His Little Fortune Chapter 817

Chapter 817: Chapter 821 Tang Yu, aren't you coming over?

Bai Xiaomi saw Guan Xi's calm expression and tone of voice. She swallowed the words she wanted to ask.

She took the photo that Guan Xi had asked her to hold and said embarrassedly,"... I was wrong..."

"wrong about what? "

Xiao Jingming smoothed the ice cream's fur for a while.

The snow-white fur on the ice cream had already been rubbed by the little owner every day. Now, Xiao Jingming was here, and his hand was still so strong. After being rubbed for a while, there was a sad look in his eyes.

He barked a few times.

Stop rubbing. If he continued to rub the noble fur on his ice cream, it would go bald!

Xiao Jingming probably felt the strong sadness in the ice cream, so he was too embarrassed to continue rubbing the fur, even though it felt really good.

He happened to hear Bai Xiaomi say that she had seen wrongly, so he came over to take a look.

When he first saw the photo, he had the same reaction as Bai Xiaomi

"Aunt, is this a photo of you and Xiao Shengdai? It's pretty good! "

Before Guan Xi could answer, Bai Xiaomi explained first,

"No, it's not a photo of Xixi. It's Xixi's mother. "

"Little Auntie's mother. "

Xiao Jingming was stunned at first, then asked in confusion, "but isn't little Auntie a member of the Gu family? Aren't little Auntie and Gu Wenxi... twin sisters? "

Bai Xiaomi also thought of this question. "Yes! "

Wasn't Xixi's mother the Gu family's wife?

And she had a twin sister.

Guan Xi looked at Xiao Jingming and Bai Xiaomi. She didn't want to say too much, so she simply explained, "Gu Wenxi and I are twin sisters, but the Gu family is not our parents. "

She didn't know Gu Wenxi's biological father, so she wasn't interested in investigating.

As for how Gu Wenxi got to the Gu family, the Gu family made an issue out of it, perhaps it had something to do with Akira Mato, or maybe it had nothing to do with him.

Anyway, Guan Xi had no interest in investigating at this time.

At this time, Xiao Jingming seemed to have thought of something and said, "aunt, why do you say that? The Gu Family should know that you're not their daughter. How dare you shamelessly go to the Xiao family to ask for money again and again? "

A look of disgust appeared on his face.

Guan Xi looked at Xiao Jingming. "The GU family came to ask for money? "

"It happened before. "

Xiao Jingming waved his hand "Aunt, you came back to the Xiao family not long ago. I don't know where the Gu family got the news from. They couldn't come to the Xiao Mansion, so they went to the company to see ninth uncle. "They are just small fries. They don't need ninth master and aunt to worry about them. I just sent them away. "

Xiao Jingming didn't mean to send them away.

This once-young boy had been baptized by five years.

At home, in front of Guan Xi, and in front of Ninth Master, he was often a timid and obedient classmate.

But in the business world, his ruthless and iron-blooded methods had gradually taken shape.

He could take charge of his own business.

Besides, how much effort would it take to deal with a small Gu family?

Xiao Jingming casually expressed his dissatisfaction with the Gu family at a wine table.

Those at the same table were all shrewd ceos, so they immediately understood.

They helped him handle the matter properly.

The Gu family was now in complete decline.

Later, in order to claim credit in front of Xiao Jingming, a CEO even told him about the Gu family's situation.

Without a business partner, the financial chain broke down, and the Gu family's business began to collapse. Mother Gu and Gu Wenxi were used to a good life. At this time, they didn't know how to save the Gu family, nor did they know how to spend lavishly.

According to the CEO, the Gu family was now in bankruptcy liquidation, and even the villa they were living in was being auctioned off.

However, Xiao Jingming didn't think it was necessary to Tell Guan Xi about these things.

It was the same reason.

Such a small matter wasn't worth little aunt's effort.

Little aunt was now living with ninth uncle, staying in the Xiao family, and staying where he could see!


The photo that Akira Mato suddenly sent over and the letter.

Guan Xi took the photo and put it away, and the letter that was thrown in the trash seemed to have never appeared.

As for whether Guan Xi had memorized the contents of the letter, no one knew.

7:45 pm.

Tang Yue and the hero appeared at the door of the living room.

Tang Yue was still as enthusiastic as ever. The moment she saw Guan Xi, she gave Guan Xi a big bear hug


Guan Xi hugged Tang Yue back and said with a smile, "Yue Yue. "

The hero stood to the side. He was as tall and strong as a small hill. His body was full of terrifying muscles. Even though he had a ferocious look that would scare anyone, he still looked like a little brother in front of Guan Xi.

He shouted,


Guan Xi replied with a smile, "well, the hero is here. "

"Sister Xi Xi, where's Xiao Shengdai? We've prepared a gift for him. " After Greeting Guan Xi, Tang Yue looked around and prepared to give a gift to Xiao Shengdai.

As a hacker expert, she had programmed a game. She bet that Xiao Shengdai would definitely like it.

"He's still at the Kendo Dojo. "

As Guan Xi spoke, she looked at the clock hanging on the wall, and her beautiful brows furrowed slightly.

She seemed to have paused for a moment before asking, "Yue Yue, didn't Tang Yu come with you? "

Tang Yu had been imprisoned in the small Black Room in the Golden Triangle for a few days.

The destruction of his mind and heart was almost fatal.

After recuperating in the Xiao family for a period of time and inviting a psychiatrist, he finally started to get better.

However, he did not talk much to begin with. Even if he got better, he became more silent than before.

Later on, Tang Yu requested to leave the Xiao family and return to the cleaning society.

Today was Xiao Shengdai's birthday. Guan Xi called Tang Yue, Da Xia, and Tang Yu over.

Tang Yue and da Xia were here, but Tang Yu did not appear.

Tang Yue heard that Guan Xi was asking her brother, and she said, "sister Xi Xi, call me after you call. I told my brother, but he said he doesn't want to go out. "

Guan Xi:"... is that so?"

"Yes. "

Tang Yue's tone was a little lonely. "brother doesn't go out much except for work now. Sister Xi Xi, don't blame Xiao SHENGDAI FOR NOT COMING! "

After she said that, she looked at Guan Xi. She was really afraid that sister Xi Xi would misunderstand her brother and think that he was angry or something.

Guan Xi laughed. "No, I know him, he... "

Before she could finish her sentence, a thought flashed through her mind and she didn't continue.

Tang Yue felt that it was strange and asked, "sister Xi Xi? "

"I'm going out for a while, " Guan Xi said.

She turned around and walked quickly out of Xiao Mansion.

It was quite a distance from the main building of Xiao Mansion to the iron gate of the Security Pavilion.

Guan Xi left the main building and ran to the gate at full speed.

"Little Madam, " the Security Guard at the gate greeted Guan Xi respectfully when he saw her.

Guan Xi did not reply to the security guard. She held onto the railing of the iron gate with her little white hand and leaped over. She landed silently like a cat.

The Security Guard was stunned.

Guan Xi looked at the back of a thin young man who was about to leave.

Guan Xi asked quietly, "Tang Yu, aren't you coming in? "

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