His Little Fortune Chapter 824

Chapter 824: Chapter 828 love you but don't surrender! True Young Master 5

He spoke carelessly and his voice had a sense of magnificence.

It was as if he was born to rule over others and was a big shot who looked down on others.

But how was that possible?

Feng Qi came back to her senses.

She glanced at Feng Xi and then at Akira Mato.

She sneered in her heart. How could there be any big shots around Feng Xi who was next to this female gangster.

If there were, they would just be people like her who were struggling to make a living like ants. The man in front of her was at most a little good-looking. Otherwise, he would have been deceived by Feng Xi. She didn't know what kind of Person Feng Xi was.

"Feng Xi, do you have money to eat at a place like this? "

No matter what the situation was, Feng Qi was prepared to peel off a layer of Feng Xi's skin in front of this man

"Don't eat. If you don't have the money to pay the bill, you'll embarrass the Feng family. "

Feng Xi blinked. "I don't have money! "

As expected.

Feng Qi raised her eyebrows and said arrogantly, "then why don't you give up your seat? "

"today, it's this... uh, Akira Mato's treat. "

Feng Xi pointed at Akira Mato, and her chubby little face revealed a smile. "And even if I don't have the money to pay the bill, sister, you won't let me embarrass the Feng family, right? "

"Feng Xi, who do you think you are? How dare you say you're from the Feng family? " Feng Qi was furious.

Feng Xi spread her hands and said with a smile, "since I'm not from the Feng family, then I don't know what just said that I'll lose face if I eat for free. I don't have anything to do with the Feng family. "

"Feng Xi, you! "

Feng Qi's face turned red and her nose started twitching.

Feng Xi was in a good mood.

Feng Qi saw that Feng Xi was smiling and became even angrier. "Feng Xi... "

Her anger was burning and she was about to explode. From the corner of her eye, she saw Akira Mato who was standing at the side. She remembered what he had just said. Girls wanted to be ladylike, so she forcefully suppressed her anger.

Feng Qi's gorgeous red lips were lifted and she sneered disdainfully. "Feng Xi, have you saved enough for the beginning of the next semester? You didn't pick up your trash and still have time to eat here? "

Feng Xi's face turned Pale and she smiled, "don't worry about it. "

"How can I not worry about it? " Feng Qi smiled and said, "If you don't save enough, you'll be expelled. It's a pity for you to be the first one to be expelled. "

The smile on Feng Xi's face disappeared and she clenched her fists.

Feng Qi saw her expression and she was proud of herself. She said to Akira Mato, "Akira Mato. "

"You don't know, right? This Feng Xi is my sister. To put it nicely, but to put it bluntly, she's a b * stard born from her mother seducing my father. Handsome, you don't know. When I was young, I ate leftovers, used things I didn't want, and wore clothes I didn't want. She, Feng Xi, was a b * Stard when she was young. Now that she's older, she's a hooligan... ". "... "..."

With every word Feng Qi said, Feng Xi's face turned Paler.

Feng Qi's words were as if she had stripped Feng Xi naked. She was naked in broad daylight and sneered at by others.

The women who followed Feng Qi were indeed very cooperative with Feng Qi. They began to mock her in a low voice

"It's really like that, Feng Qi. Sigh, you're actually so kind. If this is my sister, forget about giving her old clothes, I'd be lucky if I didn't tear her face apart. "

"The daughter of a mistress. No wonder every time I see her, I feel that she has a flirtatious air about her. "

"This handsome man, for your own good, you have to stay away from her... "

Feng Xi and Feng Qi were half-sisters.

Feng Qi was older than Feng Xi, but they were only a few days apart.

Back then, when Feng Zhengcheng was pregnant with Feng Qi's mother, he cheated on Feng Xi's mother and gave birth to Feng Xi.

In other words, Feng Xi was the illegitimate child of a mistress. Over the years, Feng Xi and Feng Qi's lives were like heaven and earth. One was a pampered little princess who was doted on by thousands The other was the mud at the bottom.

Everyone knew that Feng Qi and Feng Xi didn't have a good relationship.

Since they were playing with Feng Qi, they naturally didn't mind using the most vicious words to attack Feng Xi.

After all, she was just a mistress. How could she be the same as them.

They just felt that she was superior to Feng Xi.

"In a few days, daddy will hold a birthday party for me. Feng Xi, where's your birthday? " "will someone give it to you? " "If not, I'll be kind and you'll come to my birthday party too. I'll pity you and treat it as your birthday too. Oh right, I forgot. You don't even have a dress for the party, right? "

Feng Qi's red lips carried a smile. As she said this, her beautiful eyes turned to Akira Mato and continued, "don't be fooled by Feng Xi, she... "

Unexpectedly, Akira Mato interrupted her, "are you done? "

Feng Qi was stunned, "what? "

Akira Mato's lazy smile disappeared, and his dark and cold eyes looked at Feng Qi with extreme coldness.

What kind of scene was that? It seemed to contain killing intent, causing Feng Qi to shiver.

Akira Mato slowly said, "if you've said it, then all of you can scram. "

Feng Qi's temper flared up. "You actually dare to tell me to scram. "

Akira Mato's face was expressionless as he coldly said, "don't make me say it a third time. Now, scram immediately. "

Akira Mato was a person at the top of the pyramid, and his aura had been very strong for a long time.

His usual sloppy appearance was fine, but his cold face was actually very frightening.

It was cold and thin, as if he was looking at an object without any signs of life.

Feng Qi's heart trembled. She opened her mouth to say something, but she couldn't say anything.

She gritted her teeth so hard that they creaked. Feng Xi glanced at Akira Mato and stomped her foot heavily on the ground.

She turned around and said to the other women, "Even Feng Xi can enter the restaurant. What's there to eat? LET'S GO! "

With that, she walked out of the Imperial Pavilion in her high heels.

"Feng Qi... "

The female companions looked at each other. Feng Qi left, and they chased after her.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Feng Qi left.

Feng Xi stood where she was. She lowered her head and her arms were trembling slightly.

The waiter stood to the side. He wanted to call for the guest but didn't dare to say anything.

The guest seemed to be in a bad mood, so he stood respectfully and waited.

Akira Mato's gaze fell on Feng Xi.

She lowered her head and tied her small ponytail. She could see that part of her neck that was exposed was fair and without a neck. There were small hairs on it. It seemed a little delicious.

"Feng... Xi! "

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