His Little Fortune Chapter 822

Chapter 822: Chapter 826 love you but don't surrender! True Young Master 3

Was She right?

Feng Xi looked at the bag silently.


Then there was an atomic bomb in her bag!

Why would she believe him?

Why did she feel like there was something wrong with her brain when she was looking at such a handsome little brother... ... was she imagining things too much ...

"Alright, if you say this bag is yours, then it's yours... "

Feng Xi picked up another black bag and said, "then I'll open this to see what's inside. "

Akira Mato raised his eyebrows and acknowledged.

Feng Xi opened the other bag and saw that it really was hers. He wasn't wrong.

"Here, this is your bag. "

She threw Akira Mato's bag back and asked casually, "handsome, you don't look like a local. Are you here for a vacation? A backpacker? "

Akira Mato's slender hands took the bag and smiled lazily. "sort of. "

"Eh, it really is. "

Feng Xi's eyes lit up when she heard that. She looked at Akira Mato and asked expectantly, "then handsome, do you need a tour guide? I don't want to Brag, but I'm very familiar with Jiang city. I'll definitely give you a good time. "

After a pause, she continued to recommend herself

"Not only will I be a tour guide, I'll also be able to provide you with food and accommodation. How about it... "

"Not much. "

Feng Xi:"..."

The person who spoke was the driver.

The driver controlled the steering wheel with one hand and looked at the two of them through the rearview mirror

"little sister, you haven't told us where you're going yet. You have to tell us where you're going first. "

Feng Xi exclaimed, "where are we going? "

She glanced at the taxi meter and suddenly shouted, "stop, stop, stop. We can stop here. "

The driver:"... stop here?"

"Yes, stop right now. " Feng Xi nodded like a chick pecking at rice. "If we continue, we'll have to jump the meter again. It'll cost 50 cents more. "

The driver:"..."

Akira Mato:"..."

Since the customer had already said so, the driver immediately stopped the car steadily. "It's a total of 10 yuan. "

"10 yuan. " Feng Xi's heart ached. She took out her purse, which was filled with 1 yuan, 5 yuan, and 10 yuan in change. The largest denomination was 50 yuan.

She took out ten yuan and handed it to the driver, muttering, "It's all those idiots! "

Ten Yuan was enough for a day's food. Her heart ached.

After paying the taxi fare, Feng Xi and Akira Mato got out of the car.

Akira Mato took his bag and walked away.

"wait a minute, wait a minute! "

Feng Xi saw this and quickly shouted, "we haven't finished talking about what just happened. "

She hadn't forgotten about the "business" she had just discussed with Akira Mato. If it was done, it would be a good income.

Akira Mato stopped in his tracks. He was a tall, slender man with handsome features. He looked down at the girl

"What's there to talk about? "

"Aren't you here for a tour? A Tour Guide, food, and accommodation. Think about me. "

Akira Mato wanted to refuse. Wherever he went, there would naturally be people who would arrange his clothes, food, and accommodation properly.

Before he could say anything, the girl continued, "handsome, let me introduce myself. My Name Is Feng Xi. You can call me Little Xi... "

This name caught Akira Mato off guard. His eyes flashed and he said softly, "Xi? "

"Yes, yes, yes, Xi. If you don't like to Call Me Little Xi, you can call me Xi. "

Akira Mato's pitch-black eyes landed on Feng Xi.

At this moment, he looked at the friendly little girl playfully.

The girl was wearing a pair of white t's and light blue jeans that had been washed a little yellow. Akira Mato wasn't sure if the jeans were originally this color, or if they had faded as well, but they were a pair of clean white shoes.

She didn't have long hair and had a ponytail, revealing her full forehead and beautiful facial features.

Because she had been chased by someone, her small nose was covered in sweat.

She was a pretty little girl with round cheeks and cute dimples when she smiled.

She was about twenty years old and looked like she was still a student.

However, Akira Mato didn't care if she was a student or not.

In the Akira family, even if she was a three or four-year-old girl, as long as she was chosen, she would be trained to be a contract keeper. It had nothing to do with her age. Every single one of them had to go through hell-like pain and torture.

Feng Xi was a smart person. Seeing that the handsome brother in front of her seemed to be interested.. She struck while the iron was hot and continued, "you came here for a tour and wandered around by yourself. You definitely don't know where is the most fun. It must be very expensive to hire a tour guide alone. As for me, it's cheap and the service is perfect. It's definitely your best choice... yes, and, and... "

She lowered her small head and racked her brains as if she wanted to say something to add more points to herself. Suddenly, she heard a man's lazy voice that seemed to have a faint smile coming from above her small head

"okay, " he said.

"Really! "

Feng Xi looked up and her palm-sized face lit up instantly "Then it's settled. You stay in Jiang City for a few days. I'm free recently and can be your tour guide. But let me say this first, about that... ... I'll be your tour guide. You'll pay for the entrance tickets to the scenic spots. You'll also pay for the food and accommodation. I'll charge your tour guide fees and help you arrange accommodations. Don't worry, I won't cheat you ... ..

"Okay. "

Akira Mato's lips curled into a charming smile. He could see that this girl named Xi seemed to have an inexplicable obsession with money.


Akira Mato smiled and said, "you can arrange it as you like. Don't worry about the money. "

Damn it, don't worry about the money.

Feng Xi smiled cutely at Akira Mato.

She secretly complained in her heart, "I hate people who don't lack money. ".

In that case... ... She could make a big profit this time ...

Anyway, she didn't say how much the tour guide fee was going to be, did she.

Feng Xi was silently criticizing the man, but she suddenly heard him say, "My name is Akira Mato. "

"Oh, Akira Mato? " Feng Xi repeated the name and said to herself, "it's quite a mouthful. Can I just call you Akira Mato? "

"As you wish. "


Feng Xi unexpectedly got a job as a tour guide.

She was indeed very familiar with Jiang city and was very conscientious. She brought Akira Mato to visit many places.

Moreover, she realized that this handsome guy might really be quite rich. Anyway, he was the one who paid for everything from the beginning to the end. He didn't say anything about saving money. Meeting such a customer was simply amazing.

Soon, it was time for dinner.

Feng Xi asked Akira Mato for his opinion, "handsome, is there anything you want to eat when you come to Jiang city? "

Akira Mato smiled lazily. "Isn't this something you should arrange as a tour guide? "

"... that's true."

Feng Xi rubbed her chin and asked, "what about the menu for dinner? "

"Menu? " Akira Mato frowned. "What do you mean? ''

Feng Xi explained, "it's how much you want for dinner. "

Akira Mato smiled and said Lazily, "anything. I don't lack money. "

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