His Little Fortune Chapter 813

Chapter 813: Chapter 817 Shi Budai called out, "wife. "

Mu Yixun glanced at Shi Budai indifferently and replied coldly, "mm. "

Shi Budai took Mu Yixun to the supermarket. He bought whatever Mu Yixun wanted to eat.

However, Mu Yixun did not have any requirements for food. She simply told him the names of a few dishes. Shi Budai bought the dishes and returned to the apartment.

When they reached the apartment, Shi Budai was not in a hurry to cook. Instead, he pulled Mu Yixun to the sofa and let her sit down.

"Wife, you've been tired all the way. Rest first. I'll go and prepare dinner! " He said particularly gallantly.

Mu Yixun looked at her hand. Shi Budai had pulled her from the door to the SOFA, and she had a strange feeling... ...

It felt like she had returned home.

Shi Budai did not notice Mu Yixun's expression. He let go of Mu Yixun's hand and ran to the door to pull the luggage.

"Dear Wife, sit down! "

Mu Yixun came back to her senses. After a while, she softly replied, "yes. "

Shi Budai called her dear wife, and for the first time, she did not refute him.

It seemed that it was not bad to be called 'Wu' by a useless man!

Shi Budai put his luggage away and placed the dishes in the kitchen. He did not make dinner first, but instead, he boiled a pot of water. Mu Yixun poured the water, washed the fruits, and made a fruit platter. She brought it to Mu Yixun.

This posture was simply meticulous care.

After doing all this, Shi Budai entered the kitchen and began to prepare dinner.

She put on an apron and swiftly washed the vegetables, cut the vegetables, heated the POT, and cooked... ...

At this time, who would have thought that this was the famous big shot in the trade of intelligence, where was time?

Please call him when the hall is up, the kitchen is down!

Mu Yixun watched his movements quietly.

Her feelings have always been thin.

However, at this time, she somewhat understood what it was like to try a different life, enjoy other lives, and do what she liked, as mentioned by Guan Xi before.

Perhaps, in this useless man's side, she really can have the possibility of a different life.


Mu Yixun thought.

. .

Mu Yixun back to Tongcheng a few days, also go to the emperor entertainment work.

Akira Mato had given Shang Huang entertainment to Mu Yixun, so song he naturally received the news immediately.

In the past, Mu Yixun was Miss Xun, but now she was CEO mu.

However, song he still addressed Mu Yixun as Miss Xun?

There were no changes in the company's management. Originally, Shang Huang Entertainment had already been taken over by Mu Yixun.

When they arrived at Shang Huang Entertainment, Mu Yixun called song he over and very straightforwardly ordered song he to ban Su Qingyu and Hu Xin.

Song he was a little surprised.

Previously, when Mu Yixun said that she wanted to ban Su Qingyu and Hu Xin, she had only mentioned it. It was rare for her to bring it up in such a cold and serious manner.

Besides, were those two small fries worthy of Miss Xun's attention?

Song he agreed, "yes, Miss Xun. Don't worry, I will handle this matter. "

"Okay. " Mu Yixun replied faintly.

Apart from Su Qingyu's matter, there was also the matter of Gu Yin and Jin Yunhe.

The two of them used to be Mu Yixun's artistes, but now that Mu Yixun was the company's president, she naturally did not have so much time to take care of the two of them.

The two of them could choose their own managers.

The people in the company soon found out about Mu Yixun's identity. They found out that Gu Yin and Jin Yunhe's manager, Miss Xun, had thought that she was just a new manager, but now she had become the president of the company. They were envious of Gu Yin and Jin Yunhe. They were extremely envious.

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