His Little Fortune Chapter 816

Chapter 816: Chapter 820 love at first sight in your next life, can it be me?

Five Years After Guan Xi was taken away by Akira Mato, Bai Xiaomi had looked for Guan Xi.

However, she was just a small fry and had no connections. Furthermore, when she looked for Guan Xi, she couldn't even find Xiao Jiuyan. What could she do.

She knew that Guan Xi's husband was Xiao Jiuyan and wanted to look for him in the Xiao Family. At that time, Xiao Jiuyan had been stabbed by Guan Xi and had just recovered from his serious injuries. The entire Xiao family had no time to pay attention to Bai Xiaomi.

Later, Bai Xiaomi gradually gave up the idea of looking for Guan Xi. She got an opportunity to study abroad and opened her own studio in the past two years.

A few days ago, when she had just returned from abroad, Guan Xi contacted her and asked her to attend Xiao Shengdai's birthday dinner.

Bai Xiaomi glanced at Xiao Shengdai and marveled at Xiao Shengdai's delicate and beautiful face at such a young age. He would definitely be a beauty when he grew up.

She moved closer to Guan Xi and whispered, "Xi Xi, I didn't expect that after not seeing you for five years, your son and Master Jiu's son would be so old and so good-looking. When he grows up, he will definitely charm a lot of girls. "

Guan Xi was not modest at all when Bai Xiaomi praised her little ancestor

"Of course. Don't you see whose son it is? I'm so good-looking. How can my Xiao Shengdai be bad-looking? "

Bai Xiaomi:"..."

Xixi, have some dignity.

Didn't she just praise Xiao Shengdai for looking like 9th Master.

Bai Xiaomi showed a moved expression and agreed, "yes, Xixi, your son looks like you. He will definitely be very good-looking in the future. "

Guan Xi pursed her pink lips slightly and smiled with her eyes and eyebrows curved. "Yes, of course. "

Even though they had not seen each other for so long, the two best friends were not unfamiliar at all. They could tease each other and say whatever they wanted to say. It was really good.

It was really, really good to have a good friend to accompany them!

Guan Xi and Bai Xiaomi chatted for a while more.

At this time, housekeeper Xiang walked in from the living room with a parcel in his hand.

"Little Madam. "

Housekeeper Xiang Walked to Guan Xi and handed the parcel to Guan Xi with his old hand. He said respectfully, "I don't know who sent this parcel to you. The men's post has already checked it. It's not dangerous. "

"It's for me? "

Guan Xi's little face was puzzled. She took the parcel with her little white hand and muttered, "I haven't bought anything recently. "

It was really strange to receive a package.

"thank you, Uncle Xiang. " Guan Xi thanked the housekeeper and began to open the package.

As she opened the package, she was still thinking about what it was. Her little brain went through it carefully and confirmed that she definitely hadn't bought anything recently.

Soon, the package was opened.

Guan Xi opened the package and was stunned when she saw the contents of the package.

Rather than being stunned, it was more like she saw something all of a sudden. She didn't have time to react at all.

Housekeeper Xiang was still at the side, watching Guan Xi open the package.

He immediately noticed that Guan Xi's expression was not right. He asked with concern, "Madam, what happened? ''

Guan Xi's attention was still on the thing in the package.

Her little white hands seemed to be trembling. She slowly reached over and took the thing out.

It was a photo.

In the photo, there was a woman holding a baby who had just been born. She was smiling gently at the camera.

Actually, it was not quite right to say that it was a woman because the woman in the photo had a round little face the size of a palm. Her skin was very white, like milk. She had big black beautiful eyes and a sharp nose.

She held the baby in her arms and looked at the camera with a gentle smile.

Guan Xi knew who this person was the moment she saw him.

Her little white fingers trembled as she touched the photo. She couldn't tell what expression she had on her little face.

Bai Xiaomi was very close to Guan Xi. When she heard the housekeeper asking Guan Xi what had happened, she looked over.

She saw the photo in Guan Xi's hand and asked, "Xi Xi, this is a full moon photo of you and Xiao Shengdai. It's not bad! "

Guan Xi looked away from the woman in the photo and looked at Bai Xiaomi. "Xiaomi, do you also think that the woman in this photo looks like me? "

"very similar? " Bai Xiaomi was confused. "Xi Xi, isn't this you? "

Bai Xiaomi took a closer look and quickly identified the person in the photo. It was Indeed Not Guan Xi.

Her facial features were very similar, but they were not exactly the same.

Her temperament was also completely different.

This woman exuded a gentle temperament from head to toe. She was completely different from Guan Xi, who was either jumping around or giving off a cold feeling.

Bai Xiaomi asked, "Xi Xi, who is this? It can't be your sister, right? "

She had already heard about the matter between Guan Xi and her twin sister, but wasn't Xi Xi's sister disfigured?

Guan Xi looked at the woman in the photo and said calmly, "she's my mother. "

Although her tone was calm, her fingers were gripping the photo so hard that her knuckles turned white.

Bai Xiaomi was stunned. "Xixi, your mother? "

Bai Xiaomi and Guan Xi met at the orphanage.

Later, Guan Xi was selected by the Akira family to undergo body modification training at the orphanage and became a contract keeper.

From what Bai Xiaomi Knew, Guan Xi was an orphan just like her, and now she had a mother.

Bai Xiaomi was happy for Guan Xi. "Xixi, you have news of your mother? Then you can find your parents, Xixi! "

For the orphans in the orphanage, most people still wanted to find their parents and have a family.

Bai Xiaomi's excited shout attracted the attention of the people around her.

Xiao Jingming was stroking the fur of the ice cream and asked, "aunt, what are you talking about? "

Mu Yixun frowned slightly and asked, "something sent by the young master? "

Guan Xi grunted, but no one knew what she was answering.

Xiao Jingming saw that Mu Yixun was talking, so he kept quiet.

He recognized Mu Yixun. The woman who appeared at the dinner party five years ago was as ruthless as his aunt, and he couldn't afford to offend her.

He heard that she was now with Uncle Shi.

Xiao Jingming had a sincere and deep admiration for Shi Budai.

He even admired uncle Shi more than he admired ninth uncle.

Let's put it this way, ninth uncle could at least make his aunt obedient when he was with her.

However, it was obvious that Uncle Shi and Xun, the contract keeper, were using their lives to serve them.

Uncle Shi was a ruthless person!

This was Xiao Jingming's final conclusion!

On the other side, Guan Xi was holding a photo in her hands. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a folded note, or rather, a letter, in the package.

Guan Xi picked up the letter. She didn't know if she wanted to read it or not.

She stared at the letter. After a full minute, she slowly opened the letter.


When you receive this letter, you don't have to be nervous. I won't do anything to you anymore, and I won't give you any orders. You're free. From that day on, the day you left the Akira family, you were.

Now I'm writing this letter. I seem to have a lot of things I want to write down, but I don't know what to write. I'm not very good at writing letters to others.

Xi, I want to say that I'm not a good brother. When you were alone, I didn't know of your existence. I accidentally brought you back to the Akira family from the orphanage, but I made you a promise-keeper. This is the most regretful thing in my life No, not the most regretful thing. The most regretful thing is that I let you go on that mission and let you meet Xiao Jiuyan. This is the most regretful decision I made.

It's really funny, isn't it?

It's funny that I gave that order myself!

Xi, did you see that photo?

That was our mother. When she brought you to the Akira family, you were still so young, and you did not look like her at all. The more I grew up, the more I was shocked. It made me realize.

Xi, if, I mean if there is a next life. Don't be my sister anymore. When the time comes, no matter whose daughter you are, no matter where you are, I will find you. But before that, don't meet Xiao Jiuyan. Even if you meet him, it doesn't matter As long as you don't fall in love with him at first sight again!

Xi, can I be the one you fall in love with at first sight?

At that time, don't call me young master anymore, and don't call me Akira Mato with my first name... ... I don't even know what's written in this mess, but these are indeed what I want to say ...

Xi, Xiao Shengdai's birthday, please tell him happy birthday for me!

For the rest of my life, I WON'T DISTURB YOU!

But, can I book your next life?

Please tell Xiao Shengdai happy birthday for me!

Akira Mato.

The last three words were signed by the man who wrote the letter. It was unknown what mood he was in when he wrote this letter.

The handwriting was so strong that it almost penetrated the back of the paper.

While Guan Xi was reading the letter, Bai Xiaomi took the photo in Guan Xi's hand.

Xi Xi really looked like her mommy.

She saw that Guan Xi was still silent She came over and asked, "Xixi, you've finished reading this letter. Who sent it to you? What did it say? Is there any information about your mother on it? Do you want to find the person who sent this parcel? That way, you can find your parents. "

Guan Xi held the letter that Akira Mato had given her.

She slowly folded the letter along the original crease. Then, with a strong push of Xiao Bai's hand, she tore the letter in half.

"Xixi, why did you tear the letter? Doesn't it say who sent it? " Bai Xiaomi exclaimed in shock.

It wasn't enough for Guan Xi to tear the letter. She tore it several times until the whole letter was torn into pieces.

She walked to the trash can and threw the pieces of paper into the trash can with a cold expression.

"Hey, Xi Xi... " Bai Xiaomi followed behind Guan Xi.

Guan Xi turned around and smiled at Bai Xiaomi. It was hard to tell what expression she had on that smile. She said slowly, "there's nothing on that letter. "

Mu Yixun looked at Guan Xi quietly. She seemed to know who sent the letter, but she didn't say anything.

Bai Xiaomi wanted to say something, but she stopped herself."... Yes, ... is that so?"

She had just glanced at it. There were clearly words written on it.

"Yes, " Guan Xi replied softly. "Yes, there's nothing written on it. "

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