His Little Fortune Chapter 814

Chapter 814: Chapter 818: Who dotes more on his wife? 1

"Old Xiao, I'm serious. It's your son's birthday. Why do you want me to be the head chef? I'm not a chef. "

Xiao residence.

In the kitchen.

Shi Budai was wearing a pink strawberry-patterned Apron as he prepared for dinner.

As he prepared, he complained, "besides, you should be the one preparing. Don't you feel guilty ordering me around like this? "

Beside him, mother Wang and a few other chefs stood to the side, helping Shi Budai.

When Wang Mu's mother heard this, she nervously rubbed her hands together and said, "Master Jiu, master Shi is a guest. It's not good to let a guest prepare dinner. Let us do it. "

Shi Budai's face lit up with joy. "That's great. Aunt Wang, since you're here for dinner, I'll go out. Xun is still outside... "

Xiao Jiuyan's tall and slender body stood at the side. His large hand held a bottle of fresh cream, as if he did not know what to do.

Hearing Shi Budai's words, the man coldly interrupted, "Shi Budai, you can't take a step out of this kitchen without making dinner today. "

Shi Budai:"..."

Shi Budai:"! ! !"

He protested, "why should I? I'm here today to celebrate my nephew's birthday. I didn't say that I didn't prepare a birthday present. Why should you squeeze me like this! "

Xiao Jiuyan said, "your cooking is not bad. "

Being praised like this, Shi Budai was proud. "Of course, my cooking must be good. Isn't that to serve my family? "

The tone of his words was so flattering that it was unbearable to look at him.

Speaking of which, Shi Budai was really talented in the culinary field.

Previously, he was forced to cook by Mu Yixun. Later on, in order to serve his family as comfortably as an old Buddha, he specially went to Xiao Mansion. In addition, he also found a chef to learn from and his culinary skills increased rapidly Now, it was even more delicious than the food made by star-ranked chefs in Xiao Mansion.

This was a man who was destined to stand at the peak of the culinary world and become the God of cookery!

It was also because Shi Budai's culinary skills were superb that Xiao Jiuyan asked Shi Budai to prepare dinner for the birthday of Xiao Shengdai this time.

However, Shi Budai had been pressuring Shi Budai ever since he started preparing dinner.

Xiao Jiuyan said coldly, "since you're good at cooking, don't waste your skills. That's all you have. "

Shi Budai:"... Old Xiao, this is a personal attack. Other than cooking, I have many other uses!"

"such as? "

Shi Budai said loudly, "such as... such as... "

Such as not coming out.

His voice gradually became softer. "such as other than cooking... "

He glanced at the cream in Xiao Jiuyan's hand and said firmly, "I'm also very good at making cakes! "

Xiao Jiuyan:"..."

Mother Wang:"..."

The atmosphere in the kitchen instantly fell into a strange silence.

Shi Budai:"..."


Fortunately, someone soon broke the silence.

"Master Jiu, Mr. Shi, do you need help here? "

Guan Xiqian's beautiful figure appeared at the kitchen door. She poked her head in and asked with a smile, "can the two of you handle it? "

Shi Budai:"... sister-in-law, you have to come and help. We really do have some things here..."

Xiao Jiuyan turned his head to the side and looked at his silly little wife with his deep eyes. He interrupted Shi Budai's words and replied, "Yes. "

Shi Budai:"..."

Damn it, I'm the one doing the work. Old Xiao, why are you answering?

Guan Xi's small face was puzzled. "Can it be handled? "

"Of course not... "

Shi Budai wanted to protest loudly. This time, before he could finish his sentence, Mu Yixun appeared behind Guan Xi.

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