His Little Fortune Chapter 825

Chapter 825: Chapter 829 love you, don't surrender to young master Zhen 6

"Feng... Xi! "

Akira Mato's bewitching brows furrowed slightly. He seemed to want to comfort her.

But when had the young master of the Akira family ever done such a thing?

He opened his mouth but didn't know what to say.

"Feng Qi has finally left. Come, let's go eat. " At this moment, Feng Xi, who had her head lowered, suddenly raised her head and looked at Akira Mato.

Their eyes met. The girl's clear black and white eyes sparkled. There wasn't a hint of sadness in them.

Akira Mato:"..."

Akira Mato:"... you..."

"I what? " Feng Xi blinked her big beautiful eyes.

Akira Mato frowned and asked, "aren't you sad because of what that woman said? "

"That woman... "

Feng Xi's long eyelashes fluttered like butterfly wings and she suddenly understood "You mean Feng Qi? I was pretending. How could I have so much time to deal with her? Feng Qi has always been like this since she was young. She likes to find a sense of superiority in me and humiliate me to satisfy herself. Am I stupid to be angry and sad with her? "

He was slightly surprised. "You're not sad? "

When Feng Xi heard Akira Mato's question, she really thought about it seriously and answered, "at the beginning, I did. I thought about why I was the only one who had to suffer such treatment. It was so unfair. Others would even say that I deserved it... "

After all, no one could remain indifferent when they heard others scold and bully them like that.

Moreover, she was said to be the daughter of a mistress. Feng Qi had beautiful clothes, but she did not. Feng Qi had beautiful dolls, but she did not. Feng Qi could eat sweet and fragrant candies, but she did not

They were obviously the same father.

Just because the mother was different, just because she was the mistress'daughter.

So, the treatment she received was different.

Everyone told her that she deserved all of this, because she was the mistress'daughter.

An identity that could never be changed.

"But... "

Feng Xi looked at Akira Mato, shrugged her slender shoulders, and smiled. "It's not my fault that I became the mistress' DAUGHTER! "

Akira Mato didn't think that he would hear this answer from Feng Xi's little mouth.

He was stunned.

It was not her fault that she became the daughter of a mistress.

It was not his fault that she became the son of a mistress.

Akira Mato was born in the Akira family and was also the son of a mistress. He was not favored.

In the Akira family, not being favored was not something that a child could play with without food or clothes. It was death.

When he was young, people kept telling him, Akira Mato, you deserve to be bullied. You deserve to be treated like this because you are too weak, because you are the son of a mistress, because you are an illegitimate child.

Even later on, when he took over the Akira family and chopped up all the people who had bullied him as fertilizer, no one had ever said such things to him.

It wasn't my fault that I became the daughter of a mistress!

Then, it wasn't his fault that I became the son of a mistress!

"Hahahaha... " Akira Mato suddenly laughed out loud.

He held his stomach and laughed so hard that he bent over.

Feng Xi was shocked. "Hey, you, you, you... why are you laughing all of a sudden? "

She reached out her little white hand to help Akira Mato Up. "Hey, are you okay? What happened all of a sudden? "

"nothing, nothing. " Akira Mato pushed away Feng Xi's little white hand and his eyebrows relaxed. "I just heard a good thing. "

"Good thing? " Feng Xi was confused. "What good thing? "

Did she say anything strange just now?

Akira Mato straightened up and looked at Feng Xi. "The restaurant you recommended, do you still want to eat? "

"Of course, I want to eat! YOU'LL PAY FOR IT! " Who wouldn't eat a free meal.

Akira Mato nodded. "Okay. "


The Imperial Pavilion was indeed a three-star Michelin restaurant.

Whether it was the service or the dishes, they were all first-class.

Because Feng Xi was certain that Akira Mato was an idiot and rich nouveau riche, she ordered a few dishes without hesitation. In any case, it was more than enough for two people.

She felt guilty when she ordered, but when she finished the meal and packed it up, she didn't feel guilty anymore.

Pack Up, pack up and go back. Tomorrow would be another big meal.

Akira Mato didn't have any objections to her behavior.

They had been shopping for quite some time in the morning.

After the meal, Feng Xi asked Akira Mato if he wanted to continue shopping and see the night view of river city or go back to rest.

Akira Mato thought for a moment and said, "let's go back and rest first. "

He had finished his business in river city and didn't have anything else to do for the time being.

He was supposed to be alone today, so there was no need to rush.

"Alright! "

Feng Xi immediately got excited. "Sir, come with me. "


Feng Xi wanted to take Akira Mato to a hotel.

This time, she was straightforward and directly took a taxi. After all, this sucker was paying for it.

If it wasn't for him paying, Feng Xi would definitely choose to take a bus or walk.

Twenty minutes later, she finally got off at a rather desolate place.

"where are you staying tonight? " Akira Mato looked around and asked, "I don't see any hotels here. "

Akira Mato looked around and saw that it was a shabby old city. The houses were shabby and there were no street lights. It was pitch black.

Akira Mato even suspected that this shabby Old City would be demolished very soon.

Staying here?

"Hey, what hotel? It's just a hostel! "

Feng Xi explained, "aren't you here for a tour? Why are you staying in the same hotel? Of course, it's to understand the local customs better. "

Akira Mato:"... Yes."

Feng Xi touched the tip of her nose guiltily. "Then, let's go. I'll take you to the hostel. "

Then, she walked in front, and Akira Mato followed her with his long legs.

The buildings in the Old City area were unplanned, and there were rows of houses.

Feng Xi led the way, turning left and right. Akira Mato followed behind. Occasionally, he would see Feng Xi stop and let Akira Mato take the leftovers. She was picking up the mineral water bottles on the ground.

Akira Mato frowned and asked, "why are you picking up bottles? "

"to sell them. "

Akira Mato frowned even more. "How much can you sell them for? "

"Five cents for one, ten cents for two. "

"What can you do with such little money? "

Feng Xi rolled her eyes. "Young Master, of course you can't do anything with such little money. But to me, no matter how small a mosquito is, it's still meat. Didn't you hear my sister ask me to save enough money for school "If I don't have enough money, I won't be able to go to school next semester. "

Akira Mato's deep eyes stared at Feng Xi, but he didn't say anything.

"Hey, we're here! " After taking a few more steps and turning a corner, Feng Xi pointed at a dilapidated building in front of them. "This is it. "

Akira Mato narrowed his eyes."... Lodging?"

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