His Little Fortune Chapter 818

Chapter 818: Chapter 822 Guan Xi, you know I like... ...

The thin figure did not move.

Guan Xi said in a low voice, "Tang Yu, turn around. "

He still did not move.

No one knew how much time had passed. Maybe it was a few seconds, or maybe it was a few minutes. Time seemed to be infinitely lengthened.

Tang Yu slowly turned around, his movements a little stiff.

He stood not Far Away From Guan Xi, ten meters away.

The clear and bright youth wore a black HOODIE and Hoodie. He wore a hat, and half of his face was covered in shadows.

Guan Xi could only see the curve of his cold and elegant Chin.

Guan Xi looked at Tang Yu and smiled. "Tang Yu, since you're here, why don't you go in? "

Tang Yu did not answer immediately. His thin lips were tightly pursed as he looked at Guan Xi.

"Tang Yu. "

Guan Xi called out to him again. "Let me change my question. Why did you tell Tang Yue and the others that you're not coming, but you're here again? Why aren't you going in? "

This question was actually a little aggressive.

After another ten seconds, Tang Yu finally spoke.

He was always cold and arrogant. He usually did not avoid speaking. During this period of time, he did not speak much. His cold voice was a little hoarse

"because... there's no need. "

This was his answer.

Guan Xi's beautiful eyes stared at Tang Yu and asked, "what do you mean by there's no need? "

She repeated in a more serious tone, "answer me, Tang Yu. What do you mean by there's no need? "

Tang Yu looked at Guan Xi and answered without asking, "Guan Xi, thank you for what happened before. "

Guan Xi was stunned.

What happened before?

Tang Yu was referring to the incident at the Golden Triangle.

Guan Xi smiled and said in a low voice, "what are you thanking me for? To be honest, it was because of me that you were captured by Akira Mato. "

Wasn't that the truth?

Tang Yu's capture was Akira Mato's bait to lure her to the Golden Triangle.

If it wasn't for her, Tang Yu wouldn't have to suffer.


Guan Xi paused and said with her pink lips, "if it were me in trouble, Tang Yu, you would help me too, wouldn't you? "

Although it was a rhetorical question, Guan Xi was quite sure.

This time, Tang Yu did not hesitate and replied, "yes. "

"then that's fine. " Guan Xi winked at him mischievously.

She walked forward and little white reached out to pull Tang Yu's hand. "It's getting late. Dinner should be ready soon. Everyone is here. Go in. "

However, just as Guan Xi's little white hand was about to pull Tang Yu's hand, Tang Yu's hand suddenly shrank back.

Guan Xi's hand grabbed nothing.

"Tang Yu? " Guan Xi looked at Tang Yu in surprise.

Tang Yu said, "Guan Xi, you can go in. I'm not going in. "

"Why? "

Guan Xi's beautiful brows furrowed, and a puzzled expression appeared on her sweet little face. "Didn't we have an agreement just now? "

Tang Yu:"..."

What agreement just now.

Tang Yu's pitch-black and cold gaze looked at Guan Xi.

Guan Xi originally didn't feel anything when he looked at her, but gradually, she felt a little uncomfortable.

Because the way Tang Yu looked at her seemed to be different from usual.

Usually, Tang Yu looked at her with a cold and clear gaze. When he spoke, he was also angry.

But now, the way he looked at her seemed to have a warmth and a very strange... ... It could even be said that it was a gentle feeling ...

The moonlight was like water.

Tang Yu looked at Guan Xi just like that.

The atmosphere seemed to have a moment of silence and silence.

"Tang Yu... " Guan Xi felt a little strange. She opened her mouth and tried to break the strange feeling. "Let's go in! "

"Guan Xi. " Tang Yu did not seem to hear her.

He looked at her and his voice was cold.

Their eyes met and he said slowly, "you know I like... "

"You're stuck today. Let's fight for the ending tomorrow, and then you'll be the young master! "

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