His Little Fortune Chapter 815

Chapter 815: Chapter 819: Who dotes more on his wife 2

She looked indifferent and asked, "How's the dinner preparation going? ''

If it was Mu Yixun, Shi Budai's expression would have changed.

She swallowed the words that she wanted to force She revealed a smile that was almost fawning. "Xun, dinner is almost ready. What are you doing in the kitchen? The kitchen is smoky and it's not good for a woman's skin. Quickly go back to the living room and sit down. I'll eat it quickly. "

Mu Yixun responded indifferently. After a pause, she said, "This is young master Guanchen's birthday dinner. PREPARE WELL! "


Shi Budai immediately replied "Xun, Xiao Shengdai is your young master. That means he is my own young master and my nephew. How can I not prepare well? Xun, quickly go back to the living room and rest. Chat with your sister-in-law and the others. "

Mu Yixun replied faintly, "yes, hurry up. "

Shi Budai made an OK gesture to Mu Yixun and said, "okay, wife, it's up to Hubby! "

Shi Budai now called Mu Yixun's wife and called himself Hubby in front of others.

The two of them had just gotten their marriage certificate a while ago, and Shi Buji was especially smug.

Mu Yixun woke up once in the middle of the night. When she opened her eyes, she saw Shi Budai holding the marriage certificate under the dim light of the night light by the bedside.

She looked at the marriage certificate.

She took a look and chuckled foolishly.

She took another look and laughed foolishly again.

That expression was so retarded that it was unbearable to look at.

Mu Yixun nodded coldly and said to Guan Xi, "Xi, let's go back to the living room. "

Guan Xi nodded and looked at her ninth master with her beautiful eyes. She said softly, "ninth master, so you don't need help here? "

"Yes, " Xiao Jiuyan replied. "Madam, you can go to the living room. "

"Yes. Ninth Master, Mr. Shi! "

Guan Xi clenched her small fists and made a small hand gesture to cheer them on. "Good Luck, you two! "

After saying that, she decisively abandoned ninth master and Shi Budai and left the kitchen.

After Mu Yixun and Guan Xi left the kitchen, Shi Budai giggled

"Old Xiao, did you see that? Xun felt sorry for me and even came to see me when I was cooking... "

Ninth Master Xiao looked at Shi Budai in silence.

Mother Wang:"..."

It was true when he heard from the Butler that Shi Budai's brain was not that good sometimes.

"Old Xiao, are you envious? " Shi Budai wanted to show off his affection.

Ninth Master Xiao's thin lips slowly opened,"... just now, my silly wife came over first. You lost."

Shi Budai:"..."

Mother Wang:"..."

So ninth master, you want to compete with Shi Budai on this matter?

Shi Budai was not convinced. "then... then I love my wife more than you do. Old Xiao, let me tell you, I can lose to you in anything. It's just that I love my wife. I will never lose to anyone! "

"Ha... "

Xiao Jiuyan sneered.

He seemed to be full of disdain.

Shi Budai:"..."

His thin lips quivered as if he wanted to say something and compete with Master Jiu.

At this moment, Wang Mu's mother reminded him, "Master Jiu, Master Shi, if you don't prepare dinner soon, it will be a little late for young master's birthday dinner! "

Shi Budai exclaimed, "d * MN, then we have to hurry up. Fuming told me to be faster. "

He had to resolutely follow the guidelines of his wife's words!

... ...

Although today was Xiao Shengdai's birthday dinner, it was not a big event. Instead, he invited some of his more familiar friends to the Xiao Mansion.

In the living room.

Besides Guan Xi and Mu Yixun, Xiao Jingming had returned, along with Bai Xiaomi.

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