haven't seen you for a few days. Brother Shi, have you been busy recently? "

As she spoke, she took a step forward, wanting to get closer.

"F * Ck, don't come over! Am I very close to you? Keep your distance! "

Shi Budai was shocked and quickly stopped Su Qingyu from getting closer.

After the shock, he felt guilty and subconsciously wanted to look at Mu Yixun. He wanted to see Mu Yixun's reaction and quickly explained,

"Xun, why is this woman here? I don't know! I haven't contacted her anymore. Really, you have to believe me! "

"Brother Shi. " Su Qingyu heard that Shi Budai was in such a hurry to explain to Mu Yixun. She was anxious and called out again.

Shi Budai was afraid that Mu Yixun would get angry. This woman had no sense of judgment.

Brother Shi, brother Shi's nonsense!

He turned his head and reprimanded Su Qingyu, "stop shouting. Brother Shi, from now on, only my Xun can shout. What nonsense are you shouting for? "

Su Qingyu:"..."

Why was Shi Budai's reaction different from what she had thought?

She had just fought with Hu Xin in the hall. The airport was a place where the Paparazzi often appeared. The two women were fighting inside, attracting people to watch. Immediately, Paparazzi came over.

Su Qingyu and Hu Xin were fighting, but they did not want to be photographed, so they stopped.

As for Su Qingyu, she ran outside and saw Shi Budai who had come to pick up Mu Yixun.

Su Qingyu thought, "let's try again. ''.

If I can get close to Shi Budai... ...

How could a man not cheat!

Mu Yixun had already said that she wouldn't let her live. She couldn't stay in the entertainment industry anymore anyway, so why not try again.

Therefore, Su Qingyu called out the words "brother Shi" again and came forward.

Unexpectedly, Shi Budai's reaction was completely different from what she thought.

Su Qingyu bit her lip and looked like she was about to cry She said pitifully, "brother Shi, did I. . . Did I do something wrong? A few days ago, when we were chatting, you weren't so cold to me. Did I. . . Did I annoy you? Didn't you say that you like me a lot? "

Shoo Shoo Shoo

Shi Budai felt three arrows shoot at him consecutively, and each Arrow hit his knee with incomparable accuracy!

"Shi Budai... "

At this moment, Mu Yixun, who was about to get into the car, stood by the door of the luxury car. She looked at Shi Budai indifferently and asked faintly,

"You like her quite a lot? HMM? "

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