His Little Fortune Chapter 823

Chapter 823: Chapter 827 love you not to surrender! True young master general

Feng Xi:"..."

She swears the most she's heard from this handsome man today is that he's not short of money.

May Be the Nouveau Riche family's young master, Feng Xi guessed, because is the nouveau riche, so that the money.

He's always talking about how he's rich. He's a country bumpkin.

It's nothing like the rich people she's met!


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Akira Mato was already a rich nouveau riche in Feng Xi's heart.

Since he said he could do whatever he wanted and he was the one paying, Feng Xi was prepared to bring Akira Mato a Michelin restaurant in Jiang city that was rated three stars, called the emperor's pavilion.

When they arrived at the emperor's Pavilion, a hostess opened the door for the guests and said warmly, "welcome. May I ask how many of you are here? "

Her attitude and service were very considerate. She didn't treat Feng Xi lightly just because of her clothes.

She treated every guest who entered the restaurant with respect.

"thank you, both of you. " Feng Xi smiled at the hostess.

Soon, a waitress in uniform came up and said to Feng Xi and Akira Mato, "guests, please follow me. "

Feng Xi and Akira Mato followed.

Not long after they walked out, the door of the Imperial Pavilion restaurant opened and closed, and a few women came in.

"Welcome, " the hostess' sweet voice sounded again.

The guests who came in said something, and the hostess sounded apologetic

"I'm sorry, Miss, our table is full now. If you want to eat, you may have to wait for a while... "

"It's full. What a coincidence! "

A pampered female voice sounded, "I won't wait. Go and help me move a table out. "

The hostess was in a difficult position, "guest, we really can't do anything about this request. There are still guests eating. "

The female voice became even more domineering, "isn't it your job to serve the guests? They are guests, aren't we guests? "

"That's right, we are guests too. "

"Don't you know who we are? Miss Feng Qi, you know her, right? She has a good relationship with your manager. She doesn't know how to be flexible. Do you still want to stay here? "

The hostess' face turned slightly Pale, and her voice weakened. "But... "

"It's just a seat. Is it that difficult? "

The leader of the Group of women was the eldest daughter of the Feng family.

Feng Qi was flattered by the group of female companions who came out to play, and she enjoyed it very much.

She was now certain that she would have dinner at the Imperial Pavilion. She pointed in Feng Xi's direction. "This table was just about to eat. Can't they just let us sit at the table first? "

"Uh, guests, they arrived first... " the hostess was getting more and more troubled. "We come first and come later... "

"Alright, I'll go talk to them, " Feng Qi said. She didn't care about the hostess' reaction and went forward. "Hey, wait a minute, give us your seats. "


Feng Xi and Akira Mato followed behind the waitress.

At Akira Mato's Amway Restaurant, Feng Xi said, "Akira Mato, I've tried this restaurant once. It's not bad. It's made with Jiangcheng's local specialties. Try It, I'm sure you'll like it... "

Her voice was very playful, sweet, and lively when she introduced him.

Moreover, her voice was too similar to Xi's.

It was just that Xi had never used such a lively and cheerful tone to talk to him under her subjective will.

Akira Mato was a little absent-minded.

Feng Xi was introducing them enthusiastically. She was calling out to them

"Hey, wait a moment, both of you. Give us your seats. "

This voice was too familiar, so much so that when Feng Xi heard it, her entire body stiffened.

Behind her, Feng Qi had already walked over.

Before she could see the person turn around, she only saw a back view. Feng Qi laughed. "Hey, who was I back then? So it was Feng Xi. "

Feng Xi cursed in her heart. F * Ck, it's not that enemies don't meet. What happened to her today? What bad luck?

Feng Xi turned around and saw Feng Qi.

She was wearing a green floral dress, a pair of sandals, and a high-end bag. She walked over with exquisite makeup and a graceful figure. She was dressed like a young lady from an aristocratic family.

Feng Xi smiled at Feng Qi. "Feng Qi, it's such a coincidence to meet you here. "

"It is quite a coincidence. "

Feng Qi's eyes revealed a look of disdain and disgust. She directly ordered, "Feng Xi, my friends and I are coming here to eat. There are no seats left. Give us the seats. "

Feng Xi had a smile on her face. She put on a troubled expression and declined, "maybe not. I'm here with my friends to eat. I can't give you the seats. "

At this moment, the other women who followed Feng Qi also came up. They saw Feng Xi and heard what Feng Xi said. One of them said to Feng Qi, "Feng Qi, are you here to eat? "

"Feng Qi, isn't this your illegitimate sister? She's here to eat too? "

"That's easy. Feng Qi, ask her to give us her seat. Tell them to wait. "

"She doesn't dare to snatch things from you anyway. Just say the word. "

The few women spoke one after another, all wanting Feng Xi to give up her seat.

It was as if it was natural for Feng Xi to give something to Feng Qi.

Feng Qi also felt that this was natural. She didn't take Feng Xi's first rejection to heart at all and said again, "Feng Xi, we want your seat. "

"Feng Xi, we want your seat. Go wait outside. "

She had thought that Feng Xi would agree, but she didn't expect Feng Xi to have a smile on her face, but she still didn't give in

"not this time, Feng Qi. I brought my friends over for dinner today, so... I can't give my seat to you. Why don't you wait for a while? There should be a seat soon. "

Feng Xi's two rejections made Feng Qi feel a little embarrassed.

"Feng Xi, who do you think you are? How dare you not listen to me? "

Feng Qi raised her hand and was so angry that she wanted to slap Feng Xi's face.

She raised her hand and just as her palm was about to hit Feng Xi's fair little face.

A big hand with well-defined joints suddenly reached out and stopped her hand!

This slap missed. Feng Qi frowned and looked up and said angrily,

"Who's the busybody... "

Feng Xi stopped mid-sentence.

The reason was that the man in front of her who stopped her from hitting Feng Xi was too outstanding.

His facial features were well-defined, his nose bridge was high, and his deep and charming eyes were black. His thin lips had a lazy smile, as if he was the most elegant and Noble Noble Noble. His entire body exuded a devilish and fatal charm.

Feng Qi was a little stunned.

"Miss, if you have anything to say, say it nicely. If you want to touch me... "

Akira Mato spoke in a lazy and cold voice, "you don't look like a lady at all. How bad is that, right? "

"Dear Babies, give the monthly pass to Noji. Act Cute and beg for the monthly pass -- "

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